Nerve - Review

nerve review

Title : Nerve
Release Date : 12 July 2016 (US)
Cast : Emma Roberts, Dave Franco, Juliette Lewis, Emily Meade, Miles Heizer.
Genre : Mystery / Crime

Synopsis : Industrious high school senior, Vee Delmonico (Emma Roberts) is tired of living life on the sidelines. Pressured by her friends, Vee decides to join Nerve, a popular online game that challenges players to accept a series of dares. It's not long before the adrenaline-fueled competition requires her to perform increasingly dangerous stunt. When Nerve begins to take a sinister turn, Vee finds herself in a high-stakes finale that will ultimately determine her entire future.


This movie is practically a nerve wracking movie. The game that Vee (Emma Roberts) and her friend play were definitely the extremely vicious game. It can definitely killed whoever played the game. Basically, the game 'Nerve' have a two option - Player or Watcher. If you choose to become a player, then you have to deal with whatever risky game that been challenged, I don't know by who, I guess by the watcher, I think.

Vee wasn't a person, who like to risk her life doing something that shouldn't she done. So, one day, she got caught into an argument between her best friend, Sydney (Emily Meade) because Vee is very intimidated, wasn't really adventurous, doesn't have a self-esteem, even to have a chat with her crush, something like that. Whilst, Sydney, she is out-going person, very loud, and she play Nerve game too and she's one of the popular players. Hence, Vee become very furious that she ended up, enter into the game world, as a player. That's the beginning of everything that going to be happen and even risking her life and because of that she met Ian (Dave Franco). The two get to team up together because the watcher likes them to be together.

So, what's going to be happen next? What happen to her relationship between Vee and her best friend, Sydney? Who is Ian actually? There is a hidden things that even Vee doesn't know, what was it?

I won't spoil it too much here. You need to watch it yourself. The movie is very appealing. So, go and watch it!

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Sha Mohamed said…
ada jumpa tapi cam tak menarik..
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Aaa, nmpk interesting.

Fatin dh buat mobile view ye :)
Niqqy said…
mula2 tu ingat kan dave franco tu hantu mati hidup balik hahaha.. apa lahh
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