LAZADA Birthday Blogger Contest

Hello everyone,

I know it has been a few days since my last update. I'm sorry I'm have been hitting with a writing slump as well as a reading slump. Anyways, as I scrolling down on blogger dashboard, it seems many bloggers have already participated in LAZADA Birthday Blogger Contest and makes me want to participate it too. Well, without further ado, let's get straight into it.

lazada birthday blogger contest

What is LAZADA? I bet everyone has known about it, right? It's a place where everyone going and scrolling and making their purchase online on their website! It's not only in Malaysia but as well as the Philippines, Thailand and a few other countries. They provide well-branded products with a great price to deal with for all of their customers. This year has marked their 5th birthday celebration and start from 22-24 March 2017, LAZADA will be having a birthday sale of up to 90%!

What I Love About Lazada Malaysia

Lazada offers a broad of variety and range of products and brands on their website that us only need sit in front of our gadgets (computer, laptop, smartphone) and scrolling down searching for products you want to buy. I have always been on their website with my mom to see what products shall we purchase and it so exciting to see many amazing brands and product that we found from their website and fiercely click on to purchase it. Anyways, Lazada also has made our life easier in offering a different method for payments that we can choose from and it has super fast delivery also offering a Cash On Delivery (COD) which even making it more wonderful.

Top 3 Favourite Products from Lazada Malaysia

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite


Being a bookworm, besides having a physical copy and there are times you need to read ebooks and for that, I have been eyeing Amazon Kindle Paperwhite for as long as I can remember. I really want this so much because a book is my life.

Sony A5100 Mirrorless Camera 24.3MP with 16-50 mm Lens (Brown)


I want a small compact camera that I carry on whenever and wherever I go. Easier for me to use also look at the design, it so beautiful and look sophisticated and because I need one to capture my beautiful books and post it on my blog also on my bookstagram!

Eva  3 Row Bookcase  DS6153 in OAK Color

bookcase, lazada

Bookworm needs a bookcase for their precious little beautiful books to be sitting sophisticated on the shelf without being disturbed by anyone or anything. Uuuu, way too dramatic, isn't it? Anyways, I truly need and want a new bookcase for my room as old shelf has been filled with books and documents, hence no space my new books.

How Do I Think Lazada Should Improve?

Hmm...By far, Lazada has been serving us great and feel like nothing should be suggested to improve. Wait! Let me think about it first...Wait...Oh! I remember now! I hope that Lazada could improve in terms of the availability of the products to be restocked as soon as you can.

Also, for the Cash on Delivery, if I could suggest one, I think Lazada should be more widespread use in every product that you offer from your site because for me I would be more prefer COD.

What is my birthday wish to Lazada Malaysia?

Happy 5th birthday to Lazada Malaysia!
I wish that Lazada will always be the number one online shopping portal in Malaysia that everyone will always choose Lazada to shop! I also wish for Lazada to be more successful! Thank you for being the best and trustworthy online shopping portal for us, Malaysian people!

Hey guys, if you are interested, you do still have time to participate Lazada Birthday Blogger Contest! Jom beramai-ramai join juga! Anyway, if you want to join, you may click it here. Good luck to all bloggers who has to participate in this contest too!


Echa H. said…
ahhh kindle! i shouldve put that in my list too!
Shaidatul Aireen said…
goodluck sis! In Shaa Allah ada rezeki kita hehe
rasya said…
oh wow, the kindle is so pricey. mine is 2015 version and the price is like 580 in rm.

btw, good luck!
Seorang Syed said…
Good luck! the camera is kinda nice!! Wish you all the best :)
FatinaMdzfr said…
a must have - Kindle! hehe :) Good luck, Echa! :)
FatinaMdzfr said…
Insha Allah :)
Good luck to you too, sis hehe
FatinaMdzfr said…
really? T_T I think it's our currency makes it more expensive T_T

thanks, Rasya!
FatinaMdzfr said…
Kan! Terpikat tengok camera tuh hehe :D
Thank you, Syed! :)
Aleiya Mustaffa said…
Good luck sis :)
cantiknyaa bookcase tuh :) i think i need to buku banyak sgt taktahu dah nak letak mana huhu
Mayy Jie said…
Join last minute nampak,hihi..All the best Fatin!
f t said…
Kamera tu cool sangat! Goodluck utk contest ni 😊
Siti Nurzafirah said…
Membalas kunjungan dari contest yang sama. Good luck ~

Done follow. :)
sa'adah by atiehilmi said…
wah !! bestnye hadiah top 3 fatina !! hee~ good luck tau..
FatinaMdzfr said…
cantikkan! kita suka sangat design macam tuh :D
beli lah satu sempena lazada tgh sale ni hehe :D
FatinaMdzfr said…
kikiki last minute baru dapat ilham nak join :p
thank you, Mai :)
FatinaMdzfr said…
cool kan! :D
thank you :)
FatinaMdzfr said…
Good luck to you too :)
awak punya link blog apa ye? :)
FatinaMdzfr said…
Thank you, cik renex :D
FatinaMdzfr said…
hehehe thank you, awak :D
Siqah Hussin said…
Eva bookcase!! Ohhh nak tu jugak! Bestnyaaaaa!

Good luck Fatina :)
Radhia Razali said…
good luck sis
FatinaMdzfr said…
cantikkan!! :D

Thank you, Siqah! :D
nadiah izzaty said…
Camera tue mcm best !!!!

Good luck , Dear =)
FatinaMdzfr said…
kan kalau dapat camera tu seronok gila! hehe
Thank you, Nadia :)
Danny Fernandes said…
Lazada Birthday Sale is now come again. I love it. I really waiting for this sale after the online revolution sale. We love you Lazada.

Danny | Lazada Voucher