How To Stick To Your Resolutions When You Are On Vacation?

2017 has just knocked your door and you have let them enter, and now, boom, you are in 2017! Now, have you make your new resolutions for 2017? Have you list down the things that you want to achieve this year? By doing those resolutions, why not, list down something different from any last resolutions you have make! Who knows the new resolutions will help you to uplift your spirit into want to achieve it, right? When you are done making your resolutions, now, you have to focus on how you want to stick to your resolutions, especially when you are on vacation.

Little did you know that, most of the common resolutions that most of us has make is that to lose weight, to not overspend your money way too much, to make a budget and the list goes on and on. I figure that it is hard to stick to those resolutions. Why? Because now, you have make a plan on going for a vacation, you want to tryout new things, go sightseeing, to taste and discover foods from their country and so much more. The place that you decide to go is New York City or maybe Las Vegas, places that never sleep, which they offer amazing things from shopping to spend your nightlife. But have you ever realize that going for a vacation will cost you more money and to think of, you have make a resolutions, remember that? So, how are you going to stick to them?

Here, I'm going to share with you a few tips for you (and myself) to stick to our resolutions. Without further ado, let's begin 👉

Your Priority Comes First

What is that supposed to mean? Well, when you are going for a vacation, you would tend to overspend your money, thus, to avoid doing so, before leaving for vacation, you may want to make a budget plan for vacation but you have to make sure you need to stick to it! 

Okay, here is the thing, if you have a family, where you have kids which they are under your responsibility or maybe you are still a single lady/man, no matter what it is, responsibility always comes first, make them your first priority, which you should put aside some of the money for your kids education, bills, house rent(if you're renting), food, and your daily essentials, only then you could see and how much money should you manage to spend during your vacation trips. 

Because the whole thing here is, you make a plan to go for a holiday in New York City which you should know that, it is a place full of incredible store from clothes to handbags to shoes with a high-quality brand to offer to you, but again, you have to prioritize to what comes first! Anyway, whether it's New York City or Las Vegas or any place, make sure do your research beforehand to ensure you get the best deal and don't compromise any financial resolutions you might have.


Knowing that, you are going to have a full blast of fun in New York City or Las Vegas, you must think of yourself first. You have to take care of yourself above from everything that will offer to you in the city. Because you know that, if you are from Asia to travel abroad to a country which has a different climate, you might fell into sick. For that being said, don't forget to bring medicine along with you, just in case, you need to prepare it in advance. Remember, one of your resolutions is to have a healthy body and life. Take care of yourself first!

Don't Be Afraid

Let say one of your resolutions is to dare your self to try new adventure, to experience new things, then don't be afraid, go for it! Furthermore, when you are on vacation trips, try new adventure things over there, go for visiting places, make new friend, because why not? One, you should never be afraid to do want you want to do, its your life, just go and have fun! You wouldn't want to feel regret from not being able to do things you should try to do while you were there.

Do Not Bother What People Said To You

Hey! One of your resolutions is to travel to the place you never been there yet, New York City or Las Vegas and that place has offer to you with an amazing views, hence, you have to capture all the views when you are there, go and take a lot of pictures or selfies and share it own your social media! People who comment bad things about those, you should not bother and care about it, just have fun. Haters gonna hate, and whatever you do, they always try to say something that will make you feel sad or mad. Your resolution is to not bother whatever they said to you, hence, ignore them.


If you have a resolutions on going for a solo vacation and also you want yourself to be more confident, I think by travelling alone might somehow helping you in that terms of develop confidence of yourself. Why? Because, when you are alone, you don't have any way, other than, find your own way to visit to the place you want to go, you have to communicate more with the local people, and for that, you need to be confident, shouldn't feel timid or scared from trying those things when you going to take solo vacation. I think it is one good idea, in helping you to build more confident.


Vacation is like a reward to yourself after what you have been through in the past year. To get a new energy, vacation is the best choice and I bet you have made it to one of your resolutions, because I am to want to travel either solo or with family or friends and the only things now we need to do is stick to the resolutions that we have made. 


zety said…
hi fatin,

I think the most difficult things to do while on vacation is to stay on diet.
while on vacation, what is diet actually?
FatinaMdzfr said…
yes! thats one thing, for sure you won't able to stick at. diet T_T vacation = no diet. strictly no diet hehehe ;p
Hanis Amanina said…
Are you giving hints that you are going to those places anytime soon? Hihihi

About spending money on vacation, I think we can record all expenses and that list can be used for future reference. Like, when eating out, I tried to limit the price for a meal, otherwise I am okay with just making my own meals from groceries in the supermarket.

But, like you said it depends on if we are traveling alone or not. Sometimes, we need to think about others as well... as long as it will not affect us much.
Razanah Anis said…
I want a vacation badly but first, I need to focus in saving money, then only I could use the money for a getaway.. Q_Q
FatinaMdzfr said…
Insha Allah, maybe one day :)

yup, I agree with you, hanis, we could record the expenses during our vacation to track down on what we have spend. That's a good way lah kan. Its just you have to make sure, write all the expenses maybe on your phone. :)
FatinaMdzfr said…
I am too want to go for a vacation, possibly abroad lah kan hehe :) but we need to save some money for vacation, first, only then we can go have full blast of fun during vacation :)
Raine Lee said…
These are very useful tips actually! Love your blog ♥
FatinaMdzfr said…
Thank you! :) Love your blog too❤
nadiah izzaty said…
bila Nadia baca nie terasa macam Fatin dkt New York pulak and I like the last part " Vacation is like a reward to yourself after what you have been through in the past year. " . >>> totally agree with you.

This is a nice tips dear.

I want to go travel too this year . There are several places already in my list but this year I need to save more money for the next 5 years . hihihi . Wish me luck , kikiki
FatinaMdzfr said…
hehe tuhlah masa tulis ni dah bayangkan diri dekat New York ni hehe :D

Thank you, Nadiah! <3

Let's save more money this year for travelling! hehe :D