Tinybookish's Instagram?


How are you, everybody? Hopefully, you are all well! :) Well, nothing much to share with you about my raya since, I'm just at home, baking more cookies, watching television, playing games and what not! hihi Anyway, let's get back to the main topic! Tinybookish's Instagram? hmm What is that? hihi

Anyway, I just want to tell you that I have finally decided to make my very own bookstagram account instead posting about my books on my personal instagram account, I will use this from now on!

Having trouble on deciding what should be my bookstagram account name, thinking very hard about it, at first I put it as tinareader_land but I feel somehow, weird? Hence, change it to - tinybookish as because I'm the tiny among my siblings even though I'm the eldest sister in the family lol hahaha

tinybookish's instagram

There you go, my bookstagram account! Will be my pleasure if you follow mine! hihi =) I'll be updating regarding the books I have read or currently reading or book haul, anything regarding books! Feel free to follow my bookstagram account - tinybookish :*

Good night :*



fr said…
Interesting ^^
Eeiou_ said…
I don't have any ig acc still. HAHAHA.
Fatina said…
serious? wowwww that's unbelieveable! hihi :D
Eyqa Zaque said…
Im so gonna following this! ^^ looking forward to read it. :D pilih buku best2 k fatina. Haha.
Unknown said…
yay will definitely follow tinybookish ig ^^
Fatina said…
Yayyy! Thank you eyqa!! Will do! Currently listing down the books that I'm gonna buy stay tune :*
Fatina said…
Yay! Thank you atheera! :*
spitoutblog said…
nice choice of name fatina, mmg gila buku yee... =p
Fatina said…
hehe thank you zety! :D
gila sangat zety, tuh yg sanggup kerja kedai buku hehe :D