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November 16, 2016

Childhood Favourite : PlayStation One

My weekend has been filled with laze around my room with books and watching TV Shows and have a nice talk with my sister about our favourite when were a kid - games, obviously. So, then I put my thinking cap and get the idea to make a topic of childhood favourite, once in a month to share with you, my favourite and might be one of your favourite too. Why not, isn't it?

Whenever school holiday starts, it has always been thrilled us with going outside playing whatever activities we want to play, like cycling with friends around the residential area or playing at the playground or something, isn't it? Thinking about it now, it make me miss those times. Anyway, beside that, playing game has also been huge contributor, in terms of, making our school holiday throw into amazing things ever to do!

I remember the first game we got was Play Station 1. During that particular time, it was the amazing thing we got. It was freaking precious thing ever that took care this gadget attentively, because you know, the price - expensive! Surely, this is the first gadget that we owned. So excited, going back home, took us by surprise seeing this gadget waiting for us to play with them. Thanks, Dad! Honestly, I never knew this gadget existed that time, only when my dad bought it.

ergh, I mumble a lot, let's get into the games that we played in Play Station One.

List of games that we played.


childhood favourite playstation one

Rugrats has always been my favourite cartoons ever! and I even missing watching them again in Nicklodeon. Because, I was all crazy about Rugrats, I was even more excited to found this games, so, not even have to think, just grab it and happy get to play all the games at home. The truth is I have finished all the levels in each of this game series! Too addicted with it, I know. Can I have this again? I want to play them so bad. Do they have on Play Station Four (not owning this new PS4 yet, thinking about buying it, maybe) ? My favourite, always been. Even watching on it on youtube, make me want to play it even more.

Bugs Bunny

childhood favourite playstation one

Bugs Bunny!!! Gosh! This one is the heck stressful game yet I love it. Hiks. All I can remember is that, when we get to past one after another level is one the best accomplishment we ever get because it's freaking hard to just pass every level and the sad thing is we didn't finish all the level for the both games. Frustation going to be arise whenever we don't pass the levels. But, they make these two game for PS4, I'll surely going to buy and play it again!


childhood favourite playstation one

Hugo games! OMG! This is just one of the fantastic game we ever owned. I don't know if they have it in any other consoles. Not really sure but I'm hoping they have it because I want to play it again!


childhood favourite playstation one

Lilo & Stitch, I love this games that we actually have finished all levels in this games! Woohoo! But I didn't finish Lion King and Toy Story, when I was kid, it was definitely hard to succeed in all of their levels. Definitely but enjoy it still! :)

Miscellaneous Games

childhood favourite playstation one

Ahh, 102 Dalmatians were supposed under Disney games but I forgot to put it there T_T Nonetheless, all of this games definitely the best. 

Honestly, there many other games that we owned but these are my favourites games. While my sister, she is more to sports/wrestling/fighting/racing that kind of games she likes. Anyway, the reason that I make this post is because I miss having PlayStation, we have already sold our PlayStation 1 & 2, to buy Xbox 360 and now, we are currently thinking of buying PlayStation 4. I want it, I miss playing guitar hero! Oh no! I forgot to mention that above, Guitar Hero is definitely our favourite, goodness miss playing all of the games. T_T

Anyway, that is that.

What about you, what is your favourite Games?

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A N I S said...

i never been even touch that playstation :(

Nkalax said...

Hugo and Dalmatians!! Rindunya nak main game tu. But my one and only favourite, memang sentiasa fevret is Harvest Moon Back to Nature! tak pernah bosan main tu hihihi. bila dah main benda ni memang tak ingat nak tido nak makan nak mandi. melekat depan tv terus :p

Eyqa Zaque said...

Oh Hugo! Ada tu satu games show at tv that was very popular on our childhood, yg whoever make it to final round will play Hugo riding his ostrich. Back then I wish that I can be one of the contestant so that I have the chance to play Hugo. Lols, it was a very long long time ago. Haha.

Fatina said...

one fine day, nanti okay :) kumpul duit slow slow..we always do tht together :)

Fatina said...

I know..rindu gila nak main! Harvest tuh best gila but then I tersekat..stress...hoping that game tuh still ada lagi T__T Nak main :(

Fatina said...

I know, I watch that game show! Its one of my favourite..tuh yang beli terus tuh..hehe :D Kita pun nak jadi contestant teringin ohh.. :D

mek yunie said...

Mek suka super mario, pac man and kete kebal ape name entah :)

Unni anje said...

super mario tu main legend !! rindunya nak main still ada kat rumah game tu :P

BTW hello fatina, sori jarang tinggal jejak sllu jadi silent reader jak, my englsih so broken.. wkwkwkwkwk

Cik Renex said...

rindu pulak zaman childhood bila baca post ni.. Cik Renex lak suka game mario. selalu main yang sepupu punya

Fatina said...

fatin rasa battle or tank mcm tuh kot sebab fatin pun main! hehe best sangat :D

Fatina said...

betul! legend gilaa..rindu nak main :(

alaa unni takpe, janganlah macam tuh, broken pun tak apa, kita sama slow2 belajar and improve ye :D

Fatina said...

kan fatin pun rindu gila :(

BudakVanilla said...

takpernah pun main playstation nie. hahahahhaa :D

Rasya | nurulrasya.com said...

nostalgic :D
I played PS too in the past but I played the games on PC more because you know to play PS you need to play it on tv and at our house there's only one so we siblings need to fight it out with our parents for tv rights

Hanis Amanina said...

I will come for this post soon.

For now, nak ucap tahniah! hhehe, berhasil rajin komen kat blog Erin tuuu :D
Happy to see your name, seriously!


Hoho said...

Teringat kenangan darjah 6 main ps1.. Rindu. Tapi dah tak igt main game ape :D

Fatina said...

hehe if BV minat nak main, jom join fatin kumpul duit slow2 beli PS ni hehe :D

Fatina said...

nostalgic sangat! RIindu nak main T_T
its the same thing happened with us, kena berebut jugak selalu sb ada 1 je tv kat rumah hehe :)

Fatina said...

Alhamdulilah :)
thank youuuu, Hanis! :*

Fatina said...

kan rindu ni nak main hehe :D

Busyra Takiyudin said...

hai salam kenal. first time singgah sini. dpt tahu dri blog siqah. :)

Fatina said...

Hai salam kenal. Thank you for visiting my blog :)

atiehilmi.com said...

untung la fatin.. dah kenal PS seme.. hee~ masa zaman kakak kecik dulu ade game tetris tu jek.. tu pon dah habis rasa maju gile dah.. lepas tu masuk sekolah menengah baru kenal nintendo.. berkenalan plak dengan supermario.. hahaha~

Adam said...

My play station 1 is in the store with broken chairs, old shoes, old magazines etc.

Fatina said...

Tuhlah ikutkan Fatin sendiri pun tak tau wujudnya ps waktu tuh..tau main tetris jugak..ayah bawak balik rumah baru lah kenal benda2 ni semua hehe 🙂

Fatina said...

Wahh lucky you still keep it, I have already sold my ps one ☹

Lady Dini said...

Oh dulu saya suka main game Chip Challenge. Tak tau la kalau you all tau tak game ape tu hihi. Menguji minda & memang best sangat. Berlumba dengan adik beradik siapa yang paling tinggi level dia. 😆

Hanis Amanina said...

same here! :D chip challenge's fan. kite takde PS.


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