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January 31, 2017

The Difference Between Fiction and Non-Fiction

The Difference Between Fiction and Non-Fiction

When I was  a kid, I have always been confused with Fiction and Non-Fiction. Do you remember the book, where we need to fill up what and how many books we have read? I don't remember the name of that, but I hope you got the clear picture of what I'm try to tell you guys. Anyways, that book, where we write title of the books, pages, synopsis etc etc, where we need to classified it whether under Fiction or Non-Fiction, this is when I got confused between those two.

I was like what the heck is Fiction? Non-Fiction? What is the difference between the two? I only get what is what, when I was in high school.

Hence, in this post is just a simple things that I want to talk about here, which is the difference between Fiction and Non-Fiction also I will give you example of books on both categories, to make you have a clear picture of what it is.

Fiction is something that you created from your own imagination, an invented story. In Fiction genre, they consists of Young Adult, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror, Paranormal, Romance, Woman's Fiction, Crime Fiction, Chick Lit, Mystery, and Middle Grade. Is there any other Fiction genre that I didn't mention here? It will be great if you could share with us here, I will be delighted to know more.

Okay, that's what under Fiction genre.

As you might see and probably know, that most of my reading is a Fiction genre, which I am very enjoy and fond in reading them. I'm going to tell you the reason of why but I think I probably should make another post where I lay my reasons on why I love Fiction genre, right?

book 1

This is the example of what is under Fiction genre. Anyway, poetry is also under Fiction.

To summarize it all, fiction is something that us made up from your own idea, it doesn't necessary to be from real events because its merely based from your imaginations.


Non- Fiction is something that is based on fact, based on real things happened, real people. DO you get what I mean?

✸ Okay, before I proceed, I am no expert in explaining Non-Fiction because I seldom reading a non-fiction genre, I do know, what it is, but..it just knowing what it is... Hence, I'm going to explain based on what I have seen during I'm working at bookstore before. So, please correct me, if I'm wrong and please do add something if need be.

So, what I know what is in Non-Fiction is that, they consist of Biography/Autobiography, Memoir, Reference Book, Self-Help Book, History, Cooking Book and many others that I may not know that isn't mention here, please do tell me.

Overall, either you love to read Fiction genre or Non-Fiction genre, it is obviously up to you of what you love read, as long as you enjoy your reading. ❤

This is not a discussion. I just wanted to share something light on my blog, which related to books. Hopefully you enjoy this post and find it is informative for you, even though, I don't deliver much information in here, because I just share based on what I know, hence, don't hesitate to share more in the comments below if you have more knowledge in this particular topics. 🙂

Which of this two - Fiction and Non-Fiction, do you like the most? and it will be great if could you share at least one book that you really love. 

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atheera dayana said...

I love fiction! You know why right? Hehe
The only non fiction book i read is self help book, the one with personality test and characteristics, and travelling books.

bivichan (BV) said...

of course fiction, i bet most of us will prefer fiction.
but sometimes, i do read non-fiction :)
both are interesting as long as i enjoyed it. hahahha

rasya said...

I like reading fiction more when the book is in Malay but for English my choice will be non fiction

Hanis Amanina said...

I am more towards non-fiction :D Hehe

I have few fiction books that I bought during Big Bad Wolf, just I have not read even 20pages of them yet. T_T

Amira said...

'Do you remember the book, where we need to fill up what and how many books we have read?'

It's buku NILAM tho, Fatina :)

And literally I love fictions more than non-fiction just as how much I love English Language more than Sejarah. Haha :x

Erin Azmir said...

i love fiction books! i never read non fiction books though except cooking books. lol

Eyqa Zq said...

Its hard to get my mind focus in a non fiction, because mostly its consist of facts, the kind of things you wanna apply in life.

Somehow fiction make it easier to understand and I love fiction more. :D

FatinaMdzfr said...

hehe of course I know :D
I like that, about our personality and characteristics! :D

FatinaMdzfr said...

yup, true that :)
couldn't agree more, BV! :)

FatinaMdzfr said...

I see. can you suggest, what non-fiction books do you read? :)

FatinaMdzfr said...

I can see that, Hanis! hehehe :D

hmmmmmm please, try reading one, Hanis. I really want to know your opinion towards fiction books that you read :D

FatinaMdzfr said...

OMG! That's it! Nilam! Goodness, how can I forgot that T_T

Well, that seems to apply for me too hihi 😊

FatinaMdzfr said...

fictions book is full of colors! hehe :D

FatinaMdzfr said...

Yeah! I agreed, Eyqa! :)

Because fiction is just full of amazing things that works wonder in our life hehe :D

I just bought that book from BBW last year and I almost forgot I have that, until post this hihi :D I have finish the green book, its more like thriller kind of genre but I don't why the feeling just isn't there when I read it 🤔

Eyqa Zq said...

#bookloverlogic, always forgot we've been purchased the book and left unwrapped in shelves. Im a bit shocked when lately I realize they were like 3 books I have purchase so long ago and it was still in transparent plastic. Completely unwrapped. Hahaha.

FatinaMdzfr said...

OMG! it is. Always forgot we've them. muehehehe this has reveal that we have many amazing books to read that hard to choose which want to read first hihi :p wow! Eyqa, that's like a surprise present from you to you hihihi :p

Siqah Hussin said...

Semestinya siqah lebih kepada fiction :) Suka berfantasi. Hehe. If non-fiction, siqah suka self help book cuma tak pernah baca in English. Biasa buku Malay je if non-fiction.

Yang penting, kita enjoy reading kan ❤

Claudia Claudy said...

I like reading fiction book the books especially YA & Fantasy . maybe because I kuat berangan kot. lol xD

FatinaMdzfr said...

betul betul baca fiction buat kita punya imaginasi tinggi lagi hehe :D aha, Fatin belum pernah beli yg self-help lagi, cuma ada baca sikit2 jela dulu waktu kerja bookstore hehe :)

betul, yang penting kita enjoy! hihi <3

FatinaMdzfr said...

hehehehe kannnnn dengan berangan lah kita lupa dunia luar gituuuu hihihi :D

Eyqa Zq said...

Rasa mcm unboxing hadiah sndiri kan. bahaha.

nadiah izzaty said...

Fiction - I love " a walk to remember bg nicholas spark " . Boleh ulang baca bnyk kali hihihi

As for non-fiction , " in order to live - by yeonmi park " . Jarang baca non-fiction book but this book is good . =)

Afifah Nabila said...

I love both! Maybe because both fiction and non-fiction books got me into the marvelous world of reading. For fiction, I love 'How To Fall In Love' by Cecelia Ahern; all of her books are absolutely amazing. Kalau non-fiction pulak, I think 'Listen To The Squawking Chicken' by Jeanne Lui is the best. Other non-fiction books often are too heavy for me.

FatinaMdzfr said...

Fatin belum pernah try baca Nicholas Spark T_T Tengok movie dia jee and then I cryyy tsk tsk

It is one of the bestseller at the place where I work before, so, I was wondering kenapa semua nak bacaa, but I guess kena try baca ni hehe :D

ayunie ramli said...

Non fiction ! Sebab fact ;) Mek suka crita yg something gain knowlege. Cliche pulak bunyinya. Both bg knowledge tapi lbh prefer non fiction

FatinaMdzfr said...

Thank you, for sharing your reading on non-fiction. For me, most of non-fiction books are just way to heavy for me to read, but after, googling the title of the books you suggested, It'll be in my reading list :)

FatinaMdzfr said...

I see. Baca kita boleh dapat bila baca non-fiction ni kan :)

rasya said...

most are self-help but I still love fiction. hahaha

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