Bachelor Degree's Journey

Being a student is one of the best thing ever that we should always embrace it in our life. You know, after graduated, you need to get a job, which, job never will be the same thing as being a student. I love study, I love myself being surrounded by those assignment (tho, it's a pressure when we have to meet datelines), went to multiple trips (for education purpose) and many more other wonderful things being a student.
I'm thinking to share with you, my wondrous things as a student. I have mentioned before in one of my post, I am fast-track student, which mean, I skip my diploma, to do my degree. I did my diploma for only 3 semester in UiTM Lendu, Melaka and start my degree in UiTM Shah Alam.

Frankly, when I start my degree, I wasn't happy at all. I was pressure for the whole first semester of my degree, which I didn't do well.


  • I have to start my degree in semester one, while my friends from other course, they get to start in semester two.
  • Seeing the list of subjects that I need to sit for the whole freaking 3 years, makes me FREAK OUT!
  • I keep questioning myself - Can I get through all this madness? Can I really do it? Why do I choose to do fast-track?
  • First years? I didn't do that well. I hate going to school. I didn't really concentrate on my study. It was so hard to struggle every single day, to face those things that I really didn't like.
  • I know nothing about the course that I take. I was lost. 
  • My classmates are one or two years older than I am. So, I was intimidated with myself, because I was so small like a little kid, so childish, and because they know everything about the course. 
  • When I received my second semester results, it struck me out that I told myself, its the time for me to do really well in my upcoming semesters! 

What happen next?

  • I told myself, stop being such a crybaby and keep up the pace of to do well with my studies. I'm trying my best to understand in every subjects. 
  • Trying to understand, what is retail? 
  •  Mingling with the classmates.
  • Honestly, I enjoy any subjects related to calculations more than reading subjects - especially managerial economics, statistics, retail finance, retail merchandising.
  • I start to love my course because there are many wonderful things in that course.
  • We get to open our mini stall to be an entrepreneur at our faculty. So, we get the chance for the one whole semester to sell food and beverages to the students and lecturers.  As it is part of our subjects.
  • One of the best thing to be part of retail student is that you get the chance to go for numerous site visit/trips. We managed to go to Yakult Factory! Yay! Because I ❤ Yakult! There are many factory and places that we get to visit. I enjoy it very much! - But of course, you need to prepare a reports for every trips.
  • Oh! My favourite is that we get to do our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at Sunway Wildlife Park! It was a great experience, especially the part that I have to feed the snakes ._.
  • I think the most difficult times that I need to face is to complete my thesis and to do viva. It was scary during viva, got bombarded by the advisor and second examiner but the result that I received has definitely paid off all the efforts. Never in my mind to receive a 4 flat. That was the first time and it was bittersweet moment of my last semester. 

Frankly, I pass my degree with a good result - Alhamdulillah. Anyway, this is my experience in a nutshell. I'm not really get into details of my experience because I'm afraid, it will get way to long.

If any of you, want to know more about retail management course, please do not hesitate to ask me. I might doing another post about Retail Management with your questions. Ask me anything.

What about you? What kind of struggles that you encounter during your study years?


erin tak sukaaaaa assignments! but study kt shah alam macam holiday. pressure time byk assignments dgn time exam je haha
mek yunie said…
hmm, diploma tak tough sangat so mek biasa biasa je dlu. pegi kelas, buat assignment and exam. cuak time exam bab repeat je. alhamdulillah memang tak pernah repeat :)
lain ape lg eyh? hmmm, takde la kot.
to be honest, tak nak sambung belajar. mmg nk keje je :)
Fatina said…
betul study sini memang seronok ada je benda nak buat hehe :D betul tuh erin, yg asyik buat pressure assignments, test, quiz and exam..ergh sabar jela hehe :)
Fatina said…
diploma memang seronok..kekdg ada jugak rasa macam whyy skip diploma hehe
tapi yela bila dah kerja ni seronok sebab duit gaji masuk tiap bulan banding dgn belajar kan huhu
BudakVanilla said…
im done with my diploma, i wish boleh sambung belajar dalam bidang lain. hahhahaha. sebab i think, study memang best dari kerja. XD tapi lain orang lain opinion kan. rasanya, nak kerja je dulu. :3
Hanis Amanina said…
During my first year, i was totally exhausted with tests and exams back to back. And it was the first time ever to have final exams orally (just like viva in Malaysia). When I got into upper years, I started to go to the hospital itself, what freak me the most was the language. Yes, I learn Czech language, but seriously it is really hard to communicate with patients, even till now. T_T

Everything we learn in lectures is in English, anyway.
Sihasyaa said…
I betul betul dapat 4 flat masa matrik je Haha . Masuk degree , belum lagi tercapai :( Share laa tips :D
Unknown said…
suka sangat zaman belajar degree dulu, dh rasa mcm org besar sbb boleh kuar g mana2 hahaha,
seriously nak kembali zaman degree sbb works s*cks. keke

btw, i tak boleh nak comment using mobile sebab xde button nak add comment, and chatbox pun xleh view

Fatina said…
I wish it too, BV. Nak belajar bidang lain pulak hihi :D

betul tuh, its all depends on us kan, mana yang selesa :)
Fatina said…
wahhh, that's tough on you but I know you can do it, Hanis! :)
Hanis, how about you share some of Czech's words? Honestly, I'm so curious right now with their language hehe :)
Fatina said…
Fatin pun first time dapat 4 flat waktu degree, hasya tuh pun untuk thesis fatin je hehe :)
Fatina said…
kan, I miss study too! :( Kerja ni penat lah, lagipun tak de nya dapat msg, 'kerja cancel' haha :p

ohhh..tyra just need to scroll wayyyy down baru jumpa kotak komen dia hehe haah sb template ni dia xboleh nak tukar website view T__T masih cari lagi ni template yg free hehe
Hanis Amanina said…
HAHAHA, I can't speak Czech well though.

One interesting point about the language, when I was confused about the pronunciation of J/j. For example, the name Liyana is spelled as Lijana (in Czech). Y is only used as vowel, like 'novy' means new.

One of my senior's daughter's name is actually Jasmine, but he calls her Yasmine instead. Hehe
Mijablur said…
Seronoknya zaman study yelah kalau dah kerja bukan macam study dulu takdenya nak dapat mesej 'bos cuti emergency, so semua boleh balik' muehehe