Fashion 101: Outfit of the Day


fashion 101: outfit of the day

Nothing much to say in today post, I just would like to share with you guys, my kind of Outfit of The Day. Most of my outfit has been chosen by my lovely daddy! Yeah, he is my kind of fashion advisor/manager. hehe I love you very much, babah :*

fashion 101: outfit of the day

Here you go, you can never avoid from taking selfies in front of the mirror at the store. hihi 

Okay let's get started.

1. Flannel Checkered Shirts

fashion 101: outfit of the day

I bought it at Cotton On. I can't remember the price tho. But it is super comfy. My apologies with the picture qualities. I just literally wanted to show this comfy shirts that I have been loving. Not only one but I had bought another one in red. hiks Told you, I loving it. 

2. The Mid Rise Skinny Jeans

fashion 101: outfit of the day
Credit to: Cotton On

Again it is from Cotton On. hihi This skinny jeans, is not too tight, it just nice and really comfortable to wear it. I don't have the picture of my jeans since the jeans is in the washing machine. Sorry. Hence, the picture above just exactly like mine. In case you want to buy it, that's how it looks like.

3. Nike Roshe Run

fashion 101: outfit of the day

My favourite shoes! Definitely! No words can ever explain this. Very light, very comfy and yeah, cheers to Nike Roshe Run :*

I'm seriously love to go to shop my outfits at Cotton On and H&M. Most of my outfits were from both of the store. It just what I'm looking for! hehe So, what's yours favourite outfit and favourite apparel store? :)

Okay, need to rush to follow my dad to go for roti canai and lepaking at the mamak restaurant. See you in next post.



Rose said…
love the outfit, so simple and casual <3
everything is berybery beautiful :D but i like adidas more kot. hehe
A N I S said…
i want that shoes TT_TT
Fatina said…
thank you, simple and casual definitely the right choice to go outing :) the most important thing is comfortable! hehe
Fatina said…
hehe thank you eyja! :D adidas pun okay, cantik lagi lagi yang adidas superstar! hehe
Fatina said…
go and grab it, dear! hehe :D
Anonymous said…
your shoes ! Cantikkk !
spitoutblog said…
love the outfit! very cool. u got one daddy daddv cool *sambil nyanyi
Fatina said…
thank you awak :D nyanyi sedap-sedap tau hihi :p