June Haul


June Haul

Hey guys! Has been delayed couple of times on posting my June Haul, so, here I am, updating this post for you! Yay! Hiks. Without further due, lets get started! :D

I guess I have been buying lots of stuffs during the month of June. Fuhhh there goes my money. haha Truth to be told, I love shopping but in the same time, I tend to get sleepy whenever I'm going to the mall. Opss! I just do not know why! hahaha Fatina is just being Fatina. :D Anyway, lets get into the stuff that I bought in the month of June!

June Haul

There you go, close up of my two outfit that I love :D

1. Sweater

It is from Kitschen! Omo! I just love love love the design and most importantly is its very comfortable to wear! Tak rasa panas pun bila pakai, selesa sangat :) Its very frustrating because Kitschen has closed their store at Setia City Mall :( Thank God, they have at The Curve but its too far from my place hmm Anyway, love it!

2. Denim Jacket

Its from Cotton On! Very cool, don't you think? Hihi Been wanting and searching for this denim jacket for so longggg and finally, I got it! Yay! :D

3. Silkygirl Matte Fever Lipcolor Balm

June Haul

Oh my goodness! This lipcolor balm is just fantastic! Its work really great on my lips. I love the color. Anyway, it is on shade of 08 - Scandal! Very red! :* I will review this product on my next post! :D

4. AGift With Care - Shower Scrub

June Haul

I have had did a review on their product which is the Fragrance, you can read it here, in case, you haven't read it yet! Because I love their product, thus, I decided to bought another product from their store which is Shower Scrub - Fruit & Vege Cocktail! I love it. I will review it on my next post :)

5. Garnier BB Cream

June Haul

Goodness! Its work perfectly on my skin. Couldn't wait to share with on my next post about this product! Stay tune! :*

6. Books

The books that I have bought is from Big Bad Wolf which been held at One City, Subang last month. You know, me and books can never ever be separated. Books means everything to me. Anyway, the books that I bought are:

  • The Twitter Diaries
  • Strings Attached
  • The Mortal Instruments - City of Lost Soul
  • Beach Lane
  • Monster Men
  • Let It Snow
  • Roald Dahl's Collection
Some of the books that I have mention above were not in the picture because it is my sister's books that I bought for her that day. 

Its very affordable and I'm satisfied because I have got what I want from Big Bad Wolf! Looking forward on their next event! :D 

I think that is all from me! Hopefully, you will be enjoying my post! See you soon. Have a nice day and Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri! :D



spitoutblog said…
nice sweater & jacket fatina,

selamat hari raya maaf zahir batin, hope u have a blast holiday =)
Fatina said…
thank you Zety!

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin, Zety! :D