Beautiful Polaroid Photo By Droprint

I have always wanted to own a Polaroid camera but the price is a bit too pricey for me since, I have other commitments that I need to prioritize it first hence, I have to say 'bye bye' to the camera. But regret no more as I have found this amazing app that has one of the option to print a photo on Polaroid type. So, yay! I'm so happy!

Wait! I have not mentioned the name of the app, right? You must have been wondering what is the app that I'm referring to, isn't it? So, the app name is ↴


and here is the beautiful polaroid photo that been printed for me!

Beautiful Polaroid

It is beautiful, right? I love how the end result that I received from Droprint! I love it very much even my two sisters love it. What I will do right now is I need to go to the shop to purchase a string and clips to hang the photo. Which I still in dilemma either to hang it on my shelf or on my wall? Hmm. Never mind. Let me think about that hihi 😂😂

Anyway, if you are interested in wanting to have this beautiful photo print by Droprint, here is the simple step you need to do.

Well, of course, you need to download it on your phone. Simply search on IOS/Android - Droprint and when you find it, download it on your phone.

The next step is you need to sign up first.

Droprint App

After you've done sign up, you will now just decide which of the 3 options that you want your photo to be print.

Droprint App

Let me explain each of the products so that it will make it easier for you. So, here you go :

Prints ↣ They have three types under here which are :

  • PolaStyle ↣ It's a Modern Polaroids with 4" x 5" x 20 pieces = RM 21.00
  • InstaStyle ↣ It's a White Border with 4" x 4" x 20 pieces = RM 21.00
  • Classic 4R ↣ It's Borderless with 4" x 6" x 20 pieces = RM 21.00
You can choose which style do you want your photo looks like and that cost you RM 21.00

Photobook ↣ As stated in Droprint, it says that it is a perfect bind of 32 pages beautiful laser prints with softcover. Also, it is fingerprint resistance luster paper and the size of the photobook is 6" x 6" x 32 pages which cost you RM 48.00.

Giftbox ↣ Again as stated in Droprint app, it says that recollections packaged of your photos in a lovely gift box. For this type of product, it cost you RM 28.00 with 20 pieces of your photos in a lovely gift box with a size of 4" x 4".

After you have chosen which product you want then you can proceed to select which photo do you like to print. Then, fill up your contact details and shipping address and start uploading your photo. When the upload is 100% completed proceeding to check out for the payments. Tadaaaaa! It is simple and very easy to do!

Oh! You will receive your photo in a week. By using this Droprint app is definitely very convenient and easy to use and the most important is the end product is definitely satisfying and very beautiful! I really love it. Thank you, Droprint!

By the way, I have a RM 5 voucher for you to use! Insert this code and enjoy your RM 5 discount! :)


*Thank you, Droprint for the gift in exchange for an honest review.


Sally said…
the price a bit high huh..hihihi... :D
FatinaMdzfr said…
Yup because they use very quality papers for each of your photo :)
Fairuz Aqilah said…
Comellllll! Polaroid camera best, cuma dia punya film tu mahal gila... Selamat mendeco! 😻
Hanis Amanina said…
Dulu pernah beli polaroid printer, masa tu gigih nak print gambar2. Tapi tersimpan je skrg tak digunakan. T_T
Claudia Claudy said…
Poloraid camera kat Malaysia berapa eh? hihi
ayunie ramli said…
Sies mudah oiii ! Nk download lerr :) thanks fatin
nadiah izzaty said…
waaaa... this is fun !!!!
FatinaMdzfr said…
Betul tuu! film dia mahal. Fikir 3 4 kali nak beli T_T
Thank you! :D
FatinaMdzfr said…
Wahhhh bestnya! Fatin nak beli tapi tuhlah T_T
FatinaMdzfr said…
Not sure lah, Claudy. hehe :)
FatinaMdzfr said…
Mudah sangat Mek. Seronok sangat tengok! hehe :D Your welcome, Mek!