Malaysian Booktubers

Remember my post before about Favourite Awesome Booktubers? If you haven't read the post yet, you can read it here. Anyway, this time, I would love to share with you, our own Malaysian Booktubers. There are one day, I have been thinking, if we, who are Malaysian loves book so much, there are must be people, who will do a youtube video talk about books and all, so, I did do my search in youtube using - Malaysian Booktubes, and tadaaaaa, I found those Malaysian Booktuber, and I got all excited that I subscribed all of them and keep waiting for their new video every month. They are really an awesome booktubers, thus, I won't babling too much, hence, let's see who were they!

1. AmeliaaXavier

Malaysian Booktubers

She's the first booktuber that I discover early this year and been watching all of her videos and duhh, what should I say more? Go and watch her video! By the way, her name is Amelia! She's awesome, funny and creative girl in making her video more interesting to watch! Watch her video here -> ameliaaxavier

2. Maliemania

Malaysian Booktubers

Her name is Kamalia and she has made quite a lot of videos, hauls, recommendation, tours, reviews, and many more. I love watching her video, I love the way she express her opinion on books and whatnot. Go and check it out her youtube video. Check out her video here -> maliemania

3. Bookloves

Malaysian Booktubers

Her name is Shahirah and here is another malaysian booktubers!. Yay! I found her on youtube only recently, she has done wonderful video on her site and hopefully she will doing more video about books! If you want to check out youtube video, you can hit it here -> bookloves_

4. Najwa N

Malaysian Booktubers

Here is another Malaysian booktuber that I found recently and her name is Najwa and she has made an awesome video about books. So, go and watch her video. Want to watch her video? You can click it here -> Najwa N

Want should I say more? Just go and watch their video! Who else going to support our Malaysian Booktubers, if isn't us? Who would be then? Right? I just love the way they giving their reviews on the books that they have read and they even do a recommendation on what book is definitely the best to read. By the way, I just want to share with you video that I discover on youtube, that's our Malaysian Booktubers and I instantly, love and subcribed to watch their video!

See you on next post. Enjoy your reading!


BudakVanilla said…
wahhh nice. boleh terjah lepas nie. :D
BV selalu layan book review dari AnuarHadi je kalau dari youtube :3 nie dah tau ada youtubers lain, boleh la layan :) thanks for info.
mek yunie said…
Nice info :) mknenya rmai lg malaysian kita ni yg jenis bace buku :)
Fatina said…
terjah tau BV! :D

your welcome, BV :)
Fatina said…
ramai Mek :) ada beberapa lagi fatin baru jumpa, nanti fatin share dalam blog :)
Unknown said…
wahh.. sellu lyan utube.. tpi x tau pulak booktubers ni.. selalunya layan vlogger, makeup dll..

nanti nak terjahlah..:)
hazwani yusof said…
I never tot ada booktubers. pity on me. selalu buka utube tengok video ja.
ni yang rasa nak godek-godek semua nii. great info! :)
Fatina said…
terjah ye hehe :D
Fatina said…
hehe takpe skrg dah tau boleh tengok dah :) hehe
ieyra h. said…
Thank you so much for making this list, I'm gonna subscribe! Back then when I was still obsessed with reading (like 2-3 years ago, lol, now got caught up with works), I subscribed to a lot of international booktubers and my favourite was jessethereader. :D

ieyra h. | latest blog post: Yubiso Haul
Lorr tak pernah tahu ada booktubers. Sememangnya fatin peminat tegar buku sampai cari di youtube. Nice one. Nanti terjah jugak :)