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January 7, 2017

How I Spend My Weekend

How I Spend My Own Time?

By saying, spend time during weekend is doing nothing. lol Is it I'm over exaggerate? Okay, fine, not that exactly doing-nothing but kind of. My own time definition for me is that I would not want to go anywhere and just spending my time at home, doing the things that I want.

I guess you are curious to what or how I spend my own time, right? (or maybe not) but still I'm going to share it, anyway. Here I will share with you, how exactly I spend my weekend.

#1 Watching Movie/Drama

I bet you guys too, isn't it? When you are home, you just want to spend your time with watching more movie or drama. As for me, I really enjoy watching TV, even how many times has the movie repeating on the channel, I will still going to watch it, like I have never watch it before. lol I don't know why, am I like that, maybe that's how I want to forget things that has been disturb my mind after long day of working and it works.

#2 Sleep

Who doesn't like to sleep? Oh My God! This-is-my-favourite-of-all-things-to-do! I just want to snuggle under my blanket and hug my pillows and sleep! Its one way to regain back your energy, just-so-you-know after working or studying. Because, obviously, your mind and body need to rest, isn't it? Thus, sleeping is the best things to do to spend your own time.

#3 Doing House Chores

Seeing my house in a mess, is definitely a NO-NO for me. I would love to spend my own time, just to clean my house as tidy as I can. I sometimes rearrange my furniture in my room. I don't really like my room looking the same every month, it will really feel boring and I don't like that, I want it to feel happy when I enter my room, I want to look different, that's all. Only then, I will feel very satisfied and happy with how it looks.

#4 Cooking/Baking

Ever since, I learn to cook with my mom, I also want to cook by myself. Honestly, cooking is fun and what makes more fun is that when you cook, your family taste it and they love it. I think that has make me feel content, and proud with myself. I do still learn to cook with my mom and dad, both of them are really great in cooking, and I want to have that skill too.

#5 Reading

I guess this is the most obvious things I will do to spend my own time - reading. When I start reading, I just want to concentrate on it without being distract by anything. But the thing is if somebody call me or anything, during my reading, I honestly didn't hear them, might be because I'm so focus on my reading and my mind was elsewhere (in imagination world), that is usually happens to me and I feel sorry for that. ops!

These are how I spend my own time, I'm not a person who love to go out or anything. I will only going out for two main reason, which are - family's outing (shopping), friends invite me to hanging out with them. I'm not really an outgoing person, I love to spend my own time at home because I'm lazy to go out.

What about you? How do you spend your weekend? Would you love to spend your time at home or going out?

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Siqah Hussin said...

Siqah paling suka duduk di rumah, bermalasan, tengok tv, drama korea sambil baring.. Ohh heaven! Hahaha.

Weekend ada dua hari. Kalau sabtu siqah keluar, ahad siqah tak nak kuar. Sebab kononnya nak rehat puas2, isnin dah start kerja :)

Minggu ni siqah plan nak marathon drama Korea yang tertunggak, dan baca novel. Hihi.

Have a nice weekend dear <3

Azreen Sofia said...

I usually go out even if I'm all alone. Being at home is boring especially when nobody's home.

Hanis Amanina said...

Here I am, studying for the weekend. Hahaha.

Nurul Syahirah said...

cantiknyee henna ^^

jemput join contest ye :D

FatinaMdzfr said...

betul tuh, Siqah! rasa heaven sangat bila duduk rumah, tengok tv, baca novel, fuhhh rasa lega je hehe :D

Selamat membaca Siqah!

Have a nice weekend too Siqah! <3

FatinaMdzfr said...

yes, I gree with that too. When nobody at home it feel a bit creepy and boring and its better to got out :)

FatinaMdzfr said...

Happy study, Hanis! <3
I miss to study, honestly :(

FatinaMdzfr said...

Thank you, awak :)
insha Allah, thank you invite :)

atheera dayana said...

I just watch all drama and movies i have recorded, sleep and read. I am too lazy for anything else. Thats why i did all my house chores on the weekdays


Razanah Anis said...

I prefer to stay inddor each time I'm back to my hometown but when the semester starts, I prefer to go out and be around my friends.. XD

nadiah izzaty said...

I do the same as from no 1 - 4 today hihihi ... sejak dah umur meningkat nie prefer just stay home evey weekend rather than going out hihi

Eyqa Zq said...

At homeee, busy doing nothing- I just love my home. and my bed. and my book. and my lappy. haha. happy weekend fatina. sadly, saturday still my working day. hahaha.

Lya Amie said...

whoa you're quite rajin on weekend. All I did was lazing around, getting off my bed only for meals. haha

FatinaMdzfr said...

That is a wonderful things to do at home, right?
I would love to really laze around the house :)

FatinaMdzfr said...

I see. Its the same thing I do when I was study before hehe But nowadays, I just love to stay home rather than going out hehe :D

FatinaMdzfr said...

Kannn, I know sejak umur dah meningkat rasa prefer duduk rumah dari keluar, malas dah rasa hehe
keluar bila rasa perlu je hehe :D

FatinaMdzfr said...

Me too! I just love my bed, my home more than anything hihi :p
happy weekend too, Eyqa! :)

Tak apa carik rezeki :)

FatinaMdzfr said...

Ya, I can't stay put when my mom doing house work on weekends, hence, I also get the same syndrom like my mom hehe :) but there are sometime, I am too lazy to do anything hehe :)

Erni Hasmiza said...

Eh sama la..reading tu mesti ada dalam list

Cik Itah said...

samala kita..jenis yg malas nak keluar hehe

FatinaMdzfr said...

hehee setuju :)

FatinaMdzfr said...

tuhlah kan nak duduk rumah menikmati weekend hehe :)

Claudia Claudy said...

I used to be homie kind of person. tak suka jalan a.k.a malas nak drive and don't know where to go. but now, like every weekend keluar hihi

FatinaMdzfr said...

haha exactly what I feel know, malas nak drive and rasa mengantuk bila kat shopping complex, I don't why haha :p aipp kata nak kena simpan duit hihi

Nurul Afifah said...

what a nice weekend really. omg, i just realize i have not read anything for quite sometime.

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