How To Get Out from Reading Slump?

Who is having a reading slump? Put you hands up! *oh yeah..aha aha* Okay okay, I can see many of you having this reading slump, in fact, I also encounter this trouble(?) Should I consider it as a trouble? Yes, I know I know, I love to read, I enjoy reading so much, but I also do have to face this kind of situation, which I supposed to not having it, but you know, it happens! Anyhow, how did I get out from this situation? I mean, reading slump, of course? How? How? Okay, slow down people, slow down, of course I will share with you my secret on how did I manage to just out from this reading slump.

Its a lie if I said, it is easy to break free from reading slump. NO! It ain't easy! I hated that I admit it, because myself, for the whole year in 2015, I didn't read anything. Nothing. Zero. Null.  Because I just lazy to read, not in the mood to read every lines in the book. So, I just buy the book and it stay very beautifully in my shelf without being touch or smell and the worst is, to read them.

how to get out from reading slump

Worst comes to worst, I have to do something for me to get back on track on reading books. So, here it goes, on how I manage to get away from it.

  • Look Out for Booktubers
This is how I get inspire/spirit light up on to motivate myself to read again, after so long. I keep on watching their videos, listen to their discussion and review about the book that they have had read, sharing their book hauls, book recommendation, book tag, seeing them doing a bookshelves tour and many other more regards to the books in their video. Thus, this is how I found each of the booktubers either from Local/Overseas. They are freaking awesome!

  • Find a Friends that Love Books
Honestly, I haven't found one yet, I mean in a reality world, not in social media world. Hopefully, one day, I'll get to find a friend to share our thoughts about the book we have read, the characters, either we love/hate it and many more. Hence, if you have found one or two or many, please, cherish those friendship, okay! hihi

  • Environment
Environment? What do you mean by that, Fatina? Umm...what I mean is that, your surrounding does play an important role on to get you into this reading mode. I have make a space in my room, for me to read, which I decorate it with a bookshelf, with a small potpourri, basically a pandan leaf, to get this refreshing smell. It does help me a lot on getting a mood for reading. All I need now is a bean bag.

Here, comes the most important part of breaking away from reading slump *drum rolls please*

  • Choosing a Book
How choosing a book and getting out from reading slump, plays major role in here? What's the correlation between them? Hey guys, it is correlate, because you don't want to start your reading again by picking, a slow plot lines or a sad book, isn't it? Hence, you have to and need to, pick a book that's really lit up your mood on reading. I recommend you to read contemporary novel with a happy ending as a start. I did that and it has makes me out from reading slump. Seriously, I told you, it works really great on me, hoping that, if you try it, it will helps you too. Because you need to try, then, you will know either it works or it doesn't.

Basically, these are all my ideas on how to ensure myself to get rid the reading slump that has occur in my life last year. Give it a try to see whether, it works on you and tell me if it works! However, if you have any more ideas or recommendation about how you break free from reading slump, please do share with me, I mean us! 


erin tgh in reading slump sebab banyak habis masa kat blog T.T
Fatina said…
Erin, curi-curi lah sikit masa untuk membaca :D
Keyk Hu said…
hua. i am currently in the same situation. mmg ada teringin nak baca but always end up mengantuk!
A N I S said…
anis pun TT_TT bnyk lagi buku kat rak tak disentuh
Currently in the same situation! Siqah malas pulak membaca haa. Ada jugak masa tapi lebih kepada nak tengok drama korea pulak dah 😳 Nak kena start membaca ni..
Fatina said…
hehe try slow-slow echa, baca buku yg nipis dulu yang gembira2 untuk carik mood membaca balik hehe :D
Fatina said…
try amik 1 buku yang paling best dalam rak tuh, try baca slow- slow sehari 5 mukasurat mcm tuh ke :D
Fatina said…
kann, sama macam Fatin, ada masa bila mood nak tgk movie ke drama kan, buku tolak tepi pulak lah kan hehe :D
mek yunie said…
Happened to mek jugak. Hahha, malaih nk mmbaca. Tibe bile tgk org review bku, nk plak bace. Nmpknya ue are one of reading booster for me :)
Fatina said…
hihi terharunya Fatin :D Hopefully Mek boleh keluar dari zone reading slump ni hehe
Sihasyaa VII said…
Dulu suka membaca . Serious suka tapi sekarang slow slow slow hilang rasa 'suka' tu . Sigh .
anys nadhilah said…
really helpful ! thanks
IDK why but i guess as we grow older, and having lots of other commitments lah kot yang buat kita makin malas nak baca buku. Hehe bcoz that's what happens to me. But, I am finding this new will to start reading books again :) Great post btw :DDDDD
Panana said…
ohh saya ni mengalami reading slump lah ye.. haha baru tahu
Afifah Nabila said…
I just know what it's called after almost a whole year having it, hew hew. Banyak buku that are waiting to be read (and some books dari town library that haven't been returned for months), but I'm too lazy to read IDK why Y_Y Thanks for the tips sis! :)