A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray | Book Review

claudia gray

   Title: A Thousand Pieces of You
   Author: Claudia Gray
   Publisher: HarperTeen Publisher
   Published Date: 3 November 2015
   Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romance

   Source: Owned (Paperbacks)

book review

Marguerite Caine grew up surrounded by cutting-edge scientific theories, thanks to her brilliant physicist parents. Yet nothing is more astounding than her mother's latest invention, a device called the Firebird that allows people to leap into alternate dimensions.

When Marguerite's father is murdered, all the evidence points to one person - Paul, her parents' enigmatic star student. Before the law can touch him, Paul slips into another dimension, having committed what seems like the perfect crime. But he didn't count on Marguerite.

With the help of another physics student, Theo, Marguerite chases Paul through various dimensions. In each new world Marguerite leaps into, she meets another version of Paul that has her doubting his guilt and questioning her heart. Soon, she is swept into an epic love affair as dangerous as it is irresistible.

book review

* Disclaimer: This is going to be a long review I ever made. Brace yourself!*

First thing first, when I pick up this book, I have nothing in my mind about what is this book all about. I know I realize all book readers around the world loving this very much. So, rather than pick up because of the hype I just follow what my instinct tells me. To be honest, I have A Thousand Pieces of You since last year but only now, I pick this up to read. How bad is that, Fatina? Well, whatever, let's just get into what I thought and love this book so very much!

This book is one of the best fantasy books I read! Goodness, A Thousand Pieces of You is a mind-blowing with an oddly amazing plot twist which surprised me a lot and yet, I love it. I want to spoil everything here but I don't want to because I want you to feel yourself on how amazing this book is.

Anyways, Marguerite as said in the synopsis, she is born to the most brilliant parents who has invented a Firebird device where the function of it is that people can travel to another dimension of your own version which you can be the person in that dimension and see and feel your life there. Don't you think that's amazing? I just love all the dimension they been to, which are, London (the future), Russia (the past), her home, I think it's in California (still, in the future) and somewhere near to New Zealand and Papua New Guinea (they live in the ocean, I think that's in the future, if I'm not mistaken).

Oh my God! Can I have that device so I can visit mine? Anyways, when I read this book, I remember the talk with my dad - he said that 'What if we really have another version of us in another dimension? Maybe our another version, live in luxury? or maybe we are a bad person? ' and this talk happened a very long time ago before I even know this book exists. When I read this, I'm so excited about sharing this with my dad and we talk a lot about it. It's like wow and I'm still in wow after I finish reading last night.

The storyline is very straight forward, easy to understand and full of surprise (or maybe I'm the one who feels like that) and yeah! plot twist! I always love a book with a plot twist in it which make me more excited to read it and yup, this book has it! Woohoo!

Despite everything happens in this book, I seriously ship Paul and Marguerite! #TeamPaul Because Paul, he is like a very charming guy who makes my heart melt with everything he does. Well, sorry Theo, it's not like I hate you but I love Paul more than you even though, you have the sweetest side of you. The family relationship is so strong, although Marguerite's parents being so busy with the works they love and always been there for each other also Paul and Theo is also have been part of the family.

Last but not least, I recommend every one of you who has yet to read this Firebird series to read this! You won't be going to be disappointed. Well, I couldn't guarantee that because it still depends on your liking BUT still tries to pick this up and read it, okay?


I never put anything on my book but this is exceptional because of every stick note (4, I mean), I mark for each of new dimension they been to. hiks



nadiah izzaty said…
Ok your review really convincing. Buat Nadia nak gie kedai buku esok beli pulak . Hihi
Eyqa Zq said…
Awww Fatinaa... wait till you read the next firebird series.. hehehe. heart bend and learn to love again. it was superb!
FatinaMdzfr said…
Hiks! Please, Nadiah! Please please buy all the Firebird series, you won't be disappointed! :D
FatinaMdzfr said…
hiks! Oh man, you make me want to read it right away! Well, I guess I should start now! hehe
Eyqa Zq said…
haha. nampak sgt bookworm nya. hehehe. I think u gonna finish ur challenge early this may InsyaAllah.
Fatina, may I ask you something. do you literally read all the book or there are some u just finish half of it and put it aside because does not meet ur expectation? :3 cause somehow I have this attached feeling and I stuck myself in a not enjoyable book but feels really guilty if I have to put it down. :( tho it affects my mood. haha.
FatinaMdzfr said…
hehe insyaAllah :)

I literally put aside that book if it not meet my expectation and it make feel so sad, lebih lagi bila, there are other people really loving it but I don't. It's really frustrate me in every way and I totally understand what you feel, Eyqa! :(
Aqilah Shahirah said…
http://shahirahsarmy.blogspot.my/2017/02/segmen-follow-me-februari-2017-my-first.html jom join segmen ni sebelum terlambat
Siqah Hussin said…
Siqah tengah baca novel ni. Bulan ni plan nak beli buku dalam series ni juga. Hii. #teampaul jugak. Hii.
Radhia Razali said…
macam best novel ni..thanks for the review sis
FatinaMdzfr said…
Yay! #TeamPaul! hehehe :) Seronok kan Siqah buku ni! hehe :D
FatinaMdzfr said…
best sangat, Radhia! Please baca hehe :D