I am a Spicy Lover!! #SpicyRamenChallenge


i am a spicy lover

I know I'm a little bit behind time joining this #SpicyRamenChallenge, but hey, who cares, I wanted to be part of this challenge too, I don't care! [insert: hentak kaki] hahaha :p Let me tell my own experience eating this spicy ramen! Let's get started ;)

i am a spicy lover

I'm pretty sure, most of you, who taste this spicy ramen can tell the spicy level, isn't it? I do agree with you! Its very spicy but yeah there is a BUT, but for me, to be frank, I am a spicy lover. I love spicy food very much, I couldn't eat my food if it is not spicy, and if not spicy, I would request for more chili padi hehe Same goes to this, it does taste super duper spicy but I love it very much! I am now craving to eat spicy ramen ._.

Anyway, how am I supposed to describe it ey? Its like you eat only sambal belacan with rice? That's how I describe the spicy level? By the way, both of my sister, taste this spicy ramen too yesterday with me, and yeah, their lips turn into bright red and keep on drink water, since, both of them, couldn't really eat food that is really spicy. Anyhow, this is just my own opinion. Since, the taste is depends on everyone taste bud on the tongue, how about you share your viewpoint. ;)

Well, that's all for today. Good night :)



fr said…
Pedas sangat tak? Seram pulak nak try hehe
han said…
Fuhh hebat la boleh makan pedass.
Sis tak mampuu. Haha
Fatina said…
macam mana eh, kalau bagi fatin lah kan, pedas memang pedas tapi tak de lah teruk sangat tapi kalau yang jenis tak tahan pedas, memang akan terasa terlampau pedas hehe :)
Fatina said…
fuh, maafkan sis, sis terlampau suka food yang pedas hihi :D
Unknown said…
i never eat this spicy ramen as it is too difficult to find this ramen in terengganu. But i really want to eat this ramen as i am a spicy lover too =)
Unknown said…
Haha sepp! I love this spicy ramen n i can this again
Unknown said…
ramen dah jadi favourite elsa. lupakan yang lain hakhak
Unknown said…
Dah pernah rasa juga ramen ni, boleh tahan. suka rasa pedas dia tu. Tapi itulah, harga dia... tsk tsk. huhuhu.
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