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December 18, 2016

My Dream Destination to South Korea! #MyTravelokaEscapade

Ahh, the all stressfulness that I need to face when I'm working has make me feel exhausted and tired physically and mentally, hence, because of that, I really in need to take a break, to flush out the stress away, and to relax my mind and body. But how? Well, it is easy, guys! Go for vacation lah! As I stated in my previous post, specifically in End-of-the-Year Bucket List, I mention that I want to go for holiday.

and I found out that, TRAVELOKA has make an online contest and the prize is amazing! Who doesn't want to for holiday for free? Tell me, don't you want it? I want it! Therefore, I have choose a destination that I have been wanting to go there for like forever?

My choice to go for holiday is.....


Its my dream to visit their country since, I am a big fan of korean drama, Running Man, 2 Days and 1 Night, hence, South Korea, it is!

Here, I'm going to share the reason on why, I want to visit South Korea.


My Dream Destination to South Korea! #MyTravelokaEscapade

I have never taste their food yet except I eat Samyang Ramen, is that count? But, by watching on the TV, seeing their food makes me really want to try it. Especially, Tteokbokki, Bibimbap and many other yummy food that I have seen on TV and some of my friends, who posted on their instagram. It really makes me want to taste it.

Beautiful Places To Visit

There are many beautiful places in South Korea that I want to visit, too many places to name it here. I will divide it into four categories, which is, amusement park, historical place, shopping heaven, and national park. All of these places that I have keep seeing in their TV shows and drama, has seriously makes me eager to visit their place. To get the feel of like what have I seen on TV.

My Dream Destination to South Korea! #MyTravelokaEscapade

Namsan Tower

Just looking at this beautiful scenery, woahh..Spectacular! Another attraction they have here is "Locks of Love", where you can buy the lock, write your name and your love one, and lock it there! 😍

My Dream Destination to South Korea! #MyTravelokaEscapade

Myeong-dong Street

The Language

I love to listen the way the speaking in korean. Its sounds sweet and lovely when I listen to them. I hope that I could get a friend from korea, so that, I can learn their language with them. SInce, one of the way to learn their language is by communicating with the people itself. 

Korean Traditional Hanbok

If in our country, we have our own traditional attire that we wear on special occasion, so, are they. Korean has their own traditional attire, which, they called as Hanbok. Its very beautiful. One of my mission, when I'm going to visit South Korea is to try to wear, Hanbok. Hopefully, I also could own the Hanbok to bring back with me. 😁

My Dream Destination to South Korea! #MyTravelokaEscapade

Just by writing this, it has make me feel excited to go for holiday in South Korea - #MyTravelokaEscapade! So, what are you waiting for, if you interested to join this contest, why not submit your creative writing to Traveloka! and Good luck to everyone who have join this contest too! 💃

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atheera dayana said...

Reading this at this hour....i really missed korea haha

zety said...

Good luck fatina!

we have same dream destination

zety said...

xpenah p korea pun..
sob sob sob TTT_TTT


Lya Amie said...

south korea is my dream destination too! goodluck btw!

Shahida Dzulkafli said...

Samalah.. teringin nak makan makanan diorang.. nampak sangat-sangat menyelerakan..

bivichan said...

BV pun teringin nak pergi korea. tapi nak pergi jepun dulu. hehehhe :D

Cik Renex said...

All the best!!! ☺

Eyqa Zq said...

Good luck fatina ^^

FatinaMdzfr said...

baca post, Tyra, seronok tengok pegi korea :) Harap sangat dapat pegi korea

FatinaMdzfr said...

good luck to you too, zety! :)

FatinaMdzfr said...

hehe kan nak sangat pergi korea ni hehe :) Thank you :)

FatinaMdzfr said...

tuhlah, teringin belum pernah rasa lagi, nampak sedap je tengok orang makan :)

FatinaMdzfr said...

hehe wahh Jepun pun menarik tuh! :D

FatinaMdzfr said...

thank you, Cik Renex :)

FatinaMdzfr said...

Thank you, Eyqa :)

atheera dayana said...

Tyra x rasa puas pun lagi, if i got a job there I wouldn't think twice!

atheera dayana said...

I wish u best of luck in this contest!

nadiah izzaty said...

Yeay!!!! Korea best .. Good luck too dear 😍

Siqah Hussin said...

Korea!!!! Bestttttt! 😍 good luck Fatina 😘

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