The Light Fantastic by Sarah Combs | ARC Review

the light fantastic
  Title: The Light Fantastic
  Author: Sarah Combs
  Pages: 320
  Publisher: Candlewick Press
  Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary
  Publication Date: 13th September 2016

  Source: Received for review from Publisher through NetGalley


Delaware, the morning of April 19. Senior Skip Day, and April Donovan's eighteenth birthday. Four days after Boston Marathon bombing, the country is still reeling, and April's rare memory condition has her recounting all the tragedies that have cursed her birth month. And just what was that mysterious gathering under the bleacher about? Meanwhile, in Nebraska, Lincoln Evans struggles to pay attention in Honors English, distracted by the enigmatic presence of Laura Echols, capturer of his heart. His teacher tries to hold her class's interest, but she can't keep her mind off what Adrian George told her earlier. Over in Idaho, Phoebe is having second thoughts about the Plan mere hours before the start of a cross-country ploy led by an Internet savant known as the Mastermind. Is all her heartache worth the cost of the Assassins' machinations? The Light Fantastic is a tense, shocking, and beautifully wrought exploration of the pain and pathos of a generation of teenagers on the brink - and the hope of moving from shame and isolation into the light of redemption.


Firstly, the book's cover looks fantastic and I love it and as soon I saw the cover, I really wanted to dig into the story as soon as I received it from NetGalley but, unfortunately, the story was not really in my cup of tea. 

Let's talk about the characters that they have in this story, honestly, I still didn't get it who is the main character. I still confuse. The start of this book introducing the girl named, April Donovan, who is born in April 1995 and coincidentally, during the Oklahoma City bombing. There a lot of tragedies has happened during her birth month.

Honestly, there are a lot of characters in this novel, Lincoln Evans - April's friends, the teacher, Mastermind, Gavin and some other characters that I can't remember their names. 

The storyline was a little bit disordered for me to understand and was quite slow. I almost wanted to DNF (Do Not Finish) reading it, not because it wasn't interesting but because as I said, the storyline was hard to get to what it means and indeed slow, hence, I got so sleepy when I read it, but I have this urge of wanting to know what happens, is their plan going to work out? Or are they people who are going to back off from the plan?

Nonetheless, this story is like an eye-opener of what happened around us that, we never realized it. Not because we don't know but because we usually ignoring it.

However, the ending again was a bit disappointing, it kind of left me hanging on? 



ending tergantung ni la yang sendu sikit ni fatina -.-
Fatina said…
I know, sendu gila, stress diri ini membaca buku :(
Habis baca buku beratus pages, lastnya ending tergantung. Haih. Nak marah author jugaklah kalau kena ke siqah. Huhu. Nampak kulit muka buku menarik fatin. Rasa kalau siqah nampak pun siqah beli ni. Hee