September Wrap Up

september wrap up

Its seems time flies so fast and its already October! Oh my goodness, what did I do in the month of September? Hmm Its like I have done so much but I guess I wasn't doing much. I guess because of the weather I would rather be at home than going out for shopping or hang out with friends. Yeap. I haven't seen my close friends for almost 3 months plus, if I'm not mistaken, not because I don't want but because my schedule were so hectic with the work load, of course. Hence, most of the time, during my off day, I will be at home only. Phew.

Books I have Read

september wrap up
I was supposed to read four books. I mean four but end up reading only two, because I'm so lazy. Duh. That's suck when laziness hitting you so bad. 

Anyway, I have already posted review for this two books. If you have not yet reading the review, you can see it here 

Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell
 4 Stars out of 5 stars

The Light Fantastic by Sarah Combs
3 Stars out 5 Stars

I just realised that Eleanor & Park has a movie. I need to watch it. I will post a review about it as soon as I finish watch the movie. :)


september wrap up

W-Two World has just finish their last episode on 14 September 2016. It was great and I love the story.     -     4 Stars out of 5 Stars.

Cinderella and Four Knights. Even though the drama ended yesterday, but I still put it here, because the drama begin early August and I just watched this drama last month.   - 3.5 Stars out 5 Stars.

Love 020. It is a movie version of Just One Smile is Very Alluring. The hero and heroin of this movie is Jing Boran & Angelababy.  - 4 Stars out 5 Stars.

Just One Smile is Very Alluring. I discover this drama first before the movie and I falling in love with it since, the first episode. Yang Yang & Zheng Shuang has made this drama as lovely as it should be.   - 4.5 Stars out 5 Stars.


september wrap up

Now You See Me 2. OMG! This movie is epic! I really love love love it so much! -  5 Stars out 5 Stars.

The Secret Life of Pets. They are just so cute. Very cute that makes me wanted to pinch each of the pets in the movie but instead I hugging my two lovely cats. hihi   - 4.5 Stars out 5 Stars.

Train To Busan. The zombie chasing them and seeing the fathers try to save his daughter and wife, its overwhelmed.  - 3.8 Stars out 5 Stars.


Closer by The Chainsmokers ft Halsey //  Heathens by Twenty One Pilots  // Gold by Kiiara // Let Me Love you by Dj Snake ft Justin Bieber  // Sucker for Pains by Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa & Imagine Dragons with Logic & Ty Dolla $ign ft X Ambassadors // For You by BTOB //


Here you go the summary of September things that I did in the whole month. :) Good night.


Noor Maizan said…
omg, eleanor & park ada movie? wajib tonton!!
Lengkap semua. Ada buku, drama, filem dan music :)

Siqah suka sangat W! Drama Cinderella hanya tengok sampai ep 4. Malas tengok drama tu. Too cliche.

Now You See Me 2 best!! 😍
Fatina said…
itu lah, Fatin baru tau ni, jom tonton movie dia! hehe :D
Fatina said…
W best tapi cinderella tersangat cliche.. :)
munirah :) said…
haha selalu camtu, time cuti je bertimbun buku plan nak baca.. last2 sikit je dapat baca sebab malas xD
BudakVanilla said…
wahhh. such a good september. :D
BV pun jarang dah keluar rumah n jumpa kawan walaupun takbuat apa2. T^T
have a blast october ya :)
BudakVanilla said…
wahhh. such a good september. :D
BV pun jarang dah keluar rumah n jumpa kawan walaupun takbuat apa2. T^T
have a blast october ya :)
Hanis Amanina said…
cepat je dah nak habis 2016 kannn. dah nak masuk suku last dahh
mek yunie said…
Ade yg same ! Tang drama w tu :)
Fatina said…
betul memang bertimbun tapi bacanya satu takpun dua je hehe
Fatina said…
tuhlah kan jarang keluar rumah, selesa duduk rumah je skrg ni huhu
you too BV! :)
Fatina said…
betul tuh Hanis, tinggal 2 bulan lebih nak masuk tahun baru dah..
Fatina said…
hehe yay! W best :D
Ain Athirah said…
Bru tgok semalam NYSM 2 mula2 tu mcm slow sikit almost give up tetiba eh dah best hahaha. Rating kita sama untuk Train to Busan tu sebab orang review kp sedih nangis la semua. Ain tgok TAK PUN ! lpastu part zombie terkam tu phewww jerit2 tgok hahaha
Fatina said…
Athirah samalah kita pun mula2 tgk NYSM2 tuh awal2, serious dah rasa 'ee, malas nak tgk' tapi lps tu pergh tergamam best dia haha samalah fatin x nangis instead terkejut je ada lah haha :p
I just finished watching Just One Smile's drama last week and yang yang is damn good looking