Morning Routine


I would like to share with you my kind of Morning Routine. My routine is just the same every single day. I have kind of like OCD types, perhaps?

  • Every day, I'm going to wake up around 5.30 am. 
  • Stretching and do so simple exercise 
  • Drink a cup of plain water (it is a must!)
  • Have a nice shower 
  • Perform Subuh prayer
  • Scrolling Twitter, Instagram and Facebook (Well, who doesn't, right?)
  • Have a breakfast - I love having a bread and jam 
  • Now, its time for work!

That's my kind of Morning Routine every single day. If I didn't what I do every day, my body might become weak, hence, lead to having a slightly bad mood in the morning which I hate.

Oh! Just, in case if you wondering, I work from home. It is way easier for me but somehow somewhere, suddenly I got bored, currently trying my best to find a new job just for some adventure(?), nah-ah of course for more experience. Apart of doing my daily work, in order to kill my boredom, I am currently learning Korean Language and Mandarin Language and I'm lovin' it! Hiks

How about you? What is your Morning Routine? 



wah.. bestnya. kalau eyja punahlah impian eyja nak cemtu.
Fatina said…
fatin masa first time nak buat pun susah lama-lama dah biasa hehe kena paksa diri sikit :)