air asia blogger's community

Wow! Now I'm part of Air Asia Bloggers' Community. This is amazing! Thank You Air Asia for accepting me to be a part of it! :D

How can you be a part of Air Asia Bloggers' Community?
This is how. Just email to Tell a little bit about yourself and don't forget to tell your blog link too! Easy, isn't it? Then you have to wait for them to review your blog and they will email it to you to fill up the registration form.

I just emailed to them yesterday and walla I just got their email this morning! hehe :D

Of course there is a lot of interesting activities, promotions and also we will get a chance to receive an invitation from Air Asia to attend a VIP events, trips and much more! How can you not feel excited to be a part of Air Asia Bloggers' Community? Of course, we will get a chance to meet a lot of other bloggers! hehe Go and email to them now, if you are interested to a part of this community! :)

air asia blogger's community



Unknown said…
Wow, this might be helpful!
Rose said…
wow, interesting! happy for you!

but for someone like me, it'd be hard to join events because I live in such a faraway land lol
Fatina said…
hopefully it will be helpful for you and everyone who wants to join this community hee :)
Fatina said…
thank you! hopefully, one day you can join it too! :)
Okay i get a little bit excited for reading this. Thank you so much this is so helpful!
Fatina said…
your welcome! :D
hey i have one more question. what actually to write about myself? im just wondering what did you write about yourself
Fatina said…
just a simple about yourself, your name, your age, where are you from, and then about your blog - what is your blog about... :) just make it short and simple :)