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May 6, 2016

Top 5 Favourite Movie Trilogy/Series


I have been thinking of what post should I share with you, thus, I decided to share with you, my top 5 Favourite Movies Series! Enjoy then!

top 5 favourite movie series

I literally love this movies so much. I have been watching it for thousand times for every episodes. I'm kind of having an obsessive with this Star Wars Movies. You know, they have like 7 episode, right? Nonetheless, I do enjoy watching each of Star Wars's episode but I do have my most favourite among those episodes, which is episode 6 - The Return of the Jedi and of course, episode 7 - The Force Awakens! Oh my god! Star Wars:The Force Awakes were definitely one of the best episode and literally become my favourite! The fact that they making Rey (Daisy Ridley) as the main character, I'm quite satisfied with it and also all new characters in the movies! They are just amazing! Really looking forward for the next new Star Wars episode 8! Woohoo! Oh no, even I'm writing this, the feel to watch this movies somehow rise again! I guess I need to watch it tomorrow! :)


top 5 favourite movie series

Who doesn't love Harry Potter? I have been watching Harry Potter since 2001 - The Sorcerer's Stone! Oh, I just love each of Harry Potter series, I couldn't pick which episode that I love the most. Its hard to do so cause I'm - err, no words can ever describe it. I just loving it. But reading the books, it quite take a long time to finish it and I am still reading it.heh  ._.


top 5 favourite movie series

I just discover this movie last year and it became one of my favourite! At first, when I watched this movie on HBO, I was quite skeptical about this, whether it is going to be interesting to watch and I don't even recognize who is the guy who played as the main character but of course now I know who he is but as I keep on watching for the next 20 minutes, I got hook by this movie and I'm eager to wait for the next series but turn out, they didn't make as a movie instead as a TV series which I have yet to watch it. I'm a bit disappointed since they didn't make it as a movie but I'm trying to watch the TV series soon. I'm going to do a review once I've watch the TV series! So, wait for it! :)


top 5 favourite movie series

Ahhh, this another movies series that I love. Though, I didn't really recognize all the characters except the guy who played as Newt, but I do recognize him in other movie but somehow, as soon as I watch this movie in cinemas, I got hook by it! Last year, movie series - The Scorch Trial was the best and now I'm eager to watch the next movies series soon! I just can't wait even though I have read the books. Hihi 


top 5 favourite movie series

I never watch this movie in the cinemas because I thought the movie isn't that captivating to watch but NO, I was wrong! This movie is really interesting to watch. The first series was a bit slow but Insurgent is amazing! But I have yet to watch Allegiant. Hence, I don't know whether it is good or bad. I didn't read any reviews yet about the new movie series because I didn't want to spoil my self. Anyway, I need to buy the Divergent's book series soon. 

I guess these are all my favourite movies series. So, what's your? Till then. Good Night.


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Claudia Claudy said...

I love the The Mortal Instrument. especially the TV series, which is called as Shadowhunters. I've watched both of it. I prefer the Tv series instead of the movie because for me it is more realistic ( idk what im talking about) and i think the actresses/actors are just perfectly fit into it. And i'm looking forward for the new tv series :)

Claudia Claudy said...

I love the TV series better. Shadowhunters. I prefer the actresses/actors on TV series bc for me they are perfectly fit into it 🙈 and i'm looking forward for their new season ;)

Ain Cho'in said...

Okay! The Maze Runner and Divergent belum tengok lagi..Huhu.. :D

Fatina said...

oh wow, I really need to watch it soon. thank you for telling me about the TV series. Can't wait to watch it :D

Fatina said...

is the first season has ended? oh no! it seems that I have miss the 1st season. need to watch it soon hehe :)

Fatina said...

tengokkk! serius best untuk fatin lah hehehe :D

Claudia Claudy said...

eh I comment double lah pulak xD yep, the first one ended last month if not mistaken. are you going to watch it online or TV? hehe

Fatina said...

haha its okay, atleast I have someone whom I can enjoy talking with about the series! hehe :D definitely, I need to watch it online, tv sini belum masuk lagi rasanya, lambat lagi kot hehe :D

Claudia Claudy said...

finally, I have friend to talk with about the series. None of my friends know about that xD tahun depan baru keluar kot haha.

Fatina said...

yay! ada geng! haha :D even my friends too, they don't even know about the movie at all! adoi! :D

atheera dayana said...

No 2, 3, 4 & 5 are my favs too! Glad you like TMI too because the movie (and books) is awesome!

Fatina said...

yay! TMI is awesome! :D

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