Fatina's Bookish Confessions

Bookish Confessions

Most of the book blogger has made this insanely deepest bookish confession on their blog, so I'm thinking why not I share mine. As you know or might not know or might not even realize about it (kih kih!), I really enjoy reading to the fullest. Right, by enjoying I do have some tiny teeny confession related to books that I would like to make here on my blog. It's not meant to be secret anyway, so why not share with you. Well, let's skip into the confession.

I only read one Harry Potter's book series

I love and very much enjoy watching Harry Potter's movie but guess what, I never read Harry Potter's book except one - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. That's my very first time reading it but that's it, I don't pick any other Harry Potter's Series after that. 

I don't know why but I'm planning to buy all the series because I know, books and movie are definitely different and books offer more in it which we may not be seeing in the movie. Furthermore, I didn't say I won't read it, it just I don't feel like reading at that time.

I read at least 4(or more) books at the same time

Some people may not keen on reading too many books at the same time however, it's different for me. I will always be going to read at least 4 books - each with a different genre (well, sometimes it's in the same genre) and I never get mixed up. I don't have any reason to point out why I read many books at the same time. I just enjoying it. 

I stop doing Monthly TBR(To-be-read)

Last time I'm doing it was somewhere last year if I'm not mistaken. The reason I stop doing it because I do realize myself that I couldn't stick to what I've had planned beforehand. Instead, follow what I have been planning to read, I will definitely going to pick another book that's not in the list. So, yeah.

I do not have any Monthly Goal 

I'm aware that I will not stick to any of what I have a plan because I'm going to read whatever I want, with whatever amounts of books I'm going to pick, just because I live my life freely and happily and because I want to do whatever I want without being burden by it.

If the book is so boring, I will fall asleep

It happens to me several time. When the book is not up to my liking thus, I ended up falling asleep. Eventually, the book will be put under DNF (do not finish). I feel sorry but not really sorry because I couldn't force myself to read.

Be it happy or sad, I will cry

Either the books are having a good storyline with all the happiness in it till the end with a happy ending or it's a melancholy, sad book, I still going to cry my heart out. lol, I'm such a cry baby, I guess. 

I will re-read books that I like more than 5 times

Have you ever done that? I don't even understand myself, why do I need to re-read again and again and again, right after I finish that book. 

Reading really push away all the problems 

One way for me to forget things that put me on pressure is by reading. Because eventually, reading makes me laugh, smile, cry, angry and so much more emotions that I could get from it. Since I'm not a person who share (I do share with my mom but not all of it) with anyone on whatever problem occurs around me, so books are always been there to accompany me and forget those problems.

Once, I start reading I will travel to my imagination world

It feels like I'm in my own imaginary world with only me and the characters. Sometimes, it's like I could see the characters and what are they doing that time, their facial expression, the way their talk, the place they visited even though I never been there but that's what happen to me when I'm reading. 

My shopping trips always going to be spend at a bookstore

Whenever I'm at a shopping mall, 95% I will sit at a bookstore looking at the books, read the synopsis and taking my sweet time to think whether I should buy or not. 

Well, I guess that's all my bookish confessions. Enjoy!

What is your deepest bookish confession that you have?


Hanis Amanina said…
one of the book that I re-read... hm I think maybe Hlovate's?

I am so impressed to know that you can read several books at once. Reminds me of my mother and she can share stories from different books to me. It is really good to have this skill! If I can improve my skill on this, it will be helpful in my studies as well. Haha. Always mixing the facts T_T
Fairuz Aqilah said…
Jarang sekali saya dapat habiskan baca buku selain daripada buku puisi ataupun novel cinta. Motivasi pun suka, cuma ambil masa lama. Sad but true. 😂
Noor Azlan said…
If the book is so boring, I will fall asleep... Tips nak cepat tidur.... Hihi
FatinaMdzfr said…
yes, if the book is just not my cup of tea, so I will fall asleep..
FatinaMdzfr said…
I heard many good things about Hlovate tapi belum lagi berkesempatan nak baca maybe one day hehe :)

It did happened when I was study before especially marketing, management and my retail subject semua bercampur T_T
FatinaMdzfr said…
aaa maksud awak jarang habiskan baca buku english ke? sorry saya blur :)
biarpun amik masa lama, for me at least you make an effort to read and that's all matters. :)
Eyqa Zaque said…
The harry potter series, oh gosh we are the same. satu jak yg me baca, hp & the deathly hollow. lols.

woahx thats your secret of reading 4 and more books at the same time. I realize I'm applying that whenever im got panic with my performance. :3 not to mentioned my slump. :3
Mrs. A said…
Hhuhuhu... Mrs. A not a book person so lupa dah bila last baca buku.
If not mistaken buku last adalah A doctor in the House.
nadiah izzaty said…
Me too !!! Bila baca buku je definitely will travel in the imagination world . Baru dpt feel.

But, when I can't put myself into that storyline seriously rasa nak stop reading this book . Hihi
FatinaMdzfr said…
kan! We should buy more HP books and start to read it! :D Hmm, I'm thinking should we make a collaboration reading Harry Potter series and discuss it together. hiks

hehe yup that's one of my secret reading more books in a month :) Don't get panic girl! You will going to achieve your goals! :)
FatinaMdzfr said…
A doctor in the house? Never heard that book before. Is it fiction or non-fiction? :)
FatinaMdzfr said…
betul tuh! Baru dapat feel! Lupa keadaan sekeliling sebentar hehe :D

I know it happens to me before but I just need to know the ending hehe :D tapi if it so freaking boring then I have to stop reading it hehe
Mrs. A said…
The memoirs of Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad by Mahathir Mohamad
ayunie ramli said…
Mek pun buat bygan sndiri jugak bile bace. Yang pasal bace bnyk bku satu mase tu memang bukan mek hihi. Sebab mek fokus satu je. Bukan ape takot nnt yg ni tk best, yg stu lg trbengkalai mihmih.

2017 ni bru nk rajinkan diri pulak msuk popular. Tinggal popular sekitar tahun 2007 --'
FatinaMdzfr said…
faham faham hehe :D agak terjadi beberapa kali juga dekat Fatin bila baca banyak2 tetiba ada satu tu akan terbengkalai sebab tetiba rasa tak best hehe 😅

2007? lama tuuu tapi Mek next week ada sale dekat popular ni Mek hehe :)
Eyqa Zaque said…
We should discuss harry potter together! I've been starting read the first book right now. I was not an english reader back then, and im so grateful now I understand all the english jokes and sarcasm. haha. sdgnkan hp & the deathly hollow pun me baca the malay version.
Mijablur said…
Fatina, you should read novel-novel dari Hlovate, sebab Hlovate punya writing style menang lain sikit