The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern | Book Review


Welcome to another book review. Today, I would like to share with you, the book that I have been read more than..err..I don't how many times but I re-read it many times. What book did I read? Is it really good? Come, let's dig it! :)

the book of tomorrow

Title: The Book of Tomorrow
Author : Cecelia Ahern
Publisher : Harper Collins
Pages : 420
Genre : Fiction, Romance

Source: Owned by me


Tamara Goodwin has had everything given to her. She has never wasted a thought on tomorrow. But when tragedy turns her world upside down, she has to leave her comfortable life behind, abandoning an affluent existence for the charity of relatives deep in countryside.

When a travelling library arrives in the village, it offers an escape into the pages of the books on its shelves. One of them, a heavy leather-bound volume locked with a padlock, draws Tamara to it. And what she discovers within its pages starts to change her life in the most unexpected of ways...

My Review

It is such a good story book even though its a little bit slow in the beginning of the book but as it goes into depth of the story I'm kind of enjoy reading it. Well it does has some kind of lesson to learn in this book. Anyway, Cecelia Ahern has delivered such a heart warming story. It is like a modern fairytale.

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P/S: I have a another job interview tomorrow. Please do pray for the best for me. Hopefully, everything going to be well tomorrow. Insha Allah. Good night. Sleep well, dearest readers :D



Ain Athirah said…
May Allah ease everything ! Goodnight :)
Fatina said…
Insha Allah..thank you so much, athirah :)
spitoutblog said…
good fatin. u love to read books.. zety have major laziness bila bab baca buku...My sis ada byk buku but i rarely touch it...hahah
Fatina said…
zety, book is my best friend hehehe I love book so much! :D