Try and Error in Writing Book Review

I have been meaning to write this for so long but I don't have the confidence to write about it just yet. I'm not an expert in this since, I am still learning, doing some research and experimenting on how should I write a good book review.

What & How

When I first start doing a book review and I looking back at what have I write and I feel like, "yucks! Is that what I write?No way! Like seriously, did I just write that?" lol It's quite embarrassing to look at but everyone has their first time on trying something, things will eventually get better and better when you keep on practicing it. Its all about try and error and there's no right and wrong in writing a book review.

I'm going to share this based on what I do and what have I learn when writing a book review.

One, there is no format in writing a book review. Just write with whatever comfortable way you want to write and for God sake, there is no such thing as format plagiarism. You learn research methodology, right? Then, you should know what is consider as plagiarism. I won't talk about plagiarism in here. Go and try whatever way of writing you would want and how to write and I am too still trying and see which and how should I improve my book review.

Next, you might want to consider to mention about writing style, plot, characters, reason you like and dislike, what makes you want to read, ermmm..what else? There are many things you can talk about when you write a book review. Again, it is all on you.

When you want to write a good book review, you should pour your true feelings in it. Why? The reason is that when people read your review, they can feel your genuine feelings when you read the book and naturally it will pour on your writing. My very first mistake I did my first book review, it feel so empty, like there's no feelings in it that I received from the book. 😭😭

Fourth, is spoiler important in book review? Again, its up to you. If you want to spoil, what has happened to the main characters, do they got married or break up, you may do so but to do that, I think you shall write a warning saying that your review contain a spoiler, so that people will prepared mentally for it. hiks I do sometimes spoil a bit (only teeny tiny spoiler) in my book review just to shake your feelings and curiosity a bit.

You also could share a quote you found from the book you read. Something that makes you feel, "hey, I should share this quote, it's wonderful, quite accurate." Something like that. If you read my book review, there are review that include a quote which it did mean something to me that I have to share with you.

Last but not the least, you may share on what have you observe from the book you read and include a positive and negative aspect from it. I have read this somewhere when I doing some research on how to write a proper book review. I have yet writing on that, well maybe on my next review? I don't know we will see how is it going to be.

Sometimes I wonder, do you jot some notes on what will you write on your book review because I don't and I guess, that's why sometimes it takes time for me to write a book review. Also, usually right after I have finish reading, I'm still stuck and in daze for days because of the book. Do you get what I mean? hehe :)

Anyway, I truly did not satisfied with the way I write for my book review and I am still try my best to improve. I hope this post could help you a bit. I am truly sorry if it didn't help you that much but hopefully, you could get this small view on how to write a book review (I hope that!).

How do you write a proper review (products, etc)? Do you enjoy writing a review?


Wow, this is so cool fatina, love ur english la sbb mudah faham. Keep it up on book review. Shaf tak pernah buat lg book review tapi very enjoy orang punya. 😊
FatinaMdzfr said…
Thank you very much, Shaf! :) It means a lot to me :)
Kena keep up my effort in sharing my book review lah gini hehe
Siqah Hussin said…
Format siqah untuk buat book review adalah ikut suka hati. Hihi. Siqah tak pandai buat book review tapi masih buat ikut apa yang siqah rasa nak share. Kadang2 rasa terlalu details but itu yang siqah nak share, so buat jela.

Siqah letak spoiler gak dan tak ingatkan readers pun. Hihi. Buat book review for me lebih kepada ingatan untuk diri sendiri. Sebab baca buku banyak kan, so kadang2 lupa. Cuba tanya pasal satu buku yang siqah dah baca 2 years ago, confirm yak ingat dah jalan cerita. Hihi.

Siqah suka cara Fatin buat book review. Keep it up :)
Echa H. said…
im currently reading one book this month and prolly will finish it by this tomorrow, or maybe saturday or sunday. echa pun tak pandai buat book review sebenarnya. free writing tp kena ada certain things yg kena letak actually. tu based on what i google lahh. sblm ni pun buat review sukati jee huhuhu
Eyqa Zq said…
Samalah kita fatina, what I care the most while reviewing is pointing the goodness in that book to readers and what should they expect, cause we all have been in that situation staring (like 20 minutes in a bookstores) at a book and wondering whether its worth the read or not.

And if it does not meet my expectation of course I'll put myself in a situation as a buyer of the book like saying virtually to the author "I've been brought this book in expecting things, but something does not feels right, let me point that out to you so you can actually explain it to me better, or towards your other readers"

Blessed for the various perception toward a book that it can be that amazing for a person and kinda dull to others - one thing that we cant change. I just dont want to be alone fangirling a book that worth the read. Haha.

Luckily I have you both. <3 you should be proud cause making me and claudy a book blogger and bookstragrammers. bahahaha.

its 24th of march, still not pre ordering acowar yet. sigh. :3 guess april it is, im gonna go with the paperback tho the hardcover actually drolling, but thinking about how will it look with the others paperback sequels are kind of a little offside. Lols.

Keep moving forward fatina!
FatinaMdzfr said…
kan kita suka hati asalkan kita enjoy share our opinion kan hehe :)

Siqah! Sama dengan Fatin kalau Siqah tanya Fatin buku yang baca tahun lepas pasal apa, confirm tak ingat tapi lain kalau buku tuh memang favorite confirm ingat hehehe :D

Yay! Sama tak jot down notes. Potensi untuk lupa tinggi nak tak nak kena buka balik tengok briefly apa benda semua hehehe :)

Thank you, Siqah! I love your book review, Siqah! Seronok baca sekarang Fatin tertarik sangat nak baca buku Holly Bourne - Am I normal yet? Terus beli ebook hehe :)
FatinaMdzfr said…
Yay! You go girl, Echa! :)
Betul tuh tapi macam mana pun ikut pada diri, Echa juga nak share macam mana ikut creativity kita baru rasa smooth je nanti tulis :)
FatinaMdzfr said…
I second that, Eyqa! Certainly agreed with you. Been staring at a book for so long, fighting with ourselves to buy or not to buy, is it I'm going to love it or not, calculating all the things before buying it, kan. Ergh! Susah tau nak buat decision :(

Yuppp! OMG! What you have point here is so true! Now, I feel like - "Yay! Somebody has just said that! Somebody really has the same thought as I am which is you, Eyqa!"

I am so lucky to have both of you too! ❤❤❤ I literally shock, it feels like, "wow! Seronoknya ada orang terpengaruh juga dengan kita untuk membaca! So happy that I have someone with me who loves book and we can talk a lot about it and fangirl over it together!" - I tell this everyday to my sister hehehe seronok sebab before I feel so alone T_T

me neither. I haven't pre-order it yet. If I'm not mistaken, usually popular will have a discount rate at 20% bila dia masuk sahaja nanti. (sebab dulu pernah kerja popular punya pasal hehe :p) I want hardbacks too! T_T

Let's keep moving forward together, Eyqa! 💪
nadiah izzaty said…
Yeay!!! Tq for sharing this tips.

Enjoy buat reveiw sebab boleh share apa kita rasa about the books . Tapi sometimes rasa blank nak mula pun ada .

I don't know if my book review is convincing people to read the book . But, it's ok I can improve on that. Hihi

I loveeeeee to read your book review dear . Lepas baca your review mesti perasaan " nak g kedai buku beli buku nie laaaahhh " . Tapi bila tgk book shelf I have lots of books to be read . Tak tahu bila bleh habis . =(
Eyqa Zq said…
Most of the bookstores pun have rebate on pre order books. Hehe. Its like 2 weeks jugalah duration dia. Quite hard to find acowar here since my experience with acotar & acomaf mcm bila nampak those two books together terpaksa rembat on the spot. Sangat chipsmore! Haha.
FatinaMdzfr said…
It is! tunggu dia masuk lah nampaknya. 20% pun jadilah. Hopefully it is only RM 40? I hope T_T I am too having the same experience as you in buying acomaf - super hard to find it. Always out of stock, so annoying T_T
FatinaMdzfr said…
Yay! Seronok Nadiah enjoy this tips! hehe :D

That's so me! Excited tulis letak gambar tapi sampai review je termenung lama hahaha :p

It's okay, Nadia :) Very understandable. Dia punya nervous tulis review ni lepas tu post rasa macam nak tunggu result keluar je. Seram tau! hehe

Thank youuuu so much, Nadia! It really means a lot to me and encourage me to write it more :) hehe itu normal, fatin selalu macam tu juga, dah beli lepas tu termenung tgk bookshelf sendiri :D
Amerzing said…
I think I will start by reviewing my text book. HAhahahaha