End-of-the-Year Bucket List

Its been days [I guess], since, my proper update something on my blog. Honestly, I have tons of things to share with you but yeah, most of it in my draft. Yeah. Draft. Typing then just save it there. Then click another topic, after 10 minutes of writing, I only punch the save button, instead publishing it. Hmm. I don't why. I think its because of me, editing my blog here and there for like more than 4 days? 5 days? Its has makes me feel so exhausted. *facepalm*

Still, I want to update something on my blog. But. More to post about me? Hiks. But. I don't know what to update? Anyhow, let's do it. Want to share with you my end-of-the-year-bucket list :)

    • Movie night with my family
    • Going for vacation! *I seriously need it now*
    • Big Bad Wolf Sales
    • Bake cookies
    • Celebrate my two younger sisters' birthday.
    • Make a homemade pizza
    • Read 20 more books
    • Play uno speed
    • Making sure blog is always up-to-date.
    • Try korean foods!
    • Buy my two cats playground(?)
    • Shopping! 
    • A new watch
    • Colour my hair
    • Organize my desk. 

There you go my end-of-the-year bucket list. What is in your bucket list? Good night.


Ain Athirah said…
Hiking , over night around kl hehe. Fatin buat la entry pasal favorite songs ke movie ke
mek yunie said…
1,2,4 and 5 :) no 2 is the most !
Liyana Jasmi said…
same, nak try korean foods jugak :(
Fatina said…
wahhh mcm seronok je, fatin tak pernah try lagi hiking tak de geng hehe :D
insha Allah boleh jugak buat tuh hehe :D
Fatina said…
hehe kan Mek, nak pegi vacation jugak kan..tenang kan fikiran gitu hehe
Fatina said…
kannn fatin tak pernah try lagi..teringin sangatt :(
A N I S said…
moga-moga tercapai semua hajat ni ^^
anys nadhilah said…
20 books . gosh I couldn't do that ;'(((
Fatina said…
you can, anys! You can do it, try lah anys :)
Adam said…
I will read later.
spitoutblog said…
vacation!!! i need that too
Keyk Hu said…
i wanna go to bbw sales jugakkkkkk. but im too far awayyy tsk. nanti fatina p sana tell them sila buat di miri pulak x'D
Going for a vacation! I need it too :(

And 20 books! Wow! That's a lot Fatin. Wish you luck :)
Fatina said…
kan Zety, we all need that! To ease our mind from our stressful work life T__T
Fatina said…
I will tell them that! hehehe :D
Fatina said…
kann everyone need a vacation! :(

hihi insha Allah :) Thank you Siqah :D
claudy said…
Going for a vacation, I need it too and i know i just back from malaysia haha

Making sure blog is always up-to-date because i raey blog now. and colour my hair( i know it too tha ti just colour my hair) xD