Blog Post Ideas

Have you ever having writer's block? Suddenly, you feel like what should you post on your blog? How to make your post really interesting for everyone to read? Have you? I do. Myself were also stuck in a rut to what kind of post should I share with you apart of my book's post. I didn't want you guys to get bored with my blog. Hence, days of thinking and asking my family's suggestion on what should I post, jotting down those ideas, thus, I think I shall share with you. Shall I start now? Here's the ideas.

This post is also to make sure myself have an idea on what should I blog every day/ week/ month. hihi


  1. Your favourite food.
  2. Your favourite restaurant.
  3. List top 10 favourite place to dine in/out.
  4. List top 10 favourite fast food.
  5. Healthy recipe.
  6. Baking recipe
  7. Local's food recipe.
  8. Western recipe.
  9. Favourite juice.
  10. How do you make your own juice.
  11. How do you maintain your diet?
  12. What food do you eat on your diet schedule.
  13. Share your review on food you eat whether at restaurant/fast food/your own cooks.
  14. Your favourite restaurant to dine in either alone, with family or your partners.
  15. Share which restaurant has a friendly environment for family with small kids.
  16. What type of food do you allergic with?
  17. What is your favourite ice-cream?
  18. which do you prefer your drinks? Hot or cold?
  19. List your favourite drink

  1. Books' review.
  2. Top 10 Favourite books.
  3. Top 5 Recommendation books
  4. Books you hate. - Why do you hate that books?
  5. Books you love - Why do you love the book?
  6. Weekly/Monthly wrap books you have read.
  7. Weekly/Monthly Books To-Be-Read
  8. List of books in your To-Be-Read's piles.
  9. What kind of book do you wish to read?
  10. Where do you usually purchase your books?
  11. Book's Haul.
  12. Bookshelf tour
  13. What books' genre do you like?
  14. How do you plan your time to read?
  15. What makes you love to read?
  16. Do someone influence you to read? Who? 
  17. Books' budget.

  1. Fashion's tips.
  2. Makeup's tips.
  3. Fashion's Haul
  4. Makeup's Haul.
  5. OOTD
  6. Beauty product's recommendation.
  7. Where do you purchase your beauty/fashion stuff?
  8. What do you like about your beauty product?
  9. How do you mix and match your fashion?
  10. Tips on choosing sneakers.
  11. Tips on choosing heels.
  12. Beauty products' review.
  13. Beauty/fashion's budget.

  1. 5 Things you can't live without.
  2. Top 5 favourite songs.
  3. List your favourite music genre.
  4. Tips on releasing your stress.
  5. 5 Things what makes you happy.
  6. What do you want to do before you graduate?
  7. What course in university do you do?
  8. Why do you like the course? 
  9. Study's tip.
  10. Which one do you prefer - study in a group or alone?
  11. What subject do you like the most and why?
  12. What's in your pencil case?
  13. List 10 things you want do before you get married!
  14. What do you love about yourself?
  15. Room's Tour.
  16. Relationship's tips.
  17. Long distance relationship's tips.
  18. Favourite Quote of the day.
  19. How do you motivate yourself? - Motivation post!
  20. Travel's post.
  21. Travelling tips
  22. How do you plan your travel?
  23. Your budget travel.
  24. Morning routine
  25. Night routine
  26. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  27. Movies' review.
  28. Dramas' review
  29. What kind of movie genre do you like?
  30. What kind of drama genre do you like?
  31. Top 5 Movie/Drama.
  32. Movie/Drama recommendation.
  33. Which social media medium you use the most and why?
  34. Tips' post
  35. Tutorial's post.
  36. What makes you want to blog?
  37. Why do you blog?
  38. Foreign language - share words of foreign language that you learn at least once a week.
  39. What's in your bag?
  40. How do you organize you desk?
  41. How do you plan's your everyday schedule?
  42. Appreciation's post.
  43. Share post about your pets.
  44. How do you take care of your pets?
  45. Monthly wrap post.
*I would like to give credit to Heleneinbetween for giving such a great ideas to post :)*

I will update this post time to time. Do you have any blog post's ideas?


Ri. said…
Interesting tho. Maybe some post about movies? Haha.
Fatina said…
it is. You may select any of the ideas and post it on your blog too :)
Hoho said…
Thanks dear for sharing this tips.. Weee :D
Fatina said…
Your welcome kak! hehe :D
Hanis Amanina said…
It looks interesting!! :D most of times I have the ideas to write but to open blogger - new post is a struggle. like, i need to spend lots of time writing and to put watermarks on pictures consume time as well. Haha

Excuses much HAHA
shāf said…
woow. cool ideas friend =)
Fatina said…
it is! same goes to me. haha nak post but then, yeah, end up dalam draft tapi tuhlah :)
Fatina said…
thank you :) semoga bermanfaat for everyone :D
BudakVanilla said…
wahhh thanks a lot for ideas. :D
idea memang banyak, yang agak susah bila struggle dalam berfikir ayat untuk menaip post tu. hahhahah :3
mek yunie said…
This is really helpful ! Thanks fatin..
Fatina said…
betul tuh BV. Idea mberlambak-lambak cuma nak bila nak taip tuhlah selalu kering pulak jadinya :)
Fatina said…
Glad that I can share with everyone the ideas :) your welcome, Mek :)
Really interesting fatin :) Thank you for sharing, great ideas :D
Fatina said…
Your welcome, siqah! :)
Noor Maizan said…
Nice... siap bookmark this post. hahahah...