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December 11, 2016

Make A Plan On To Re-Arrange My Blog's Post

As I scroll my blog seeing all the post that I have posted, it feels so messy, and not well-organized at all. I think I need to make a new plan before hitting the publish post. Since, I have a quite number of categories in my blog that I need to pay attention as well.

Here is what I have thought, I'm thinking that I should put each of my label into a specific day. By doing this, I guess I will cover those label that I've make. I realized that I have not touch any three labels on my blog which is fashion, beauty and tips. Because of that, it make me feel guilty.

Honestly, I thought that I shall erase those labels from my blog, because I'm no expertise in those two main things, which is fashion and beauty. But, I don't think I should, because you never know, maybe one day, I will share those two on my blog. Hence, I decided to just let it be there and wait for to write something under that two labels.

Anyway, without further ado, let's see, what I have been plan to restructured my blog's post. I'm going to put each days under one category.

What I mean is ↷


Any of in this three days of every week, I will post anything related to books - reading. Be it book reviews, book haul, book tags, discussion, basically, anything that is related to books. Why is it three days? Because, mainly things that I have been write a lot in here is books. Hence, three days.


Any of this two days that I have choose, I will going to post anything related to lifestyle's post. Beauty, fashion, and blog. I would dedicate to this two days on covering this three main topics.


Well, anything related to personal things about me. hiks. Be it about recipes, my weekends plan, doing a tags about me, frankly, whatever related to me. I will share it during weekend.

These plans will be start in the beginning of January 2017. I guess, this will be one of my new year resolution for my blog to make sure it is well-organized.

I guess, many of you seems to get confused of what is my planning for my blog's post plan. What I mean is that, I have make an arrangement on each day will be put under one label.

➽ For example, on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday is the day that I'm going to post about books, right? But I ain't going to post it those every single days, instead, I will choose any of these 3 days for me to blog anything related to books.

In a week, I will only blog at least three days, just as the same like what I've been doing now. Hence, it will be one for book (any day, I will pick and post it), one lifestyle's post and one personal's post.
The reason I make what I have stated above, it just that easy for me to track down on my planner, since, I've already bought a planner just for my blog. Thus, that's why.

Hopefully, I have clear things out and I'm sorry, if it has confuse you. 🙏 I really wish that I could blog everyday. 💓

What about you?Have you make a plan for your blog?

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nadiah izzaty said...

Good luck dear to re-organize the labels .

My plan for my blog : I wish to resize again all of the pictures in my blog to make my blog loading faster but I still don't have sufficient time to re-size all 100++ posts ='(

rasya said...

the idea sounds good.
can I use this as reference? *pleading eyes emoji*

FatinaMdzfr said...

oh no, same goes to me. I haven't have the time yet to resize my picture in like another 50 posts. so lazy :(

Good luck to you, nadiah :) Let's do it! 💪

FatinaMdzfr said...

of course,you may use it as reference, rasya 😘

Caroline said...

This is a really good idea, and I was thinking about doing something similar as a plan for posting for 2017! Good idea to get started now ;)
x Caroline

Hanis Amanina said...

i don't think I am able to edit my posts. At least 300+ T_T huhuhu

Hanis Amanina said...

Go go Fatin! I haven't think about plan for blog yet. :D

Azreen Sofia said...

My only plan for my blog is just 3 days for an entry. Nothing much, well

zety said...

everyday blogging? good luck fatina,

bivichan said...

wahhh, are u gonna make a new post daily? all the best ya :D

BELLA LEE said...

wow ^^ im going to visit your blog everyday then :)

FatinaMdzfr said...

aha, no, Zety. Its not that I will blog everyday. I make it a plan that, in a week, those days that I stated are been dedicated to the categories that I have arrange. :)

senang untuk I keep track of my post's plan hehe :)

FatinaMdzfr said...

Not really, BV. Cuma Fatin plan utk hari sekian2 ada untuk category yang Fatin dah tetapkan. Senang utk fatin keep track on my planner. Sorry, Fatin terlupa nak state yang tuh dekat post :)

FatinaMdzfr said...

Thank you, Bella. It means a lot to me. Cuma, I won't blog everyday, cuma utk sekian2 hari, dah disusun untuk category2 yg Fatin dah pilih utk dalam seminggu tuh, senang utk Fatin keep track on post's plan :)

FatinaMdzfr said...

same goes to me. I don't mean it to blog everyday. It just that, every day, I have arrange on each of category, so that it is easy for me to keep on track on which post shall I post on that particular day :)

FatinaMdzfr said...

Thank you, Hanis. Fatin just nak susun supaya dalam seminggu tuh, Fatin akan post mengikut label pada hari yg ditetapkan tapi bukan setiap hari lah nak blog. hehe :D

FatinaMdzfr said...

Yay! Yup, I couldn't agree more, at least it well help to make our blog become better and more interesting day by day :)

atheera dayana said...

Wow good planning! i like the idea, that mean i will always read you blog hehe.
i can't plan my blog bcs normally my plan will be ruin when i have urgent and loads of work task which i will push blogging aside. i wish i could work 9 to 6 every monday to friday only


Cik Renex said...

Good planning fatinamdzfr.
Good luck dear.

A'ishah K. said...

All the best for your plan. Thank you for sharing. I've just restarted my blog and to be honest it's still overwhelming for me. Maybe I should do something like this too righttt

FatinaMdzfr said...

Thank you and your welcome :)
Yes, its better to make a plan so that it can fit to your schedule between your study/work and to blog :)

FatinaMdzfr said...

Thank you, Cik Renex :)

FatinaMdzfr said...

hehehe thank you, Tyra! :D

I definitely understand that. Anyway, Tyra, are you a QS? hihi :D

atheera dayana said...

yes i am a QS (Quantity Surveyor). why?

FatinaMdzfr said...

saja tanya :) sebab most of my friend pun semua QS jugak :)

atheera dayana said...

Oo. Then u will notice how busy and stressful we are? Haha ke dorg enjoy and happy je keje

FatinaMdzfr said...

mostly busy, nampak stress tapi nampak mcm biasa hehe :p

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