Random: Can boy and girls be friends? Boleh ke jadi kawan ni?


Just got back from job interview just now. Really nervous and yet I'm not satisfied with myself, the way I have had answered in the interview. Anyway, I hope for the best. Insha Allah. Okay, let's get back to the main topic - Friendship. Do boy and girls can be friends? I mean close friends. Being stick together most of the time? Is it possible? Let me share you with my own experience. Here we go ---

Frankly speaking, my closest friends right now, most of them are boys and I have only one closest girlfriends. Well, honestly, when I were first being friends with the boys, of course it does somehow develop does kind of feeling - tersuka antara satu sama lain. Hahaha Its quite funny to think about that. But now, we were like one big family. I mean our parents know each one of us. Hence, it has never been any problem, if I'm going out with them, since, my parents know them very well, thus, their responsibility is taking care of me whenever they wanted to bring me out for jalan-jalan, or going to the cinemas and they have to pick me up, of course! hahaha

Even though, most of them have already their own partner but there is no problem has occur, since their girlfriends know me well too and they just socialize with me like we have known for years. I don't have any problem with that, as long as we respect each other and have faith on me that I'm only their close friends. Thank goodness, they do understand about that and respect our friendship. =)

We have a norm said girls can't be close friends to boys because they might fall for each other. Unfortunately, I disagree. It is true, when we first know each other, of course some of us did develop some feelings but over the years, the feeling no longer there, instead we love each other as a friends. We do make fun, laugh out loud, annoy each other, play games (of course, coc!) and share our thoughts about the world, our partner and life. I do feel comfortable talking to them about my worry and whenever I am in a difficult situation, they are all there and lend a shoulder for me to cry on. Thank you guys! Even though, sekarang semua dah busy jarang contact and jarang gila nak berborak dah! lol

can boy and girls be friend

Who said, being friends with them, there will be no drama occur, it just they have less drama. Somehow, they also did have typical annoying drama that makes me mad and annoyed for some time. We did fought a lot but yeah, it somehow it make our friendship grow stronger than before. 

Anyway, as for my close girlfriend that I have known each other since we were 16 years old, she is married to one of my close guy best friend and turn out he is her schoolmate when they were in primary school. Wow. Isn't it beautiful how ALLAH SWT has planned for them. I am happy for both of them. =') I pray the best for both of you, and may your marriage stay strong until jannah, insha Allah.

Long story short, we do can get along being friends together but as long as you know, your own limit, how you take care of yourself, how you treat them, I think we could be friends we they boys. It isn't a problem for me and we have been friends for almost 10 years now. Alhamdulillah.

All in all, I do have so called best friends with all girls long before them but somehow the friendship isn't work the way I wanted it to be. Anyway, we still be friends but I didn't contact with the girls often and if we do, I might feel awkward with them. 

can boy and girls be friend

How about you? Do you have guy-best friend? Are you agree that girls and boy can be friends, I mean close friend? Leave the comment down below, share with me! :D As I said I can! Hoping my future husband can be my husband, and also my bestfriend teehee :D 

Till then..



claudy said…
I think we're the same Fatin. Most of my closest friends are boys since I'm in primary school. And I agree with you that girl and boy can be friend and of course we did develop some feelings toward each other but it depends on us how we handle the situation. kalau ikut sangat perasaan and tak jadi memang ke laut lah friendship xD
"There is no such thing as best friend between man and woman."
from my observation, i can't help but agree.

but meh, who am i kan, i never had any male best friend, so i can't really voice out my opinion.
Unknown said…
boleh je sebenarnya.. asalkan ad mindset dia kawan aku je
Ain Athirah said…
Haha. Sama :) but he like me and me dont. kesian. Still rapat tapi tak serapat dulu since memasing dah ada someone special :)) kena la jaga hati kan. And YES girls and boy can be close friend.
spitoutblog said…
agree, boys & girls can be real close fren, and somehow maybe one of them will secretly hiding their inner feeling for the sake of frenship..
too afraid to lose fren if something turns bad...
i dunno, hahaha
Fatina said…
Yes it is true, claudy, kalau tak jaga friendship betul2 mmg terjatuh cinta pulak nanti kikiki :D
Fatina said…
No, of course you can voice out your own opinion. :)
I will appreciate if you give opinions of yours...
Anyway, this is just based on my experience of me being friends with the boys :)
Fatina said…
Yupp, it is :) its only mindset that matters :D
Kalau tak habihh kang hati mendayu dayu gituu hehe
Fatina said…
I have been in that situation before.. A bit sad tapi tak pelah kan as long as kita still kawan, isn't it? :D
Fatina said…
Definitely true zety. Confirm macam tu, ada yang pendam perasaan sb takut hubungan kawan jd masalah nanti.. Hehe :)
Anya said…
I do have a guy best friend. Having a guy best friend wasn't bad at all actually because they won't be like judging you just because you made a mistake. By the way, I love love love your blog so much<3
Fatina said…
i second the motion! :D it wasn't that bad at all and they have like less drama :p
awww thank you so much Anya! :*