Cheer Me Up Book Tag [Original]

Hi, I was kind of not in the mood of writing or continue whatever post that I have left in my draft, hence, I've had came up with my own idea of doing this Cheer Me Up Book Tag. It is originally created by me, Fatina Mdzfr. Hopefully, you will be enjoying it and you may, do this tag too, if you want! :)

Here it goes,

1.  Your current reading :

cheer me up book tag

Girl Online by Zoe Sugg

2. Suggest one of your favourite book.

Ugh, honestly, there are many books that I love. Its hard to decide but if I can pick one, I would choose A Court of Thorn and Roses. Definitely, the best. I haven't post the review yet.

3. What genre do you like to read?

Young Adult! Anyway, I do still read other genre too.

4. How many books do you read in a month?

Usually, I would read around 4 to 5 books per month.

5. Where do you usually purchase books?

Popular Bookstore, MPH Bookstore, Borders and of course, Big Bad Wolf Booksale!! By the way, Big Bad Wolf Booksale will be start on 9th of December 2016! I am so freaking excited!!

6. Have you ever fall to sleep when reading because you find out, its tedious?

No matter how boring that book is, I never had falling asleep when reading. Its just I would rather put the book aside and won't dare my self to read it again.

7. Which one do you prefer, standalone or trilogy/series?

I prefer...BOTH!

8. Which book(s) has cheer you up?

Stephanie Perkin's novels - Anna and the French Kiss, Lola and the Boy Next Door and Isla and the Happily Ever After. These 3 books definitely has cheer me up and I'm happy to re-read it all over again because they have definitely lit up my life with all different kind of stories and the characters' personality towards their love life and of course, it is a happy ending books! Hence, happiness.

9. Do you read book's review before buying it?

NO, I did not. For me, everyone has their own perceptions and opinions toward the book they have had read, either it is positive or negative, it depends on them, hence, I would not reading it because I'm afraid it will affect my perception about the books that I'm going to purchase. Well, let the book surprise me.

10. Will you stop reading, if the book isn't interesting or will you keep on reading them?

Frankly speaking, I would put the book under DNF, if the book were very monotonous that I couldn't let myself finish reading it even though, I wanted to but I could not force myself to read it no matter what.

11. Have you ever re-reading the book again and again?

Definitely! If the book was great, why not re-reading it because...why not? Anyway, I will re-read the book that I like, for countless time, will never get bored on reading them.

12. Do you ever felt that once you finish reading a book, you find it hard to move on from it?

Yes, always happened to me. That it might takes several days for me to start a new book especially those standalone books.

13. Have you ever cried during your reading?

I do! Be it a sad scene or happiest scene, I will cry. Too emotional, I guess. It felt like I am one of the character, hence, I cry.

14. Why do you think reading has make you happy?

Reading takes me into a whole different world of my own imagination that I have had created in my head and eventually,  I felt like I can see all the characters movement lies in front of my eyes, and its like watching a movie on TV but sort of like you see it live in front of your own eyes. Its fantastic kind of feeling, hard to describe because once, you have finish reading, the satisfaction you get was amazing. Literally you appreciate the writers' writing and it becomes dear to your heart whether its good or bad, it does has an impact on your heart (or maybe your, life?).

There you go. If you interested to do this tag, go for it. I would love to know you answers too :)


thezofiroh said…
you never fall asleep while reading? omg that's so impressive!
Unknown said…
I havent read anna and the french kiss series! And a lot more~~~ i really want to do this tag but i havent pick up any book for months
Anna and the French Kiss!! Dah beli tapi masih tak baca lagi. Hii. Beli pun sebab awak, Fatin :)

Siqah macam nak buat je tag nie. Suka jawab soalan. haha. :D
Anonymous said…
12. Once, i finished the last book of a very good series and after that i fell into a very deep slump. i would cry for days and couldn't start a new book for 2-3 months. its the Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare. that series changed my life
Fatina said…
Never..I will feel guilty if I fall asleep. hehe :)
Fatina said…
hehe pick up atleast one book atheera, I would love to know all of your answers, please :D
Fatina said…
hehe nanti free siqah baca tau :D
buatlah nak juga baca jawapan Siqah :D
Fatina said…
wow, that takes very long to start a new book :) I haven't finish reading Mortal Instruments yet, guess I've to start reading it soon :D
Eyqa Zaque said…
Fatina just wondering, is a court of thorn and roses is the first book of its series? Cause I think I wanna add it into my to be reading collection since many booktuber recommend them.

And here is the tag reply. Lols.
this looks interesting. rasa nak buat jugak
Fatina said…
buatlah rasya, nak baca juga your answers hehe :)
Hanis Amanina said…
for me, books that are worth re-read again and again are Hlovate's :D
Dalila Samsudin said…
macam best je segmen ni xD nak buat je rasa
Fatina said…
I never Hlovate yet, nampaknya kena cari and baca ni :D
Hanis Amanina said…
buku dia fiksyen taw tapi ya Allah, before this I keep on wondering who's Hlovate actually. The points in his/her book are totally mind-blowing. Tapi dah lama2, dah kurang dah curiosity nak tahu author dia. As long as I can practice the points in the book dah cukup membahagiakan :D
Siqah datang lagi.. hihi..

siqah ada review blog fatin dalam blog siqah.. jemputlah baca. hihi.

Malu je siap suruh baca kan. biasa je pun. hihi
Fatina said…
comel lah siqah ni hehe :D
mestilah fatin baca, terharunya Siqah review blog fatin hihi :D
thank you, siqah :)
Ana Fatihah said…
Wow. I'm so impressed with peoples who can read 4 to 5 books every month because I usually read only one book. Well, I'm a slow reader I guess and tak berapa rajin. Hihi :p
Fatina said…
hehe because for me reading is a fun thing to do and its distract me from anything that give me pressure, hence, reading is the best option for me to read atleast 4 to 5 books a month :)
takpe slow2 lepas tu mana tau lagi laju baca dari kita hehe :D
Syahindah ms said…
I want to start read English novel, do you have a suggestion which one should I read? :D
FatinaMdzfr said…
This make me excited to recommend to you! hehe :D
For that, I'm going to recommend by genre :

Contemporary : Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins (Very sweet story between Anna & Ettiene also the writing style is so easy to read!)

Fantasy : 1) A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray (Please, please read this one! You going to love it!)

2) I want to recommend to you A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J.Mass but it is high fantasy is kind of complicated to read-just a little bit but if you would love to read it, please do because it is amazing!)

Romance : Tell Me Again by Michelle Major

I hope I have given you the best book recommendation! Hopefully you will enjoy reading it! :D