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October 10, 2016

10 Things I Can't Live Without

Have you ever thought things you can't live without? Things that really important in your life that you can never be apart with. Honestly, there are quite number of things I can't live without it but well, I will only select only 10 very very important with me that I need to have in my live. Let's see what is it :)

  1. My Family - They weren't a thing but there are my important people in my life
  2. My cats 
  3. Books - As you know, I am a Book-Addict. I just can't be apart of it.
  4. Smartphone - Gosh! Technology has definitely taken over way too much that makes them important in our life.
  5. Chocolate!
  6. Cap/Beanie 
  7. Handbag 
  8. Positive vibes
  9. Sneakers
  10. Music

There you go my 10 Things I Can't Live Without...

What about you? What is your 10 Things You Can't Live Without?

* I Tag all of you who read this post :)

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mek yunie said...

Alamak. Kene tag la ni? Hihi. Nnt mek try list down ye ape 10 things mek tu :)

Cik Ila Menari said...

Nak list down 10 tapi tak boleh fikir apa kecuali MY FAMILY :)

Hanis Amanina said...


hahahaha fatinnnnn, tag 15facts about me pun kita tak siap2 lagi.


Fatina said...

kena tag mek! hehe :D

Fatina said...

betul tuh FAMILY is everything :)

Fatina said...

hihihi takpe hanis slow slow eh :D ada masa hanis buat hehe

Ri. said...

Hahahaha. You got me lol. Kena lagi. Nanti sviors update.

Noor Maizan said...

Hahaha, alamak kena tag, nanti Mai update~

Gee Lion said...

I can't live without my daughter.. )';
Of course she is not a thing ^_^
But she is the most important person in my life.. <3

Sally Samsaiman said...

I've got more than 10 things to be exact..hahahaha...But I guess, water is what I need, and caffeine, and foods, and and and...

Noor Maizan said...

so here my answers,hihi (:


SIQAHIQA said...

Alamak. kena tag automatik. Hehe. Nanti siqah buat jugak entri ni :D

Hoho said...

Cap/Beanie? Hihihii unik. Jawapan lain dari yang lain yang pernah Reen baca ttg topic ini. :D

Hsna Rahman said...

dari blog kak long ku sampai sini semata2 nak tahu yg sepluh tu...kikiki...no 3 WIN!!!!!

Eh..tertag sekali ke ni????? nanti ku buat jgk ye..pyung!!!

Alien Oren said...

nak jawab kat sini boleh dak? hehehe
-buku-music-cermin mata-lappy-pen-

Hanis Amanina said...

dah buat yeay http://www.hanisamanina.com/2016/10/10-things-i-cant-live-without.html

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