Beach Lane by Melissa de la Cruz | Book Review


As promised on my last post, doing a book review on Beach Lane. Let's get started, people! :)

beach lane

Title: Beach Lane
Author: Melissa de la Cruz
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children's
Pages: 294
Genre: Young Adult, Romance

Source: Owned by me.


Meet the new au pairs for one of New York's wealthiest families: Eliza Thompson, Mara Walters and Jacqui Velasco. Eliza, New York's former It Girl, needs a way back into social scene after her family's financial collapse. But can she hide her new job from her old friends? Mara's trying to escape another boring summer in her one-horse Massachusetts town. Luckily, the kids' older brother Ryan is anything but boring. And Jacqui is hoping to find a certain boy - one who said he would call, but never did. He might be closer than she thinks...

As the three girls living at One Beach Lane will soon find out, balancing their new jobs, their new romances, and the Hamptons social scene is no easy feat. But if they can stick it out - and stick together - they might just have the summer of their lives.


It is one of the stories that I feel its light and easy. About three girls who have different personalities view about life, and backgrounds. Well, the story has no stressing scene except the fact that Jacqui keeps on chasing the guy name Luke/Luca, whom, she thought the love of her life, but turn out he is just a trashy guy that makes her life miserable. But, hey scratch that out, Luke/Luca, he is just annoying guy, who doesn't know or even feel guilty in breaking the girls' heart. Anyway, Jacqui Velasco, she is a very beautiful girl from Brazil, who have the looks that makes all the guys go wow and she is flirty too but it all change when she found Luca/Luke and that make her decision to fly from her place to Hamptons to search for him and working as an Au Pair. When she found out about Luke/Luca, who is really not in love with her at all, only to play around with her and he has a girlfriend, yeap, that broke her hearts horribly. 

As for, Mara Waters, the conservative girl from Massachusetts town, who has a boyfriend, name Jim, decided to work as Au Pair, to earn more money for her study and living. Anyway, things change, when she arrives at the Hamptons and meet Ryan, the son of the Wealthiest family, that she is going to work under his family as an Au Pair. Taking care of his younger brother and sisters. As thing goes by, she eventually has this feeling for Ryan and yeah, he has the feelings for her too. But of course, it is not easy for them to be together. Because she has a boyfriend. 

Lastly but not least, Eliza Thompson, the girl who used to live at Hamptons, the girl who is rich before her family's financial went down and decided to move somewhere far from the Hamptons. Hence, the opportunity to work at the Hamptons comes, as an Au Pair, that makes her grab it fast so that she can back to her place where she used to live and find her friends back again and hanging out at the place where always hang out once upon a time. But the thing is, her friends taught she is still rich and her family sends her away to a great boarding school when she is not. 

Three girls have been gathering at Kevin Perry's house, working as an Au Pair, taking care of his children for the entire summer. And that, when it all begins. After all, the complicated or messy things happened around them, their friendship somewhat becomes closer than they ever thought. It is an interesting, fun and lovely stories, well, some part of it, you might found out, its a bit bored and a bit too fast, I don't know how to explain it, but overall, it is a nice story. 

Rating : 

Hope you guys enjoy my review! :)