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Have you heard about iPrice? Before I proceed to explain to you my dear readers, what is iPrice to is about? What is their purpose and all? From my understanding, iPrice is a website where they help us - as a consumer/customer in deciding and for us to compare the price that offers same product and brands from many online shoppers that has a partner with iPrice. Do you get what I mean? Should I provide an example?

Okay, let me give one example - let say, you want to buy PlayStation 4 and you have been trying to find every online shopper all over the net and that is super tiring, right? But just by going to iPrice website, they offer many online sites for you to purchase and you can compare all the prices that been offer! Aren't that incredible? Saving your time, energy and you will get the best price! Fantastic! 💞

Anyway, let's get into the main things of this post, which is I have been invited by iPrice to join iPrice Blogger Competition. I have to select one online website, state any potential issues, and suggest solutions for the problem.

As a Retail Graduate, this is by far the most anticipating topics that I really want and love to do on my blog, it does feel like I'm doing a current issue just like when I was in university.

Disclaimer: This post is not to point out their weaknesses and what not. Please do not try to change my statement into something bad. As a customer, we all want the best from the online shop, right?


Pick an e-commerce shop of your choice

As an avid reader who going crazy all over books and because the book is my life, my everything, I'm going to choose MPHOnline, where shopping heaven for every reader.

Anyway, MPHOnline is a website where MPH Bookstore Sdn Bhd provides a super helpful place for every customer to purchase books online. Super easy to use and very friendly website where we all need to scroll and browsing on their website and see what book that is available and you are just one click away to purchase it and deliver to our home. It is fantastic and makes it easier than ever to shop online.

State Potential Issues and Strategies to Solve the Issues

By far, MPHOnline is one of the best online shops for books that I don't find any problems occur on it but as a customer I do want MPHOnline to improve few things so that, everyone will enjoy more on buying online since, nowadays shopping online is one of the most popular among us Malaysians to shop where everything is on the tip of our finger also it save our time, energy and petrol (as you do not have to start your car's engine hihihi :p).

Anyhow, if I have to have addressed one thing for MPHOnline to improve is to have a Cash-On-Delivery (COD) Method. MPHOnline is yet to provide this method to the customer from their website. Do you know that, nowadays, there are too many things happen around us where sometimes our payment online is not received by the online shop but the money from our bank has been deducted that has caused us, as a customer it makes us feel doubtful on pay using online banking? It's bound to happen but of course, it is not the retailer's fault for that issue.

Because of those things I mention above, to have and to provide a Cash-On-Delivery Method where customer received their product and pay it straight to the MPHOnline Delivery would be one of the best thing to every customer. I think it is suitable as to have this method as this will not only increase their online sales, but also gain more customers and encourage more customer to place their order online.

Second, is availability of the products online. The books on MPHOnline is of course, there are many to choose and even variety of genre and all they have on the site which make us as customers feel happy to browse it online. Being an avid reader, I realize that as I browse on the site there are certain books that have already been published in other countries are not yet here in our country or a little bit late to be in stock. Because sometimes there are new books we sure have to wait for more than a month or two for us, customer to purchase it here also where it state there - in stock soon. How soon is that would be, right?

I think one of the best solutions for this thing to be solve is by making sure all the new books that are going to be publish soon should be state on online website, where customers will know when MPHOnline could bring in the book and would be great if they can state approximately when it will be in stock for us, customer to place their order to purchase it.

To add more on this issue, I think MPHOnline could do their research on who is their target consumers. By doing this, they will know who and what do the majority customer usually purchase on their online store, so that it will make this easy for them to restock their current products also what books genre should they bring more on their online store.

Overall, MPHOnline is my favourite online pit stop on purchasing books from them and it is super convenience to use as their online website are user friendly. I pray MPHOnline will be more and more successful and to be the best online bookstore for all costumers and will be more amazing to all the readers in Malaysia! Again, thank you iPrice for giving me this amazing chance.


Amerzing said…
So far, I've never bought any book from MPH through online purchases, I rather walk into the store not because of those reasons that you have stated above, but it's because I really love to smell the scent of new books. Just sharing. HIhihihh...
Mat Jo said…
Pernah guna MPHonline dua kali, postage pun cepat dan kondisi buku pun ok apabila sampai, :)
FatinaMdzfr said…
haha of course, I love going to the bookstore too. Who doesn't love to smell all the books in the bookstore! hahaha masa kerja bookstore dulu pun dah syok oh asyik bau buku je hari hari...
FatinaMdzfr said…
betul sangat cepat hantar! buku semua condition dalam keadan yang sangat tip top! :D
Amerzing said…
Tambah2 bila sampai dekat tengah buku. Macam ketagih pun ada lahaiii hahahahhaa
FatinaMdzfr said…
betul betul tu yang sanggup susun buku buku perlahan sebab nak amik bau punya pasal :p
Mayy Jie said…
All the best Fatina :)

Mai duk fokus dengan contest lain terlepas yang ni... T_T
FatinaMdzfr said…
Thank you, Mai 😘
nadiah izzaty said…
All the best dear . MPH Online best !!! Nadia pun suka =)
FatinaMdzfr said…
Thank you, Nadia! 😘