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the twitter diaries

Hello everyone! How do you do? I'm good and happy as always. Alhamdulillah :) Anyway, I think it had been a long time since my last book review, isn't it? So, today, I will do a review the book that I bought last month at Big Bad Wolf! Let's dig in!

the twitter diaries

Title: The Twitter Diaries
Author: Georgie Thompson & Imogen Lloyd Webber
Publisher: Bloomsbury 
Pages: 377
Genre: Fiction

Source: Owned by me


A Tale of 2 cities, 1 Friendship, 140 Characters

Tuesday (@TuesdayFields), a British sports reporter, and Stella (@StellaCavill), a New York-based men's shoe designer, are introduced in NYC on NYE by a mutual friend, a notorious transatlantic TV host. The two thirty-somethings strike up an instant bond.

My Review

Basically, this story was revolved around Twitter, the feeling when I read, it's like I have had stalked two people's conversation at Twitter. :O Gosh! Its feel weird. Anyway, one of the cool about this book is that it wasn't like normal written like normal books do but it is in twitter format. 

Frankly speaking, the book somehow, I got bored after 15 pages. No, I'm not hating this book, don't get me wrong, it's just that the stories were a little bit slow and it's just a conversation between the two people about work, love, friends, random things. Well, I can say that it's just a light reading, no complicated story what not. A simple book to read. Nevertheless, I do finish the book only recently after two weeks of reading it! hehe

Rating : 

That's all my review. Till then :) 


Eyqa Zaque said…
I still havent finish the book yet and yeah i got bored on several first pages also. Brought it coz I think it'll provide me handful of good quote to post on twitter. But turn out not because I havent manage to read the twitter part yet. Haha.
Fatina said…
it is! I got bored and sleepy whenever I read the book but somehow forcing myself to finish it, because I want to know the ending of this story haha :) anyway, enjoy reading the book, eyqa! :)
Eyqa Zaque said…
Okay fatina, i will. hehe.
Veron said…
Seems like a cool concept for a book but if not done properly, it could get boring as you said.
Fatina said…
I second that! :)