What's on My iPhone Updated Version and iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus?!


Not going to brag some unnecessary things here, let's get straight to the main topic, I'm thinking on doing the Updated Version of What's on my Iphone? Few months ago, I have had posted about What's On my Iphone, and if you haven't read it, you can read it here. Basically, tonight I just wanted to show/share some apps that I use every single day, hence, the updated version.

Without further due, let's get started. *vroooom* :p

what's on my iphone updated version

I decided not to post the main page of my iPhone because it is some basic iPhone stuff and what not. So, here we go, as you can see, social media's app - whatsapp, telegram, snapchat, instagram and twitter. The usual apps that been used by everyone in this world. Opss, forgot to mention, youtube, swarm, and also vsco. The basic stuff that must have on everyone's phone, isn't it?

Yes, I still using Smart Tube and Music D/L to listen to the music, because, yes, I am the laziest person to transfer songs on my phone! hahaha Thus, the easiest way is just to use one of the music application. Wait! Don't you think I should use Spotify? I guess I should use, only after I upgraded my internet quota. 2GB, isn't enough at all! ._.

Let's move on to my two favourite games(maybe for few months .-. hiks). Toy Blast! Goodness, this games is so phenomenal! Its really fun to play, it needs strategy to win each levels, so, yup kinda like it tho its hard to win when you're at certain level, its just really test your patience! No, I'm not lying to you, I guess its more like Candy Crush, I think? Anyway, I enjoy the game.

what's on my iphone updated version

Here, is how the game looks like, if you haven't see it yet. It ain't mine, I just found it somewhere from Googles. hihi I am still stuck at the level 125. Gosh! I hate it the fact that I'm stuck at this level since yesterday. Duh! 

And of course, the game that is currently on heat right now - Pokemon Go! I play it because of I want Pikachu and Charmander. So, yeah. I never enter the Gym. That's that. lol

Omo omo! I have found my new love for ebooks - Wattpad! I never know, how amazing this app is. Its unbelieveable! I do love to read but before this, I only love physical books because I can touch the books, I can smell the books(every bookworm does this, I guess) and keep it to myself! But now, I'm have falling in love on ebooks too. So, yeah, if you love to read, then, give it a try on using this website/application - Wattpad! 

Last but not least, Goodreads! The most-must-have-for-book-lovers, the Goodreads! The goodreads is the place where you can share your thought about the book you have read, even there's a book recommendation for you. It is easy to use.

what's on my iphone updated version

Anyway, this is my Goodreads' Profile, you are welcome to add me if you want to! :D Tho, I don't understand why is my details look like that? Whatever. Just, ignore it hahaha

Wait. I'm not finish yet! 

Have you seen Apple's Special Event?! Its an iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus has finally release/introduce yesteday!!! Omo! Its very beautiful! Its has caught my eye but the price, yes, the price, I cry! 

Its has 5 colors! Two new colors which is Black with a Matte color (duh, I want this color!) and also a deep, high-gloss jet black! They are so gorgeous! oh my goodness! and also another 3 colors which is Gold, Rose Gold and Silver. There is no more 16GB, guys! No more! If you want to know more about the new iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus, you can go to their website here!!!

what's on my iphone updated version

Isn't it look elegant? Black is elegant! Oh, I love it!!!

That's for today. See you on next post! Good night :*


Airah Syahirah said…
iphone 7 so gorg right.. i wish i kaya so boleh beli T.T
Fatina said…
it is! super gorgeous! couldn't resist upon seeing it on their webiste T.T
Fatin Liyana said…
iphone is indeed an expensive. haha. wish I can buy one someday. but for the amount of money needed to buy iphone, I can use it to buy many other things. hehe
spitoutblog said…
my phone dont even have game & song..eh rasanya ada 1 jer lagu...hahaha..
pictures ja belambak... lols
Ainul Anne said…
Hi Hun,

I f you are using DiGi you might want to check out DiGi Music Freedom. Bagusnya Music Freedom ni is listening to Spotify is free, means tak ganggu data. Its awesome and I've been loving it since :)

Tapi i tak sure whether only for certain DiGi plans ke apa. Boleh download MyDigi app and activate kat sana.

Hanis Amanina said…
I just uninstalled Pokemon Go after playing for a day. Haha. I love the idea of walking around to catch pokemon. But, it used my data a lot (I thought it can be played offline) T_T And I nearly got myself into bicycle accident while trying to catch pokemon. Lol.

If I have money and reason to buy, I would love to buy iPhone SE instead hehehe

Fatina said…
Really? Oh my! Thank you for sharing, dear! Definitely going to try it soon :D
Fatina said…
Oh no Hanis! That's freaking dangerous tau!
Anyway, same goes to me, I got bored and thinking of deleting the game and bcs I'm just lazy to go for a walk just to catch those pokemon hihi

iPhone SE design is really cool tho! I love it! :D
Fatina said…
I second that! :)
Fatina said…
wahhh! confirm penuh sgt ni gambar, zety kena alih kan ke dropbox lah gini hihi :D