work work work :(


Assalamualaikum everyone,

Apa khabar semua? Alhamdulillah, I'm doing good..(erghh..rasanya). Anyway, just so you know, I got a job as I have had stated on my previous post entry, well, I'm working as a Retail Assistant(RA) in one of the store temporary, as I still looking for a job that suitable with my qualification, even my supervisor told me I should find a new job that really suitable with my qualification, as they couldn't provide my actual job position because of the store is a little bit small, hence, they wouldn't need more supervisor in the store. Never mind, I'm cool with it as I still could gain great experience from it.

Thus, working as RA, meaning I have to sacrificed my time, in which, I need to work accordingly to daily rooster(by shift), I mean. 5 working days but still the tiredness from working shift is annoying, very annoying, hahaha I keep on asking myself, why did choose to work here? haha Typical me. 

I think I should sleep right now, as I'm working tomorrow. :( Good night and sweet dream. I will blogwalking you guys back tomorrow night, okay? :*



kimchaa said…
Baca tajuk tetiba ternyanyi. Hehe. Selamat malam. Moga dapat rehat yang cukup :) fighting! ^^
Eyqa Zaque said…
maybe u pilih for the sake of pengalaman. hehehe. ur post inspired me for my upcoming post. hehehe.

gud luck for the job. ^^
BudakVanilla said…
bila start kerja memang banyak dugaan. moga tabah ya :D
all the best :)
claudy said…
I feel you Fatin, Been there. huhu. Bertabah lah ye :)
spitoutblog said…
Wow working on shift. Even im working normal time but feel like working for 3 shifts...hahhah..btw good luck in ur work fatina. Gambateh!!