2016 Movie's List That I Need To Watch!


This year is the year that have too many great movie which soon to be release in the cinemas that we need to watch, don't you agree? 

Gosh! Its hard to resist man, but seeing my purse, I have to control it as I need to buy something else but nonetheless, I just wanted to share this upcoming movies that will be release from this month, its just great to watch and I am so excited, I mean I need to watch it at the cinema! hihi Let's get started!

1. The BFG

2016 Movies List

Not sure when they will release in Malaysia. As I check on TGV's website, it still on "coming soon" column. SO, let's wait for it!

Anyway, this movie is from adaptation of Roald Dahl's Book! Have you read it? Honestly, I just bought it last month but not reading it yet! Still, have to read it before the movie release! Here is the book that I'm talking about -

2016 Movies List

I will be reviewing this book once I finish reading it, okay? :) 

2. Ice Age: Collision Course

2016 Movies List

Another awaiting movie! Can't wait to watch it! Anyway, it already at our cinemas! Go, book or buy the tickets and watch it! I have not yet watching it, still waiting for my salary. hiks

3. Alice Through The Looking Glass

2016 Movies List

One of my favourite movie! Can't wait to watch it, since they have release it at the cinemas :D

4. Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children

2016 Movies List

Another adaptation from book! One of the bestseller novel. Ever since, I'm working at the bookstore, it is one of the bestseller of the month, and the novel is written by the author - Ransom Riggs. I'm not buying yet but soon I'm definitely going to buy it before watching the movie! Here is the book -

2016 Movies List

5. The Secret Life of Pets

2016 Movies List

Aww, even the poster, it has hook me up to watch this movie! Definitely couldn't wait for them to release the movie here at the cinema! Aren't they just too cute? :D

I guess that is all the list of movie that I want and need to watch it! What about yours? Share it here with me. hihi I'll be doing another list of action/romantic/thriller movie next time, okay? See you on my next post. Till then. :D



thezofiroh said…
oh my goodness all of these will be released this year?! I am so excited especially for The BFG :D
Veronica said…
Totally agree with no. 3 and 4!!! I'm so disappointed that Alice Through The Looking Glass wasn't released in my country. I hope it does soon though x__x
And I just realized that The BFG is from Roald Dahl! He was one of my favorite childhood authors, hahaha!

I'm also waiting for some titles like Doctor Strange, but am very psyched about Fantastic Beasts since I'm so, so in love with the Harry Potter series. Can't wait for these 2 movies to come out!
claudy said…
Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children!! claudy pun nak tengok tu . ternanti2 :D
Hazyyy said…
This is great! i always have this problem where i went to cinema but i have no idea of what movie should i watch.
spitoutblog said…
wahhh semua mcm cecomel punya genre jek.. not so into this genre,,,nonetheless nice sharing fatina =)
Fatina said…
yeapp! because I saw it at the TGV's website! hehe :D
me too! super excited! :D
Fatina said…
oh my god, I totally forgot about those two movies! I can't wait for the two movie to be released! :)
anyway, hopefully alice's movie will be released at your country! so just wait, okay :D
Fatina said…
kan! selama ni fatin asyik tengok buku tu je kat bookstore ramai org beli rupanya nak masuk wayang! hehe :D ni yg lagi tak sabar nak beli buku dia and tengok movie hehe :D
Fatina said…
even myself too having the same exact problem. hehe
anyway, hopefully this post will help! will be posting what movie will be released every month! stay tune for that hee :)
Fatina said…
haaa betul2 fatin post yg comel2 dulu nanti baru post yg action ke thriller ke kan hehe :) thank zety!
Veron said…
-Pretty excited for Ice Age as well!

Eeiou_ said…
Omg I literally want to watch all these.
I love love love this kind of movies. Thank you for sharing haha.
duit raya perabih kat wayang nanti. hahahaha must put all of these movies dalam list to do nanti hehe
claudy said…
haritu ingat hujung bulan 6 keluar and i was so excited for a few days then suddenly my sister bagitau the movie main september nanti ughhh. ahh orang ramai beli sebab nak baca dulu baru tengok kot xD
Lenne Zulkiflly said…
Alice through the looking glass memang best! sangat worth watching :D