Beauty Product That I Love the Most


beauty product that i love the most I'm supposed to write the introduction? I ran out of idea. What should I write? You know, I just started to write blog again but somehow I'm a bit lost, anyway I'm going to try my best to put words nicely, so that, you can read it with pleasure. Without further due, I would like to share the beauty products that I use every day. Before I proceed, I would like to confess, I don't really know how to make up to be honest. But I'm trying my best to learn to wear makeup! Let's dig in!

  1. Maybelline Baby Lips Candy  Wow Raspberry
beauty product that i love the most

How can you resist this beautiful baby lips product packaging? I just can't help myself from buying it as soon as I saw it on the shelf! The packaging looks like a crayon/pencil, isn't it? That's what makes me wanted to buy the product. hehe but anyway, it's really glossy on my lips that make my lips shine brightly..hehe :D

2. Maybelline Color Sensational Summer Sunset 615

beauty product that i love the most

As you can see, I'm really in love Maybelline Lips product! This is one of the colors that really suit me best. The red color just perfects on my lips. The smell and taste of Maybelline Color Sensational Summer Sunset 615 were like vanilla? I don't know but it does smell/taste like vanilla that makes me want to eat it whenever I put it on my lips! hahaha Hard to resists hiks :p By the way, it's really moisturizing.

3. Silkygirl Precision Sharp Eyeliner Pen

beauty product that i love the most

Oh my, this eyeliner is..err how am I supposed to put into words about it? Nah-ah, let's me say it! It's definitely easy to apply on my eyes since the tip is super sharp but I did still struggle upon applying on my left eyes up to these even though I apply it every day. It always seems weird on one side of my side that my sister always laugh on me. Who cares? I have eyeliner on my eyes, I'm going to rock it out. No, I lied. I care. ._. But still this is the best eyeliner. It is waterproof but it did smudge a little if I accidentally rub my eyes.

4. Maybelline Mascara Hyper Curl Volume 

beauty product that i love the most

I rarely used Mascara because of my spectacles. Whenever I wear Mascara, it definitely became a wiper on my spectacles. I know I should wear a contact lens but I'm afraid to wear it and its a no-no for me! and I end up giving it to my mom, and it works perfectly on my mom's eyelashes! It does lengthen my mom eyelashes a bit and it is waterproof and easy to wash your eyelashes too after your use it.

5. Garnier BB Cream

beauty product that i love the most

Garnier BB Cream works perfectly on me! I love the fact that it's really moisturizing on my face! Yang penting BB cream ni tak jadi macam berdebu on my face skins. I hate to put BB cream on my skins before but that was before I found this product that works nicely on me. Oh by the way, as stated on the product, it is an SPF 26/PA+++ that will protect your skins from daily UVA and UVB rays.

I really struggle myself on trying to share with you the beauty product that I use every day since this is not my forte to explain about it much but at least I'm trying, isn't it? Practice makes practice, don't you agree? Hopefully, all of you can just forgive me on whatever I have written about the product that I use. Hence, I'm would like to apologize for my kind of funny explanation. :( I'm sorry and I hope you enjoy it anyway. Hiks. XOXO. Till then...

Oh, by the way, this is not a review, it just I wanted to share the products that I used daily. :)



claudy said…
Out of 5 products, I used 2 same product as your xD mascara and BB cream. and hey we're the same, I don't really know how to wear makeup too xD I don't even wear makeup to work to be honest. not even my eyebrows or apply lipstick and touch up my face. completely bareface hahaha. but I used to wear makeup everyday before.
A N I S said…
wanna try to buy that eyeliner lahh nanti :)
Fatina said…
Oh my! sama lah! completely bareface even to shopping mall haha I don't care what people going to say abt me as long as I'm happy with my face hahaha i rarely used lipstick & mascara to be honest, I only wear it if I have to go to a majlis ;D
Fatina said…
haah trylah for me its better sikit sebab nak solat senang padam :D
claudy said…
Okay this is funny hahaha! Ya, kalau ada majlis baru pakai makeup. I have a bunch of makeup tho, everytime pegi store and saw all the pretty makeup, beli but never use ;D
Fatina said…
hahaha kan! even myself keep buying lipstick but the things, I don't even use it! and that lipstick still nicely sealed hahaha ;p even if I need to attend any important majlis, I need somebody help to put make up on my face hahahaha!
kimchaa said…
Takpandai pakai mascara :(
Bb garnier x pernah try pakai lg. Sebab dulu pernah pakaai pencuci muka garnier tp xsesuai
Fatina said…
jangan risau fatin ni pun tak reti pakai mascara sangat hehe :D
bb garnier ni best pakai sb dia x berbedak sangat sb fatin sensitif sikit kalau berbedak :)
fatin punya pencuci muka pun garnier hehe :D
awak pakai pencuci apa? okay tak?
Fatin Liyana said…
Tak pandai pakai eyeliner, tapi teringin jugak nak pakai. Practice tiap-tiap hari pakai jadi ok la, bila dah lama tinggal, skill nak pakai eyeliner tu dah makin hilang. Hehehe :D

I'm using silkygirl precision liquid eyeliner :)
Fatina said…
hai fatin! hehe sama nama lah hehe :D
samalah dengan kita, dulu terer pakai skrg lemau sikit, sebelah cun sebelah lagi masya Allah terbesar pulak hehe :D

ohh, I'm using it before nampak shiny yg tu hehe :)