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October 19, 2016

Why Do I Start Blogging?

I should have continue my reading but somehow this idea of blogging came to my mind while I'm reading. Without hesitation, here I am in front of my laptop and start to blog. What in this post, I'll going to share with you is the reason I start blog, when I start blog and more about me getting into this blogging world. Which I have no regret in entering it. I embracing every bit of my blog and even become way to passionate with it.
Now, let's start with...

When I start blogging?

I started blogging back in 2008. That is when I was 17 years old. A girl who should be concentrating on SPM but instead being way to occupied with online media - myspace, friendster (it was very famous in that time). And honestly, we just got the first broadband and so, I got so excited and I started going for online way too much. I think my first broadband that time was from Umobile, if i'm not mistaken. While, I busy engaging myself with myspace, getting know friends from friends' online, I stumble upon this blogger website and without much thinking, I sign it up. But I rarely used my blog in that particular time. So, my blog was abandon that time. Because I don't have any idea on what should I write on my blog?

Reason I start blogging

Here, it comes...I think towards the end of July/August 2008, I finally, logged in back to blog account and started using it. I start with writing about what happened in my daily life every single day. About school, friends, myself, about my crush and so on. I don't have any followers during that time. Therefore, I was just randomly keep on writing about my personal whatever had happened in my life. Because in 2008, blogging wasn't prominent around my friends yet.

Then, started in 2009, when I was 18 years old, I start my diploma in UiTM Lendu, I still blog and but in that time around, blogging has been a medium for everyone around me to have it and they started to use it, simply having the same reason as mine - blog our personal life. My folowers in this time around was only a circle of friends that I know. Hence, if there is fight with friends, break up story with boyfriend/girlfriend, it will be instantly up on the blog. Regrettably, I was one of them, which I feel so ashamed whenever I think about it and I deleted the blog.

Why Do I Start Blogging?

In early 2010, I log in back to my blog account and make a new blog and again I used it to blog about my personal life again. This is the same blog I use up until now, it just that I have change my url blog and deleted all those rubbish, crap, annoying things that have been blogging back on 2010 till 2013. During early 2010, I discover this blog skin template to fancy, decorate the blog, so, I got hyped on designed my blog and keep on googled the tutorial and whatnot.

But after 3 years, I got freaking tired and bored doing the same thing, so, blog is been abandoned for a year or more, I guess. Only in the end of 2014, I start to blog again - during my practical days, that's when I figure that I need to changed the way I blog. Instead of blogging about personal things, I changed into a lifestyles blogger which I shared about tips, info and so on. And started this year, I decided to blog about books. I don't want to just read then put it back into the shelf without sharing to everyone about my thoughts on those books.

So, being a Lifestyles Blogger and also a combination of Book Blogger, is that okay with you? I'm hoping that, it will be okay with you, if I blog about lifestyles also books. I think it is fair enough.

Not going to rant to much in this post. I think I will post a second part of this. Hopefully.

What about you? Why do you start to blog?

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Ain Athirah said...

Macam Ain, blogging sebab masa lepas spm bosan gila duduk rumah. hehe

mek yunie said...

Oo fatin tahun 91 eyh :)

Ok je. Mek pun asal blog cm tu jugak. Tak habes duk cite pasal boyfriend. Bajet org nk tahu la pasal kita --' tp mase pn mematangkn penulisan jugak :)

Noor Maizan said...

Yeay ,why not, since books are part of your lifestyle. hihihi.

Hanis Amanina said...

I started blogging when my father told me about his blog. HAHA

p/s - new blog layout eh? :D


Fatina said...

hehe tuhlah lps SPM tak tau nak buat kan waktu tuh hihi nak keje mak tak bg hmm blog je lah :D

Fatina said...

hehe haah fatin 91 :) Mek?

kann tak hbais cerita psl bf dulu, fatin baca sendiri rasa segan dengan diri sendiri hehe :p betul betul membantu jugak dalam penulisan :D

Fatina said...

betul tul mai :)

Fatina said...

wahh your father have a blog? that's cool! hehe :D

haah lah hanis but still not really satisfied with the layout, I guess need to buy the template someday :D

Hanis Amanina said...

yepp, but he's more into facts like laws, education etc. and he's on hiatus right now.

i wonder what kind of blogger am I, lifestyle? travel? personal? what do u think?

Hoho said...

Tukar template lagi.. Hihihi grid style juga ya. Yang bagusnya, numbering page.. Selalunya next atau previous post.. 👍

Mijablur said...

Tahu pasal blog masa start buat diploma 2012 tapi baru buat blog sekarang, tu pun sebab suka-suka hehe

Eyqa Zaque said...

Same reason for starting blog. But middle of 2016 i just snse that if we share some things we will gain more things. :D

Happy blogging fatina. and most of all I like ur blogging style. ^^

Plus I like book too. So what not to like about ur blog? :D

Fatimah Nabila said...

same, buat blog sebb xcited dgn internet..lepas tu tinggal, then tulis balik n delete bnda merapu dlm tu..

zety said...

hey fatina,

zety start blogging just to try challenge my self..
i like reading blogs but never sign up ones because dont know what to write until 2016 zety finally sign up...

so senior, pls bagi tunjuk ajar...

p/s: i hate that I cannot spent much time to blog recently TT__TT

SIQAHIQA said...

Siqah start blogging masa tahun pertama di Uni 8 tahun lepas. Suka sangat blogging sampai semua benda nak tulis. Habis belajar, blog stop sampai lupa password. DAn buat blog yang sekarang. Bezanya, dah tak tulis sangat pasal bf, putus cinta, sakit hati dan sebagainya.. Usia mematangkan blog juga :)

Cuma sekarang, tak banyak masa sangat blogging, but still i love blog. Kenangan abadi tercatit di blog :)

IG: @amazingdistance67