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Hey, what's up, bloggermates! Did you miss me? I miss blogging! Goodness, its been too long since my last update :( Truly, deeply sorry for not updating my blog regularly because I'm just way too busy with my work ;[ But, naahh let's get into the stories that I want to share and tell you! About korean drama, books and what not. Let's start now! :D

Have you ever heard or watch Doctors? It is a new korean drama that start somewhere around the month of June. The main actor/actress is Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye. Its a good drama tho. Its just nice too watch. Yeah, I'm totally into it. hiks Let me share with you the synopsis of this drama. 

w-two world, doctors, books


A girl with a tough personality with soft heart, named Yoo Hye Jung (Park Shin Hye), due to her painful childhood's memories, she keeps shut her heart away from every people she met. However, after one incidents, her dad sent her away to her grandma's house to live with her and start at a new school and meet her homeroom teacher, Hong Ji Hong (Kim Rae Won), who has a major role in transforming Yoo Hye Jung from a person, who has no idea/interest in what to do with her life, into a successful doctor and that's all begin - two person falling in love. 

There you go, a simple synopsis about Doctors and if you were not watching it yet, go and watch it now! like seriously, go and watch it! :D

Anyway, the next korean drama that have hook me up from the first episode, like seriously, how can you do that, man? I have been all crazy in love on watching this drama! Gosh! Its just fantastic, awesome drama, I ever watch. Definitely! Wait, I didn't tell you the title of the drama, yet, but but can you guess it? Oh please, you can definitely guess in one shot. Argh! Its W- Two World, guys! Its just super awesome drama! You should watch it! I mean it! Must-watch-this-drama-NOW! 

w-two world, doctors, books

Duh! Can't wait to watch new episode this week! It is the most anticipated drama that been waiting by everyone! Anyway, let's talk about this drama. 


It is about Kang Chul (Lee Jong Suk), who exist in webtoon world and who is an olympic player, win a first place (a gold medal tho) on shooting sports and somehow, his world started to crushed down after all of his families died, been shot by a stranger and he had been in jailed because everyone thought he is the one, who did that but eventually, he had been released by the police, since there is no strong evidence about it. While, a woman from a real world, Oh Yeon Joo (Han Hyo Joo) is a surgeon doctor, who her father is a cartoonist, who make comic webtoon series about Kang Chul and she eventually been dragged into the webtoon world.

Fuh, you have to watch. I seriously recommended this drama! Go and watch it, guys! Please please :)

Okay, that's all about korean drama, now let me share with you about my books that I have finish reading today and to be read book!

w-two world, doctors, books

Just done reading it today! Beach Lane by Melissa de la Cruz. Since, I'm on medical leave today, hence, book is my partner. Its very light reading about friends and jobs and boyfriend. I won't spoil it too much, because I'm thinking on doing a review about this book. So, let's wait for it, okay! :D

While, I just bought two books last month! and I can't wait to read it! :D

1. Playlist For the Dead by Michelle Falkoff

w-two world, doctors, books

2. Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

w-two world, doctors, books

My two to be read for this month! Sorry for not taking picture of my own book because I feel a bit lazy to do it right now, but no worries, I will updating the picture of my books on TinyBookish's Instagram. If you are not yet follow my personal bookstagram account, please do not hesistate to follow! I will try my best to update it about my bookish world. :)

I think that's all for today. I will do blogwalking after this. Thank you for being patiently waiting for my new post. Love you guys! See you on my next post. Enjoy my new post today! :D



W - Two Worlds ~ Love love love this drama! Suka sangat.. esok episod baru. yeayyy!
Fatina said…
betul2 suka gila and tak sabar nak tengok episod baru! hehe :D
W best gilossssssssssssssss <3 i love han hyo joo since forever and i love lee jongsuk's acting since doctor stranger.

selalu rasa nak flip semua table kat dunia ni sebab eps baru kena tunggu next week baru keluar lol ni dah tahap obses apa dah ni ;P
han said…
Yeayyy geng layan W jugakkk! Beeeeeeest. Haha. Ramai tengah curious macam mana ending drama ni nanti. Doctors pun layan tapi ter-stop sampai ep7. Keke.
han said…
Yeayyy geng layan W jugakkk! Beeeeeeest. Haha. Ramai tengah curious macam mana ending drama ni nanti. Doctors pun layan tapi ter-stop sampai ep7. Keke.
Unknown said…
Watching W and going to watch doctors after this hehe
Sofie Adie said…
my friend has recommended me this two drama. ugh!! I have left a k-drama since 2009. and after reading the synopsis, I think I should watch it....

please don't disappoint me...huhuhuhu
Kate said…
W FTW!! Most of Lee Jong Suk's drama are amazing. :D
Ainul Anne said…
dua dua ni tak tengok sebab ada actor/actress yg kite tak suka. haha.

skrg tengah gila Uncontrollably Fond and Bring It On, Ghost.
Eyqa Zaque said…
Up for doctors! Hehe.
meintheswim said…
Stumbled on your blog. Nice something different. Yes korean drama enthralls the young and the old ... old people like me who has nothing to do.
Hanis Amanina said…
I think I watched Two Worlds but it was in the middle of the drama. Not able to understand anything at all, maybe I need to start from beginning when I have the time later :)

Eeiou_ said…
Omg thank you for the book reviews sis!
Unknown said…
Kalau korean drama ni saya tak minat sangat! (tak minat langsung) xD
BudakVanilla said…
havent watch doctors yet.
tapi BV dah tengok W - Two Worlds. i love the imaginations and the story plot.:D
spitoutblog said…
Follow jugak dua kdrama tu.. But baru nk marathon blk 2minggu punya episod yg teringgal... Btw, zety pn mcm fatin jgk... Jrg2 da nk updte blog...
Rose said…
I am loving W as well <3 the plotline is soooo exciting :D
Too bad I can't focus much on Doctors tho :(
Unknown said…
Blogger always miss to write something. Mee too. Cuma kadang-kadang masa mencemburui . hehe
Wafiy Shuib said…
doctors w-world best !!
Sha Mohamed said…
Ala.. Tak tengok lagi doctors.. banyak sangat drama yang nak tengok.. hehehe.. W pun baru tengok separuh.. nak kena sambung tengok nie..