Bedroom Tour 2016


Every single day, I will be thinking of what post should I share with you to make my blog become interesting for my readers to read. So, today, I decided to do my Bedroom Tour 2016 edition. I think before we are going to do our house renovation, it is better for me to share with you first and once, I have done with my house renovation, definitely going to do another update of my bedroom. Without further due, let's get started! [Insert Black Eyed Peas' song - Let's Get It Started]

Oh before I forget, I'm currently living in a condominium, hence, the room isn't that spacious but its very comfortable. Teehee ;) Now, here we go!

bedroom tour 2016

My cozy queen size bed :D Yeah, apparently my pillow and bolster pillow has vanished. ._. As you can see, even my head of the bed is also has vanished because I feel annoyed with it, thus, I decided to took it out. Ahhh excuse my wall, it's my fault anyway, I stick too many notes on it, the result when I took it off, very ugly hikhik And there is my number one bookshelf on top of the bed stick to the wall. hehe :) and that's what my bed look like in yellow, even though, its not my favourite color but yeah yellow and mr. domokun is smiling at you! :D

bedroom tour 2016

Next is my favourite part of my bedroom. My kind of lounge? Relaxed section? I don't know what should I call it. hiks There is my cat, she is currently writing a blog too, I guess hahaha :p The one in brown color is my second bookshelf that is about to burst out. hehe While the white one is another bookshelf plus also I put my make up in there, since my make up table is full of documents. hahaha

bedroom tour 2016

The place where I do my work, play the sims, play sudoku and study. hihi I don't need a chair, since I can just laid down whenever I feel tired. Nothing to say here, let's move on to another photo hihi

bedroom tour 2016

My small closet. Seriously, I need a new one, my clothes is about to burst outtttt. Gosh, did I shop too much clothes? Anyway, its from Ikea. I love it. Very much. =) Yeah, I have too much stuff that I have to put at the top of my closet. The stuff from my study days. Just too much. But I don't want to throw it away. In dilemma of what should I do with it. The brown cute little cupboard is supposed to be my kind of make up table but end up using it to put all the documents. .__. That is next..

bedroom tour 2016

Another bookshelf. How many is it? Four, isn't it? Yeah, I love books. Very much. Book is my world. Book is my boyfriend. Should I do a bookshelf tour? Oh goodness, I better not, or should I? I don't know, haven't decide it yet. Hihi Oh my beautiful lamp in pink and it is a flower! and it is from Ikea. :D and my hat/cap/beanie and my bag :D

bedroom tour 2016

and that's me wearing batman pants from H&M. I guess that is my bedroom tour. Hopefully, you enjoy reading it! See you in next post. Good night, lovely readers:*



claudy said…
Cool post and cool bedroom too! I wish i have kind of like your room when im still in school or college tho. Nampak selesa huhu. Btw claudy ada closet sama macam fatin kat KL hehehe
FARAHZ said…
Yeah! You should do a bookshelf tour hehe.
Unknown said…
super cool study corner!
Fatina said…
thank you Claudy :* wuu sep sikit :D
tuhlah yang penting selesa kan baru semangat nak lepak bilik sendiri hihi
Fatina said…
thank you mimin! :*
Fatina said…
okay soon tau! wait for it :D
Fatina said…
thank you munirah :*
claudy said…
Nak lepak tu macm mana pun selesa. nak belajar dalam bilik je eemmmm hahahaha. belajar terus tido xD hahaha. claudy haritu plan nak buat entry ni tapi tak jadi xD tgk2 Fatin post ni hihi
Unknown said…
banyaknya bukuuuu wuwuwuwww
Fatina said…
hehe because i love books so much hee :D
Fatina said…
itu lah yg problem nya bukan takat belajar je nak buat kerja mata asyik suruh tidur je hahaha :P

alaaaaaa buat lahhh claudy! :D
Ain Athirah said…
what is your cat's blog ? :p Can i hv her link? haha. tak pernah tak enjoy baca blog ni:)
Fatina said…
She's currently working on her blog, once dah siap kita bagitau hehehe :P

Awww, ya Allah, Ain thank you so much :* I'll definitely going to try post more interesting entry for all my readers, insha Allah :)
claudy said…
Hahahaha. Ahhh nothing interesting dalam bilik claudy hehehe
Rose said…
woah, your room looks so cozy!
mine is a mess with books and makeups and random stuff all stuffed at one table and one shelf huhu *envy your books a lot anyway, can I steal one? lol*
uh that cat, what is she doing with your lappy, you better watch out for it lol
Fatin Liyana said…
Kemas la bilik awak :)
Fatin kalau kemas bilik, kejap je kemas. Lepastu nanti mesti akan sedikit bersepah sebab Fatin gunakan balik barang-barang yang dah disimpan tu. hehehe :D

But ok lah kan dah guna, pandai kemas balik :P
Mrs. A said…
Hurm.. you a lucky because have your own room.

What is the name of your cat?

Fatina said…
thank you fifi :)
well, I still need to clean my room every week because my cats love to make a mess in my room, she'll definitely pull my stuff out of my bookshelf. haha :)
sure, here take one *hulur buku* hihi :p
she's trying to blog too I think hihi :D
Fatina said…
haha Fatin sendiri pun sama je, keluarkan barang-barang lepas tu lupa nak simpan balik, bersepah juga jadinya hehe :D

kena pandai kemas, nanti mak datang spot check bilik tengok bersepah habis kita hehe :D
Fatina said…
Alhamdulillah. Only after I've move to this condo, I got my own room, if not I have to share with my sisters. :)

My cat's name is Moshi hihi :D
Hanis Amanina said…
while reading this, I'm looking around my own bedroom, thinking when will I have the time & will to clean my room. Especially to fold all the clothes. Haha. :D This inspire me to clean mine and make a bedroom tour as well. Lol. :D

Anyway, hiii! It's my first time here, I think. :D Will read more posts soon!
Fatina said…
thank you Jordean! :)
Fatina said…
Oh no! Even myself are just really lazy to fold my clothes. I understand that. hehe :D

I'm glad that this post has inspire you :D Hi Hanis! Thank you for dropping by and I'll definitely going to visit and read your post tooo :D