The Secret Life of A Book Blogger Book Tag

I'm thinking of doing this every once (or two) a month. To spice my blog with some tag so, you might find it enjoyable to read. Anyway, I'm not sure who made this wonderful book tag but I saw this at Read at Midnight and I found it interesting to do it too!

Well, let's begin!

How long have you been a book blogger?

If you are talking when I start my blog, well it all started somewhere in 2008 while being a Book Blogger is almost 11 months! I must say that I'm still crawling in Book Blogging and trying to improve here and there, to make it more interesting for you to read and try my best to make it incredible. Who knows I might influence you to start to read? 😉

At what point do you think you'll stop blogging?

I'm going to say - Naa-ahh, never going to happen! *I hope so* 'cause only through writing I can tell what I feel and share what I love. Blogging is my life. I'm doing it because I'm loving every inch of it.

What is the best thing about blogging?

Well, I get to write whatever I want and how I want it to be and whatever kind of topic I want to share here. Another reason why I enjoy blogging is that I gain more friends, be it local or international. I even get to talk to the author myself! It feel so amazing! 💗

What is the worst thing? What do you  make it ok?

When people said my english writing is not good. Okay, I admit that my writing is not as good as you, I guess. I'm sorry but we are human, to improve in any aspects/skills, you will going to go for baby steps and try to practice and takes whatever you need to improve it and tell yourself - 'you can do it, you can improve it!'. Never afraid to try and continue what you have start! 💪 That's how I motivate myself every single day. 👌

How long does it take you to make/find pictures to use?

Average photo that I'm going to take for a picture is at least over 30 photo? Truthfully, I'm just going to pick whatever my eyes feel that picture is satisfying and I want to post it on my blog/instagram 😅

Who is you book crush?

Are you telling me to pick one from all Fictional Boyfriend I met from dozens of book I read? 😱 That's super hard! Let me think for a minute...


I got it! it's Paul from A Thousand Pieces of You - Firebird Series by Claudia Gray! He's charming, romantic (only his girlfriend know about it!), and of course, did I mention , he is genius? He is a mad genius guy! Wooooohooo 😍😎

What author would you like to have on your blog?

There's too many that I would love to have on my blog! If I need to choose one that would be none other than the Firebird Series's author - Claudia Gray because she is incredible and it's like - "Gosh! Her book is astounding!" It would be amazing to have her.

What do you wear when you write blog post?

This question found it weird but well..Definitely, not a uniform, just a simple shorts and shirts or maybe, a tanks or a pajamas.

How long does it take you to prepare a post?

Okay, let be honest here. I will write whenever I got an idea and will immediately run to my laptop and start to blast it on blog and I guess that explain those typos and mistake here and there that I make. I know I should proofread it before I post but most of the time, I write around 10 pm until 2 am and I guess that explains. Except this post, I write it on (7 April) but is up on today (10 April).

How do you feel about book blogger community?

I haven't yet in the book blogger community. I only started to get to know here and there, try to build our book bloggerships (another word for friendship, hiks). So, hopefully one day I will be in that super wonderful book blogger from all around the world 💘

What do you think one should do to have a successful blog?

Write from bottom of your heart. Doesn't necessarily need to post it every day, at least 2 to 3 times a week and communicate with everyone in blogging community, get to know them and BE NICE! 😊

I tag whoever read this post! 😘


Awesome! But i should not do this tag cause i am not a book blogger but i do really enjoy a book blogger like you, support you always Fatina ;)
rasya said…
I'm not a book blogger but I love books so majority of blogs that I followed is book bloggers because they (including you) are awesome enough to introduce me to new books to read.

Too bad that the book bloggers community in malaysia is still small :(
Razanah Anis said…
This is nice but since I'm not a book blogger, I'll past this...
FatinaMdzfr said…
Thank you, Shaf for your support! :)
FatinaMdzfr said…
Yup, I'm so agree with you. Follow more book bloggers will definitely encourage us to read more and more and the excitement of reading will never fade away. Anyway, Thank you, Rasya. Your words really means a lot to me :)

True that. It so small. I hope they will be many book bloggers community in Malaysia in the future! :)
FatinaMdzfr said…
hehe I will find another book tag for you to be able to do it, alright! hehe :D
Mayy Jie said…
I'm not a book blogger, or beauty blogger. Hmmm who am I? Hahahahaha merepeks blogger. Apapun enjoy baca sini. Fatina is my fav book blogger.
Siqah Hussin said…
Miss Paul 😍 siqah bukanlah book blogger sangat walaupun suka baca buku. Enjoy reading your answer dan setuju sangat dengan jawapan pada soalan akhir itu :)
Mat Jo said…
Can't follow this tagging because i'm not book blogger but it enjoyable to read your book tag. I think you forgot something when write this section "What do you wear when you write blog post?". How about your back support, nahhh, :)
Erni Hasmiza said…
Totally agree with you. BE NICE said…
we are in same line i think. starting blog since 2004.. till now 8 years fulltime blogger..
nadiah izzaty said…
Yeay!!!! It was fun reading this tag Fatin =)
FatinaMdzfr said…
Hmmm Mai Blogger! hehehe ;D
Thank you, Mai <3
FatinaMdzfr said…
hehehe Thank you, Siqah <3
FatinaMdzfr said…
hahaha I guess I forgot that! :D
FatinaMdzfr said…
Yup. People need to BE NICE and RESPECT each other. :)
FatinaMdzfr said…
wow, 2004 that's way longer than I am :)
FatinaMdzfr said…
Yay!!! Glad that you enjoy reading my tag hehe :D