Books and Me

Book has become my very best friend, ever since, I was a kid. What makes me into book in that time is that, when my parents goes to work, they will sent me to my grandparent house, of course, it wasn't far from my house. I am the first grandchild in that time. So, to occupied my time, was only book. Childrens' book, of course. That's how I developed my love towards book has been growth day by day.

I have been acquire with many questions regarding the books and me. Let's me share with you about it based on the questions that I have received.

  • What encourage you to read?
A very good question. What makes me encourage to read is that I want to improve my language, I mean both language - Malay and English. Reading has definitely help me a lot in my daily life. The major encouragement in reading the most is my parents. Both of them, really reads a lot. I love to ask them a lot of question and they have the answer to whatever I ask. They are full of knowledge, that's what encourage me and my sisters to read. Both of them, read all kind of books, either novel, religion, business, academic, you name it. They definitely read a lot. That's how they encourage us to read. Moreover, I think the best way to encourage yourself to read, is you. Yourself, have to really have an encouragement /motivation, the urge to read a book. 

  • What kind of books that I read?
Honestly, I am more into Young Adult's genre, either it is Sci-fi, Fantasy, Contemporary, Romance, you name it, as long as, it is Young Adult. But I do also read other genre, just to make sure, I balance my reading. My dad always said to me, 'You should not being too selective in reading!' Hence, I'm trying my best to be balance in reading, to be expose in any genre, any kind of books.

  • Do you have anything like food or something, with you?
To be precise, NO. When I read, it is only between me and book. I can't have anything else on me, other than book because I might not going to concentrate on reading, if I have other things or food with me.  

  • Which one do you prefer to read, in a loud place/quiet place?
Of course, I would rather choose in a very quiet place, that will makes me focus more on my reading. But I do actually can read, in any kind of situation, either in noisy place or quiet. Because once, I get into the books, its like I'm in the other world, in a whole new world, where only me and the characters in the book. 

  • How do you manage your time to read?
You know, being an adult, it means you have less time of yourself, meaning, you will also abandon your reading time too. Well, that's happened to me. Hence, everyday, I will at least read 10 pages before I sleep. Secondly, I will bring my books anywhere I go - to the work, back to my hometown, going for a trip, even to the mall, anywhere, as long as I have a book with me to read. I will read whenever I have the precious time to read. But I do sometime, just bring the book, but not reading it. Basically, I manage to read anywhere at anytime at anyplace, as long as I read. Thirdly, I will set my time at least an hour for me to read books. Basically, I will find anytime, as long as I can read. 

Reading has become habit to me. I can't be apart from my books. Furthermore, what makes love to read is that, its like I'm in my own imaginary world that have been created by the author. I can imagine how the characters' looks like, the expressions on their face, I do also imagine, I was one of the character in the books. If and only if, I know how to draw, I definitely, draw what have I imagine when I read the book, the situation, the place, the characters and all things that I can express in drawing, unfortunately, I do not know how to draw. hehe The fact that I love reading, I do smile like crazy, laughing so hard, giggling and even crying. 


I have only selected these five question that I have received before, hopefully, I have giving you a convincing answer, I hope. But, if you have more question, regarding books or anything, please do ask me in the comment below and I will make a post of your question and answer it. Have a good day!


mek yunie said…
Bagus lahh fatin ni ;) mek try nk mmbace sbb dgn hrpn nk jd cntoh ntuk anak ank so that dia org pn akn love to read instead of hadap tech --' tapi itu la, bku pn jarang beli. Jgn lupa psl nk let go bku tu :) im waiting..
Hanis Amanina said…
I have a problem that everytime I read a fiction novel, I really try hard to finish it in one go. or maybe in 1-2days. I ended up with not doing tasks that I need to do that day. Haha.
Fatina said…
that's a good future plan mek! :)
sure Mek, bagi Fatin masa sikit eh, quite busy nak settle few stuff then nanti, I will post the picture of the books yang Fatin nak let go tuh :)
Fatina said…
That has actually happen to me every single time. hehe :D
Another Indah said…
I will always waiting for your book review <3 sebab tak 100% minat baca buku so baca bila orang review kata best je :p
Carly Fifie said…
Wahhh pembaca buku tegar. Lucky u have a parents yg memang suka membaca.:)
Mijablur said…
Haha sama lah. Kalau keluar pergi shopping mall or cafe I'll bring the book to read.