My Favourite Awesome Booktubers!!!


Hey, have you ever watch any Youtubers whom shared about Books? Doing book haul, sharing their favourite awesome books, recommended those fantastic books and even do bookshelf tours. Do you ever notice those awesome Booktubers? Come, let me share with you, my favourite booktubers that I have been subscribed to their channel for quite some time. Let's go.

1. LovingDemBooks

favourite awesome booktubers

Her name is Gracy and she live in United States. She is the first Booktubers that I have had subscribed. I really love they way she delivered her speech(?) through youtube that really makes me eager to buy the books that she been showed on her youtube, even though she speak a little bit too fast but yeah, I like her channel anyway.  Oh,  by the way, on her channel, she did a book hauls/unboxing, she did a books discussion and what not. Yeah, all in all, I love her channel and every week I waiting for her new video. hiks Don't forget to check it out her channel!

2. Lovely Like Laura

favourite awesome booktubers

As stated on her channel's name, she's Laura and yeah, she's from United States. Again, another booktubers that's freaking awesome! Can't deny that. She has had shared lots of great books on her channel, she even did a bookshelf tours, monthly favourite books, a book haul/unboxing, a book review and she also share a tips on eating healthy! Oh goodness, its just one of the best channel. You should go and check it out.

3. Abookutopia

favourite awesome booktubers

Here we go, another awesome booktubers! She's Sasha. Her hair color is stunning, I love the hair color. Anyway, on her channel, she do a book hauls/unboxing, bookshelf tour, sharing her favourite books/movies/tv shows, she also do a book review, follow her to the bookstore, monthly book favourite and what not. Just check it out her channel.

4. Katytastic

favourite awesome booktubers

Tadaaaaa. Another fantastic booktubers, I must say. She's Kat O'Keeffe. My sister's nickname also Kat but my sister's name is Katherina. hihi Anyway, through her channel, she shared lots of awesome books! She do a book hauls/unboxing, book challenge, monthly book favourite, book review, recommend great books to read, book reviews, doing Q & A. Again, do check it out her channel!

favourite awesome booktubers

Oh my gosh! I couldn't actually tell you which is the best Booktubers because they are all really an awesome, fantastic Booktubers ever! They all have their own way on how they delivered on their channel that really captured every one who watch their channel (that's including myself!). Whenever I need to buy more books, I definitely need to watch their channel and only that I will decide what book shall I buy. Yeah, I keep buying but there's a lots of book I have yet not reading it. I love books anyway and I definitely going to read it! I love the smell of the books, I even stayed in the bookstore for more than two hours. hihi I do read malay novels as well. 

So, go and check it out their channels and if you happen to have a youtube account and love books, go and subscribe their channel! By the way, there's a lot other awesome booktubers too. :) Should I do, monthly favourite books, bookshelf tour or what not? Are you going to be interested if I do it? Do leave your comment down below :)

:. pssttt, I heard there's Big Bad Box Sale starting on 27th May 2016 until 5th June 2016. Let's goooooooooo to the Big Bad Wolf Box Sale at Mines 2 in Seri Kembangan, Selangor! :)

Till next post, good night! :*



Rose said…
wow, a lot of booktubers that I have never heard of! (just a prove of how alien Youtube is in my life lol)
Book Hauls and Shelf Tours always make me wanna cry tho because I always want to have what they have as well sooo it's best to avoid them at all cost :D
spitoutblog said…
fatina loves books so much!! bagusnye, bila la zety nak suka baca hahah
Fatina said…
hai fifi! I know even myself pun just discover about them recently. :)
Fatina said…
I really loves books very much, Zety! hihi :D
Zety start lah baca sekarang, mana tau jatuh cinta terus dengan buku nanti hihi :D
Sofie Adie said…
God! books vlogging? Melting la gini...hahahhahahha...
big bad wolf? never had a chance to go there...
Fatina said…
melting terus kannnn hihi
takpe one day, you'll be going to big bad wolf tau. its very cheap tau the book. its is one of the best book sale ever. anyway, kalau tak sofie boleh pegi to their bookstore, which is Bookxcess dekat amcorp mall, subang and kl pun ada :)
tashira sha said…
fuhh baru tau pasal diorang. selama ni tau pasal youtubers yang famous2 tu je haha like zoella,laurdiy etc. tak tau pulak ada booktubers mcm ni. gonna watch it! thanks kak :)
Unknown said…
I followed abookutopia and katy and i tried to read every bood there recommended. Love them so much!! U should also watch polandbananasbooks bcs her review is so damn on point
Fatina said…
hehe tuhlah kan selalu tengok yang beauty youtubers kan hehe :)
your welcome adik! jangan lupa tengok! :D
Fatina said…
sama!! love them very much! best gila tengok channel dorg hehe :D
really? never heard about her before, definitely going to watch them jap lagi!
thank you bagitau kita :*
Eyqa Zaque said…
Thanks for bringing this up. I never know about booktubers till today. Haha.
Fatina said…
hehe your welcome, eyqa!
enjoy watching their channel, okay :D
BudakVanilla said…
wahhh nice one!
BV suka tengok youtube, tp jarang tengok channel booktubers :D
Sii Nurul said…
wow first time i heard about booktubers haha ,, thanks for sharing :)
syafiqahatta said…
First time I heard about Booktubers. Selalu yg femes make up make up girls. Hahaha. I love books too. Buying books is addictive, can't help. But, I suka baca Malay books. English kurang sikit. :)