Beauty Review: Cosmoderm BB Cream


cosmoderm BB Cream

Tadaaaa! I want to review this new product that I bought recently. Come, let's check it out!

My mom's friend recommended the new product named Cosmoderm to my mom and my mom wanted to try it. Somehow, I'm wanted to try it too! kihkihkih Not all place has Cosmoderm product yet, so I go to their website to know where and which beauty store sell this product and not every store sell all their product range , certain store just sell certain products range, hence, you have to look on their website here. They are currently working on to distribute their products to every store nationwide. Still you can find Cosmoderm product at Guardian, Watson, Aeon Wellness, Vitacare and also pharmacy, it is better to check their website first. Anyway, I bought it at pharmacy. Fortunately, they sell all range of Cosmoderm products! Yay!

Let me tell you the product that I bought. It is Cosmoderm BB VE Cream in Natural Beige (MB 03) with SPF 35PA+++. It is also come with Vitamin E. By the way, this BB Cream that I use is for firming and plus hydration. Other than that, as written at the box it stated that, it has Rose E oil, Jojoba Oil, Kigelia Extract & Glutathione helps to hydrate and firm skin keeping it soft and smooth all day. Hurm, no wonder my skins feel very smooth whenever I put it on my face! :D Oh yes, by the way, this BB Cream is very light and easy to apply as a make up base for a flawless finish.

I love the way how easy I apply it on my face, very soft and smooth and it smell really sweet-scented. What makes me love this product even more is not chalky at all, since I have a very sensitive skin, if I didn't used a suitable product, my face will suddenly turn it like menggelupas. :( That's why I'm a bit hesitate to try new product but this BB Cream has proven the best ability that work perfectly on me! Kudos for Cosmoderm. Hence, I think I'm going to stick with this BB Cream! Yay! Even the price is very affordable. You can even buy on their website. Thinking of trying their others product too. Hihi It is a Malaysia product. It is made in Malaysia. Come on, support out local product too guys! ;)

I guess that's all. I am so sleepy right now, since I woke up way early today for the sake of job interview. pheww I need to have my beauty sleep now. Good night everyone. See you on my next post soon :*



Unknown said…
Good luck for your job interview :)
yolanda diego said…
teringin nak try. berapa price die eh?
Fatina said…
thank you awak =)
Fatina said…
kita beli kat pharmacy around RM 31, if I'm not mistaken. :) tapi rasanya beli kat website dia around RM 29 macam tu :D