10 Favourite Product You Should Buy From Ezbuy!

There will be a few days more for us to step into New Year - 2017, therefore, its time to buy something new for myself! Also, since, I will be moving to a new house soon, I guess, its time to buy few items for my new room, honestly, there are too many things that I need to buy to decorate my room, but well, time constraint is the problem that I'm currently facing it right now.

Anyway, I stumble upon on this one website, which is EZBUY, and the product they sell is quite cheap, so, here, I will list 10 products that I should buy from ezbuy! Do you want to know, what product have I choose from their website?

10 Favourite Product You Should Buy From ezbuy!

Before that, I shall briefly introduce what is ezbuy.

Ezbuy is a professional online shopping service. It is one of the first and largest of Singapore's overseas shopping platforms. They have provided shopping services from China, Taiwan, the USA for more than 500,000 Singaporeans and 50,000, Malaysians, Australian, and Thai people. They have various range of products on their website

If I get the chance to shop on ezbuy, these are the products that I should buy from ezbuy↷

1. Corner Wall Books Display Rack

10 Favourite Product You Should Buy From ezbuy!

This book display rack, definitely, has caught my eyes when I saw it on their website. It just, one of the items that I have been looking, since, like forever? or maybe I'm just too picky when it comes to my bookshelf, I guess.


This one, it is one of my favorite product that I would really want one for my room. Very beautiful! I totally love it. 😍

Price for this item: RM 66.90

10 Favourite Product You Should Buy From ezbuy!

If I'm not mistaken, I think I have mentioned before that, I really want a bean bag for my room. Because, when I'm reading I need to sit on a chair or on the floor but not in my bed, so, that I would read in a very comfortable way.

and for that, the bean bag is the best choice to have one. Doesn't it look beautiful, when the rainbow is in zig zag? Hmm, I love the design, honestly.👀

Price for this item: RM 66.91

10 Favourite Product You Should Buy From ezbuy!

Definitely, I want one for my room. The lights look very beautiful and no other reason to say about this, because, I want this fancy fairy light, look good when I decorate them on my bookshelves, don't you think? 😀

Price for this item: RM 5.93

10 Favourite Product You Should Buy From ezbuy!

Ever since I have already plan on how I'm going to schedule all of my posts on my blog by weeks for every month, I seriously need a planner and this one, has caught my eyes.

It looks different than the one I own, it looks exactly what I want for my blog. 😍😍

Oh, please be mine, 😌

Price for this item: RM 20. 69

10 Favourite Product You Should Buy From ezbuy!

Hmm when I saw this, I have got a lot idea what actually I'm going to do with it. Are you thinking, what I'm thinking?

Of course, for photo background, purpose! hehe, I think it will look beautiful when I'm going to do a flatlay photos with this white marble desk pad, don't you think?

It looks like, I should have one for this item. hiks

Price for this item: RM 101.38

10 Favourite Product You Should Buy From ezbuy!

Well, besides decoration for my rooms, I think, my phone needs a new cover? and this looks good! and it's PINK!

ops! hehe

Price for this item: RM 10.34

10 Favourite Product You Should Buy From ezbuy!

Alright, I won't say more about this because this is a perfect decoration on my desk in my room. Its definitely make my desk look very neat with this organizer.

You wouldn't want to look on my desk, right now because it is super messy with all the documents and what not. Hence, this organizer is one of the items that should exist in my room on my desk!😉

Price for this item: RM 9.59

10 Favourite Product You Should Buy From ezbuy!

This is cool. My mom would like it. She can arrange all of her make up in here. I love the design and looks minimalistic. 😍

Price for this item: RM 8.74

This pattern has given me a lot of ideas in decorating my room. Well, because the pattern is so pretty, isn't that obvious? 😁

Price for this item: RM 1.60

10 Favourite Product You Should Buy From ezbuy!

OMG! I've been searching for this design for so long. I seriously love this. This will be handy for me to do my work anywhere in my house in a comfortable way. Can I have one? hihi 👀

Price for this item: RM 33.79

Anyhow, those are my 10 Favourite Products I Should Buy from Ezbuy.

Ops, that's not it, before I forgot, ezbuy also offer using a Prime. Wait, what is Prime? That's okay, I will explain what is it about.

The good news of using Prime is that it will minimize your cost of shipment.  The shipment fees that they charged will be only at RM 8.80, regardless of any parcel size, the weight of your parcel and quantity of the products you purchase, the cost will be only charged at RM 8.80. Isn't that amazing? It really gives a benefit to all the shoppers in terms of minimizing our shipment cost, because you know, the cost of shipment when you purchase products from overseas, the shipment cost itself were usually more than the price of the item. So, ezbuy has given this amazing service to use from them, why not use Prime!

It is better and has lessened your shipment fees, therefore, you don't have to worry much to spend with ezbuy. The important thing is that you have to be sure to browse on the products that have "Prime", here is the link on what products that come with Prime, click here!

Aip! Not done yet,

Here is FREE RM 15 Shopping Voucher from ezbuy for you!

10 Favourite Product You Should Buy From ezbuy!

↠ To redeem the voucher, you need to sign up first, hence, [ click here to sign up ]

Also, there is numerous product were offer just for you, all are under RM 19.90, click [ here ], to check it out yourself. Wait! There is more for you! Discount 50% for you! You can click [ here ], too see what's the product has been discounted.

That's all! Happy Shopping, everyone! 💃


sviors said…
Omg, I love that laptop desk and rack. Cantiknya !!
FatinaMdzfr said…
cantik gila kan! blink - blink mata tengok hehe :D
Afifah Nabila said…
Ahhh this is so tempting, seriously so tempting! The fairy lights, the rack, the bean bag, I totally going to buy something from their website.
FatinaMdzfr said…
Kan, I know! Even myself pun tempting gila tengok those products, cantik sangat :D
Happy shopping :)
Hanis Amanina said…
Gosh, I have no idea the products you want are not that expensive! And the shipping cost is just WOW! I'm impressed.

I am eyeing on that beanbag!
FatinaMdzfr said…
The shipping cost is definitely the main reason that I want to purchase from their website! Consider the products were from overseas, it is so cheap,I'm loving it! hehe :)

I have been eyeing for the beanbag too..lama sangat nak dah ni hehe :D
Razanah Anis said…
The book rack, the schedule book and the organizer would definitely go into my wishlist!
Mayy Jie said…
Murahnyaa semua...syok!
bivichan said…
i want that wooden portable laptop desk. been wanting for a long time, didnt check at ezbuy yet. :D need to check now! :3
atheera dayana said…
Wow! That display rack caught my eyes too!! I will check out their page after this, hehe
nurul afifah said…
need that organizer thingy and the washi tape pon nice. quite cheap as well. might try buying from ezbuy as well
FatinaMdzfr said…
Its beautiful, isn't it? :)
FatinaMdzfr said…
kan syok gila, Mai! Blink-blink mata tengok! hehe :D
FatinaMdzfr said…
BV! Please buy that one, 'cause it so helpful to do you work on that desk hehe :) Go and check, BV! :D
FatinaMdzfr said…
Kan! I seriously-want-that-display-rack, hmm kena beli ni hehe :)
check it out tau :D
FatinaMdzfr said…
That organizer and washi tapi is definitely one the cutest thing I found on ezbuy but there's many others too, go and check it out on their website tau :)
Siqah Hussin said…
Siqah suka rack, bean bag, casing phone, dan planner! Cantiknya semua dan murah rupanya. Hihi. Tak pernah lagi ke ezbuy. Maybe boleh cuba nanti :D
rasya said…
the 2017 schedule planner is so cute

but too bad I've already bought mine lol
nadiah izzaty said…
Bestnyaaa .... rak buku tue cool , i want that marble pad too and 2017 schedule planner too . Hihihi
Sally said…
Everything cantik! those phone case tuuu...ade Strawberry Uyu!
FatinaMdzfr said…
cantik kan semua! Harga pun best :D
Siqah pergilah tengok website dorang hehe :)
FatinaMdzfr said…
Its super cute kan, Fatin pun lambat tengok, sedih hati :(
FatinaMdzfr said…
Rak tuh mmg cool kan, lain daripada lain sikit kan hehe :D Nadiah trylah tengok ezbuy banyak jugak barang-barang best tau, harga pun berpatutan :D
FatinaMdzfr said…
kann, cantik sangat, hehe :D
nadiah izzaty said…
Tue lahhh nnt nak try tgk lah. Hihihi if ada yang minat confirm mmg beli =)