Beauty Review: Agift with Care's Fragrances!! The scent is unbelieveable!


Agift with care Fragrance

Before I start my post, I just would like to say, Hey, I'm backkk! Been busy after my interview last Thursday because I need a retail therapy after  double interview hihi Okay let's get back to the main topic of today post! Here we go~

Thinking of just going for a window shopping but end up bought a lot of things. You know, girls and shopping? Can never be separated. hehe For two days, me and my family been to Setia City Mall for a shopping. Why two days? Because of spectacles. Yeah, me and my sisters bought a new spectacles. I think I shall do a haul soon enough. hehe

As you see on my photo above, its a fragrances! We just discover this cute little store at Setia City Mall and decided to get in and see what they sell and yeah, bought two cute perfume. Anyway, the store name is Agift With Care! You should drop by to the store and buy! You will NOT regret it! I can guarantee it. Want to know why? Let me tell you, why!

Agift with care Fragrance

Aren't you think the box of this fragrances were so beautifully decorated with a cartoon on it? I get hook by the box and the utmost thing is, we even get hook by the smell of this perfume! Oh my, the scent were very nice! How am I supposed to describe it, ey? One thing for sure, you are going to love it when you get to smell the fragrance. I really falling in love with this perfume.

Agift with care Fragrance

The name of my perfume is Eden. Its like a lemon kind of smell but in a sweet scent, very creamy, and sensual. I love my perfume! Very much. I even sniffing my perfume right now cause I can't get enough of it. Anyway, it is EDT - Eau De Toillette and it last for 9 hours.

Agift with care Fragrance

This is my mom's perfume. It is a Steel Magnolia fragrances. It smell like a magnolia, sweet and its definitely has beautiful scent. It is a Eau deToilette and it last for 9 hours. This is what happen, when you can't decide which you want to purchase, so, the best way is to buy those two! hehe

Agift with care Fragrance

Oh by the way, as you can see, as written at the box, all the perfume that they sell is painted by a person with a special needs. Any product that you purchase will be donated to the organizations that assists these people. The two perfume we bought is 60ml and it also has 25ml.

Hey, it is made in Malaysia! Agift with Care also sell a shower scrub, body lotion, lip balm, facial care, shower cream, hair care and hand wash!. Will definitely going to go back at the store to purchase a shower scrub next week! The shower scrub, work amazing on my mom's hand when mom try it yesterday. The salesperson is so nice, so, she is the one whom show how the scrub works on my mom's hand and we can see the difference between the hand with the scrub and the one with no scrub. Again, the scent were fantastic! 

Oh yes, they are currently on sale! Purchase 4 bottles of perfume with 25ml is only RM 160. 1 perfume of 25ml is RM55.90. I even have apply to be the member of Agift with Care. =)

Agift with care Fragrance

Here is the website for Agift with Care. You can click it and check it out! Isn't their website are really cute too?! 

p/s: Anyway, this is my own review, its not sponsored. :)

There you go my review. See you in my next post.



omg macam nak pergi je kedai ni!
Fatina said…
omg! you should go there erin! its definitely worth the money :D
Ain Athirah said…
Jauhnyaa. Kita perak ni ha. Tapi kalau dekt pun duit gaji dah hbis T_T Cedih.
Btw dia punya packaging cantik !
Fatina said…
alaa yeke, takpe nanti datang selangor, singgah singgah lah gi kedai dorang hehe :)
cantikkan packaging dia! suka sangat :)
Unknown said…
Those boxes are just too cute. I like it. I'm to far away from your place. hehe.
claudy said…
ahhhh I want TT.TT
Fatina said…
definitely, the packaging is really incredibly cute! couldn't get enough of it :)
where do you live? They do open their store other than selangor.
Fatina said…
come back to Malaysia!! :D