5 Blogging Mistakes

I know I have been blogging for almost 9 years. I mean, all those years, I hate to admit that I am still doing a lot mistakes here and there which I do feel annoyed with myself. However, it is not something I would step back from it instead I'm still going to give my best on things I really enjoy doing it.

Anyway, despite those years of blogging, I would like to share mistakes I did and as a reminder to myself to learn and improve it! lol Let's move straight to the point.

1. Spelling Mistake

Whenever I publish a post (on scheduling term), I will surely going to find a spelling mistake on the day the post been publish. 😅I feel so embarrassed, thinking that I have had published early in the morning and more than 30 people have read it. Do you understand what I feel?


The feeling to hide myself is so strong but it ain't solve anything, right? Hence, just fix the words even though it has more than 30 people already reading the post. ergh

2. Grammar Mistake

This is the worst! 😠

OH MY GOODNESS!!! I don't think I should explain further on this subject. Because you know it and I do realize about it. #soembarrassed

Even, if I write in Bahasa, I feel my words sound weird. My tatabahasa is blergh #icry

3. Proofread

I rarely read my post before publishing. I just publish it straightaway without having any intention of reading it before hitting the publish button. I guess that explain the mistakes I mention above. One of the reason, why I didn't read before publish is because my blogging time is always in the middle of the night. I'm just feel tired and sleepy to read it. 😫

Guys, proofread is very important to avoid any mistake you made like I do.

4. I Do Not Share My Post Elsewhere

Before I have a Bloglovin', I always ask myself, 'How should I attract more people to read my blog?' I'm having this in my mind of people might feel annoy with all the post link that I'm going to share here and there on any social media account I have which you shouldn't be.

 But that is one way to publicize your blog. Because nobody going to realize - you have a blog! Well, just go and share your post anywhere you want. Put aside those feeling and enjoy sharing your post to your friends or basically, anyone!

5. Uncertain Whether It Is A Good Post

What I meant here is - you hesitate to publish a post that you have been working out for so long, just because you afraid people might be condemn or no one reading your post or there is no comment on that post. NO! I should never hesitate to do it, right? Just go and publish it whatever or how gibberish the post is. Be confident and do not feel intimidated about it.

Because it is your blog, it is your idea and who knows people might find it as an inspiration post! Put aside all those feelings and concentrate on things you truly enjoy writing. Never feel burden on writing anything for your blog. ❤

What major mistakes you did on your post and make you feel so embarrassed by it?


f t said…
Byk kslhn ejaan tu biasa bg sy bila sy update blog, kmudian, sy akan baiki balik 😅 sbbnya sy mmg mls nak baca post yg sy taip sblm publish 😂
atheera dayana said…
Me too sometimes after I already proofread before publishing a post, i still detect spelling or error mistake whenever i read again after published. Erggh geram sgt kdg2

Atheera / http://atheeradayana.com
FatinaMdzfr said…
Kann annoying juga rasa. Mungkin pening banyak sangat words kita tulis and we tend to overlook them 😔
FatinaMdzfr said…
Yup sama lah. Saya tulis tgh malam potensi untuk tak baca tuh tinggi and banyak kesalahan ejaannakan muncul 😅
Hanis Amanina said…
hahaha that proofread part! I always miss out to type a word that can make the whole sentence turns awkward... (maybe my fingers type faster than my brain). I think I did all 5 mistakes throughout my blogging life.. and maybe still doing it. But hopefully as long as people understand what I am trying to deliver, it is okay then. I don't have much time to really check every details. T____T

Since I am the writer of the post, I may think I have write the correct spelling, correct grammar in which they are ACTUALLY wrong. HAHA

nadiah izzaty said…
My major mistakes totally no 1 and 2 . Hihi . I can feel you. Nadia pun grammar is bad even on bahasa . Hahaha

And i totally agree with you for point no 5. I always think " org akan baca ke ? " ... but now most of the time I will post whatever idea came to me and whatever I wanted to share hihi

Nice sharing dear
LdyNisa said…
spelling error is just urgh sometimes dah baca banyak kali pun ada jugak yang tertinggal. i always had that no 5 prob but lately dah makin kurang kesah. hehehe
Eyqa Zaque said…
My recent major mistakes. I forgot to write the title and just realize it 30 mins later. Ha ha ha. Silently patting myself on the shoulder.
Amerzing said…
Proofread. I always read my post more than trice before posting it. Hahahaha because sometime there is a lot of spelling mistake and grammatical error.
Munirah Mn said…
semua dh buat, kita geng hahaha
FatinaMdzfr said…
It is! Even though dah baca pun kadang2 terlepas pandang hehe skrg ni pon perasan ada spelling error kat post ni banyak betul errornya 😭😂
FatinaMdzfr said…
Really?? That's cute lah! Hehehe
FatinaMdzfr said…
Kan kan kan setuju sangat! Dah baca banyak kali pun ada yg salah juga haihh mata penat tgk tulisan banyak sangat kot hehe
FatinaMdzfr said…
Heheh sep sikit hihi
Betul tu even in bahasa pon ada je salah 😅

Kannn selalu fikir tapi skrg 'apa-apa jelah' hehe

Thank you, Nadia 💞
FatinaMdzfr said…
Agreed with you, Hanis! Even though been years in this blogging thing, we still tend to do the same mistakes 😅

Hehehe nevermind. We learn from mistakes gitu hehe
Mayy Jie said…
Salah eja, tak proofread, & entry beremosi. hahahaha.
nadiah izzaty said…
Welcome 😘
Siqah Hussin said…
My blogging mistakes, yang first sekali, bahasa dan tatabahasa eh kita panggil in Malay? Haha. Siqah teruk bab buat ayat nanye. Bila baca balik macam tak faham pun ada gak. Beberapa kali juga baca dan tukar ayat sebelum publish :D

Siqah suka point no 5! So true "Never feel burden on writing anything for your blog. ❤". Dulu siqah selalu juga fikir, "ada ke orang baca post ni, ada orang komen ke, ada orang suka or tak suka dengan post ni", tapi dululah. Sekarang dah jadi, "biarlah apa pun, yang penting apa yang diletakkan di blog adalah apa yang Siqah nak kongsi. Maybe tak menarik di mata orang lain tapi itulah diri sebenar." Terima seadanya :D

Yeayy! Be confident! We can do it 💪😁
Karina Syahdarma said…
I feel you. I feel the same on all points. I prefer writting in English rather than Bahasa, but I am sucks at grammar on both. But I feel more comfortable pouring my heart out in English, bahasa is just seems weird. Well then we just have to learn from our mistakes everyday and try to improve on every post :) Good post, thanks from Indonesia.
FatinaMdzfr said…
Couldn't agree more! My grammar is sucks on both language too 😭

Hi, Karina! Thank you for dropping by. What is your blog link, by the way? 😊
FatinaMdzfr said…
Kan kan selalu ada pemikiran macam tu. Ada ke nak baca tapi tak peduli nak tulis juga hehee 😂😂

Yay! Let's do this! We can do this! 😃💪🏻
FatinaMdzfr said…
Hehehe itu normal kan Mai hehe
Hi Fatina, my blog is http://karinapalle.blogspot.co.id/ Do drop but and let me know what you think :D. I am an on and off blogger lol.. but i do want to be more consistent, well that's the plan anyway :D.. Thanks !
atheera dayana said…
For me maybe I was always rushing. Especially at night when i am sleepy but I pushed myself to write till the end