Blue Sky Tag

Since, I'm going to moving to a new house somewhere next week, I hope thus, I'm going to be very busy with packing all the things in my current house and making like more than 10 trips from my current house to the new house every single day. I know I have been mentioned about moving to a new house since last year but has been delay to this year. Anyway, it's going to be hectic but exciting!😀

Hence, because of that, I decided to this Blue Sky Tag. I had been tagged by Farahz. Without further ado, let's get into it! *Thank you, Farahz for the tag! 💃

blue sky tag


1. Thank the person who tagged you
2. Answer their 11 questions
3. Tag 11 people
4. Give them 11 questions to answer


1. What was the last song you listen to? Describe about it.

Despacito by Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee feat Justin Bieber

Erm, how should I describe it, ey? It's a Spanish song and I love it! 💕

2. What kind of music do you prefer to listen when you're driving?

Dance music. Something that does not makes me sad when I'm driving. Because you're talking 'bout the traffic jems, guys. ergh 😥

3. What is your favorite band?

Simple Plan & Shinhwa & Super Junior! 😍

4. Do you prefer cheap but delicious food at mamak/warung or expensive and delicious food at hipster/famous cafe?

Either mamak/warung or cafe or even fast food restaurant, basically anywhere I don't have any preference. As long as they serve me delicious food, I'm good with it whereas the price, if it's a bit pricey but serve me super friggin' delicious then that's great. Otherwise, I won't be going to step my foot in that place anymore.  

5. What is the thing that you're good at?

Reading (well, I guess you know about that already 😜), eating, cooking any type of vegetables( because I love veggies so much!), window shopping (is that count? because I'm not a person who enjoys shopping that much except when you're talking about book sales, that's my expertise!)

6. If you have to choose between friends and lover, which one would you prefer?

oh no! This is the hardest question ever! Hmm...Let me think for a second... I think I'm going to choose..wait! NO! I ain't going to choose either of it because well, they are both important people in my life though I don't have a boyfriend right now 😅

7. How would you describe yourself?

A person who loves to read and surrounded herself with books and books and books and cats also enjoy her life to the fullest without care of whoever whatever people want to talk about her, just because she hates to pressure herself over some freaking annoying things and some petty things. 💓

Well, enjoy your life and be happy, alright?

8. Do you really love what you are doing now? (Study/job/etc)

I'm having a love-hate relationship with my job 😅

9. When did you start blogging?

Somewhere early 2008 :)

10. Why did you start blogging?

A place where I share my thoughts and making new friends!

11. What do you love the most about your blog?

It's a grid style! hihi 💘

Yay! Done!

Thank you, Farahz!

I would like to tag :

1. Eyqa
2. Siqahiqa
3. Nadia Izzaty
4. Azreen Sofia
5. Amerzing
6. Mai
7. Budak Vanilla
8. Atheera Dayana
9. Hanis Amanina
10. Echa
11. Rasya

Anyway, here is my questions:

1. Between baking and cooking, which one do you prefer?

2. Do you enjoy cooking?

3. What time do you usually wake up in the morning to get ready to work?

4. Besides your family/husband/wife/children, share 5 things you cannot live without.

5. Which book genre do you enjoy to read?

6. Do you have a crush on fictional characters?

7. Can you share your most and least favourite books (if you are not into books, you can share on movie/drama)?

8. Have you ever experience anything supernatural?

9. What kind of animals have you kept as your pets?

10. If you been given a chance to travel into a new dimension, would you take that chance?

11. What would like to tell your another version from another dimension?

There you go with my questions! Hopefully, you would like to answers it all. I'm sorry if it sounds odd. Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading your answers! 😍😍😎


Hanis Amanina said…
I was listening to Simple Plan these past few days :D Awww, memories. I love window shopping as well. Somehow window shopping can encourage me to walk. A lot.

No 6 is very tricky! It is like choosing between mum or dad T__T I love them both

Will do the tag soooon, very soon :)
Fatina thank you for answering my silly questions! Hee. I love Simple Plan too! They remind me of the good old days (am I too old?)
rasya said…
I love simple plan too. I don't think kids nowadays know about them lol.
and I could relate with no 5 so much xD

Btw, thank you for the tag. would try to do it as soon as possible
FatinaMdzfr said…
Simple Plan is one the best band since we were in high school, isn't it? 😄

Agreed! Window shopping is another alternative to exercise, right? 😂

Very very tricky 😭

Yay! I can't wait to read yours 😀
FatinaMdzfr said…
Thank you to you too, Farahin for the tagged! 😃

Good ol' days! 💞
FatinaMdzfr said…
I know right. Simple plan is our childhood memories and we still love them tho 😍

Yay! I can't wait to read yours 💃🏻
Amerzing said…
Hi!! thanks for tagging. I will be posting this tomorrow!
Mayy Jie said…
Fatinaaa...tak faham yang What would like to tell your another version from another dimensions?, hahaha, macam mana tu?
FatinaMdzfr said…
Haha mai yg tu maksud fatina, apa mai nak bgtau diri nai yg hidup dalam dunia lain hehe sorry yg tu terpengaruh sikit dengan buku yg fatina baca hihi
Amerzing said…
dah siap huhuh
Nurul Farahizzati said…
nice to know more about you :)
yuha said…
2008? team blogger otai dah ni...congrats on your blogging consistency! keep it up!
Siqah Hussin said…
Fatin! Thank you for the tag! 😘 siqah buat nanti ye. Salin soalan dulu. Hihi :D

Siqah pun sama! Having a love-hate relationship with my job! Rasa nak tinggal nak move on kerja lain tapi sayang. Tapi nyampah gak kadang2 dengan kerja ni. Haha. Apa pun, fikir rezeki. So cool down sikit 😅

Siqah suka grid style jugak! Simple dan kemas 😍

Macam dah lama tak dengar Super Junior. Ada lagi ke lagu baru dorang sekarang ek?
bivichan (BV) said…
thanks for tagging! will do soon <3

i love how u describe urself :3
atheera dayana said…
Thanks for tagging me! Will do this when i have free time 😅

I've been listening to spanish songs lately and I don't know what's wrong with me haha

I hate my job but I don't want to leave yet. Fighting to us!

Atheera /
FatinaMdzfr said…
Thank you, awak! :)
Otai tapi on and off ni skrg kena consistent! Hehe
FatinaMdzfr said…
Yay! Tak sabar baca Siqah punya! 💞

Kan rezeki untuk kita semua itu yg perlu didahulukan 😊

Dengar cerita nak keluar lagu bau tapi sure pula hehe
FatinaMdzfr said…
Yay! Sure, Tyra 😊

Spanish songs is love :) rasa sedap and rancak beat dia hehe

Fighting! 💪🏻
FatinaMdzfr said…
Yay! Sure, BV! ❤️
Hanis Amanina said…
Yeay, finally I published the post :)
Razanah Anis said…
Your answer about choosing between friends and lover cracks me up... Especially at the part where you don't even have a lover yet.. 🤣
nadiah izzaty said…
Oh my dear , baru perasan Fatina tag Nadia jugak . Insyaallah I will do it . Thanks for the tagged. <3
nadiah izzaty said…
I've done it dear but it will up at 5am hihihi , tq for the tagged <3