Exciting Book Haul!

exciting book haul

Hi, wanted to share with you my book haul of this month. Let me clarify this first before I proceed with what inside the mail (paper?). I didn't buy on my own instead I received this as a gift from a contest/giveaway that has been conducted by a bookstagram. I would like to personal thanks to @erenareads. She is bookstgram/booktubers from Australia. If you want to check her on youtube - here is her youtube channel. Go and check her out :)

Anyway, lets proceed to what is inside the mail! Aren't you excited to see what is inside it? Even though, I've had opened yesterday, I am still have this feeling of excitement to show all you the books that I have received.

Here is what inside the first mail!

exciting book haul

Yay! Furthermore by Taherah Mafi! This is in one of my book wishlist - you can read here, if you haven't. This book has been one of the top book in 2016 that everyone keep on raving about it! Nonetheless, one thing for sure, when I saw this books in one of booktuber video, the cover has definitely attracts my eyes! It is so beautiful that I couldn't take my eyes off it. It just wow! (I'm still looking at it right now, hahaha!)

Anyway, all I know this book is all about -- is a retelling of Alice in Wonderland and that's the only thing I know because again I want it to be a surprise to me of what is inside this book or any books that I will read.

Here I would to share the author of Furthermore - Taherah Mafi is one of the New York Times and USA Today best selling author of Shatter Me Series (I haven't read it yet but soon) and Furthermore. She lives in Santa Monica, California with her husband - Ransom Riggs (the author of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children!). Go and watch the movie, if you have not yet. I have watch it but the review is still in my draft.

Can't wait to read it! Now, let's see what is in my second mail.

Exciting Book Haul

Tadaaaaaaa! A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray! Again I know nothing about this book. As what I can understand written in the synopsis behind this book is, the girls' parent has invented a machine kind of like travelling machine(?) that can slip into another dimension. It's quite interesting. This is book one, if you wondering - it is a trilogy. The third trilogy has published this month on 1st of November 2016. I'm so behind it. Nevertheless, I will enjoy reading it and buy the second and third book soon enough, definitely! 😁

Anyway, let's get a snippet about the author. Claudia Gray is an American writer - Young Adult genre. One of her famous novel is Evernight and also two Star Wars novels . I heard nothing but great things about her writing.

By the way, if you would like to buy a books with a free delivery worldwide with definitely great prices, you can browse at Book Depository and you will also received a bookmark from them . As what I have experience before, buying a book at Book Depository is that it might takes either two weeks to a month or so of working days. My first book takes about 21 days to arrived and as for this two books it takes 14 working days!

In case, if you have any problem, either the book you order has not arrive yet (takes longer than it supposed) you can just directly communicate with their customer service and they might make a refund for the book that you have order! Also they will provide a tracking number, but once its arrived here in our country, its hard to track to be honest, because the tracking number is only used for you on their website not in our post office.

There you go my book haul for the month of November. Finally, both of the books are mine! Yay!💃

Have you experience buying any books online? Share with me. I would love to know!


bestnya dapat buku free! erin dulu dapat game of thrones 7 books box set boyfriend bagi (masa tu belum boyfriend lagi). happy dia sampai sekarang! i love all my books tapi game of thrones tu sayang extra. dgn mortal instruments series. hhehe

Fatina said…
kan! macam tak percaya pulak, rezeki kan :) tuhlah lagi kalau orang yang kita sayang, lagi confirm happy dia tak kan stop lah sampai bila-bila hehe :D
review all the books please *heart-shaped eyes*

Nurul Rasya
Fatina said…
I will, Rasya! Hihi :D
BudakVanilla said…
wahhh, u so lucky :D
will wait for the review :)
Hanis Amanina said…
love buying books from Book Depository as well. But, I think I used to buy more from MPH online :)

Fatin said…
Review & rate those books please :D
Fatina said…
Just the fact it takes a bit longer to arrive, kan :(
Shahida Dzulkafli said…
Kalau luar negara tak pernah lah cuba lagi..
Selalu beli kat Karangkraf Mall.. latest ada cuba MPH Online dan Bookcafe.. ok lah.. memang bestlah bila buku sampai..