Behind the Name of FatinaMdzfr

What have I been doing for this week? Other than editing my blog and what not, I have been reading and reading and reading. I have piles of books and e-books that I need to read and review but I have not yet finish reading the books, hence, review have to postponed, however, I have already planned and scheduled, should be early this week to post one of my review, but, it still on my draft because I want to improve on how I reviewing the book, to make every one feel satisfied and enjoy reading my review.

Anyway, I want to share with you, the meaning of my blog name. Why my blog name is FatinaMdzfr? I know that it may looks normal but of course, it has the stories behind it. 

Fatina is actually came from my first name - Fatin and the small 'a' is from my second name. Yes, my real name is Fatin. I don't want people to confuse by my name and blog name, so, I just want to clarify it. Honestly, during my diploma years in Lendu, Melaka, there's too many 'Fatin' in the class and even my roommate, has same name as mine. So, I got confuse too when people call out 'Fatin', I thought its me but turn out, it wasn't and nobody wants to call out other name than Fatin. You know what I mean? Even the lecturers got confuse too. So, my roommates came out with a good idea by calling 'Fatin A' and 'Fatin S' to make it easy for them but I felt its too long to be call 'Fatin A' and of course, there also other 'Fatin A', so, instead, I tell them to join the two name, to be call as - 'Fatina' and they agreed. 

As for Mdzfr, its actually my dad's name. I have just shorten the words from his name. I think you figure what is the name? Hmm? Do you? Let's see, if you can figure it out by leaving the comment below ;)

Frankly, all this years of blogging, since 2008, I kept on changing my blog's name but then I didn't satisfied. Too think about that, I feel embarrassed on my last 2 or 3 years ago of my blog's name, I still remember it until now, which is - fatincheekyboo. Where on earth, did I got that name. Gosh! Very funny of me. .-.

What about you? What is the meaning behind your blog's name? 

Till my next post. Have good day, everyone! :)

p/s: I'm thinking to make a Bloglist for October, do you guys want to join it? I will select around 10 people to be in the list. 


Sha Mohamed said…
Nama blog akak diambil bersempena nama anak akak Amani..
Kononya nak buh kisah Amani je.. Last2 dah macam2 dalam blog tu..
Hehehe.. Owh ya.. nak teka nama ayah Fatin..
Mungkinkah Mudzafar??
Hanis Amanina said…
Ouchhh, sorry I didn't know it is just Fatin, not Fatina. So, do u prefer people to call you Fatin or Fatina now? :D

I guess, Mudzafar?
Eyqa Zaque said…
Mdzfr stand for Mohd Zafar? My first guess is Mudzafar tho. *grin

My new blog name is Dewi as I want to feature my feminine side. Hahaha.
Unknown said…
Is it Mudzafar? Maaf kalau salah. Heeeee me! Me! I want to join ur bloglist! :D.

Here's entry about where i got my blog name.
Ri. said…
Oh I thought your real name is Fatina. Haha, but Fatina is cute tho.
Of course I wanna join haha :)
claudy said…
Claudy ada kawan nama Fatin juga! Kind of best friend :D Bnayka betul sama nama kan. hehe lucky nama claudy lain dari yg lain xD

I wanted to change my blog's name tho. Miss Young Lady? hahaha idk what the hell Im thinking. thought that I'll be forever young eyy :P

Fatina said…
Yay! erin betul! :D
Fatina said…
comelnya nama anak akak! Amani cute je :)
tuh maknanya akak dah seronok berblogging tuh ehhe :)
yay! akak pun betul teka nama ayah fatin hehe :D
Fatina said…
its okay Hanis, boleh panggil Fatina or Fatin, kita okay je :D hehe

yay! Hanis betul teka nama ayah fatin hehe :D
Fatina said…
your first guess yang betul! hehehe bukan Mohd Zafar hehe :D

aww, that is cute! hehe :D
Fatina said…
awak pun betul! yay! :D
alright! nanti fatin buat eh segmen tuh :D
Fatina said…
hehe you may still call me Fatina hehe :D
alright, I'll do it soon :D
Fatina said…
betul ramai gila nama "fatin" ni hahah even myself got confuse hahaha :D
lucky you, claudy! :D

i think your blog's name sounds cute tau! its like, the name suits you best? hihi ;)
claudy said…
claudy selalu panggil you fatina. didn't know your name is fatin xD
lucky part tak sama nama dgn orang je, yg lain tak lucky haha

I thought the same too since im a small girl like elementary or high school girl haha
BudakVanilla said…
wahhh what a nice name for blog. i love the way u add A to fatin. fatina is a really cute name. :D pasal ur dad names, sebab dah baca komen lain, takjadilah nak teka. hehehe :3

my blog name is forever childish. hahahhaha. kekadang ada la rasa nak tukar, wargghhh tapi sayang pulak :3
Hanis Amanina said…
BV is catchy enough for me. Haha boleh tak nak cakap jangan tukar 😂😂
Fatina said…
thank you BV. :D
but but but BV tuh comel lah, sounds more like you hihi :D
Comel both nama. Fatin or Fatina :)

Rasa tak payah teka nama ayah fatin sebab dah tahu jawapan. Hehe.

Siqah ada jugak buat entri pasal nama blog. Boleh tengok di link ini :)

spitoutblog said…
My blog name is spitoutkata.. I got the idea as i want to spit out my feelings and thoughts in words.. Since my blog is a mixed of english and bm so i named is spitoutkata as kata is symbolized bahasa malaysia.

Btw i tot ur full name is fatina.. Now i know the stories behind ur blog name.
Fatina said…
aha, that's how your blog got the name hehe :)

hihi but I do love it when people call me Fatina, it sounds lovely hehe :D
Fatina said…
hehe thank you siqah! :D